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Many thanks to the Skoak folks (@Leaves and @Skoaktiebolaget) for the great service and fast delivery on these Galways. Brown Utah calf with mink suede uppers. 82E Last with Dainite soles. I finally got a chance to take some photos. I was a little nervous on how these would turn out, but I'm very happy with the results! Now if Fall/Winter would just get here a little faster (plus, that would mean the Doak Nevis would be ready, too!).
This is more of a warning than a PSA. This eBay listing purports to be selling a Glaser Designs messenger bag. I am fairly confident (but this is just my opinion) that this seller is reselling something that was bought from another eBay seller ("original seller). Check the eBay sold history for Glaser Designs to decide for yourself. I bought what appears to be the same or substantially similar bag from the same original seller. (If you look at the sold history, you will...
Not a bad deal here for a RLBL Basically Solid Navy Suit in the coveted size of 38R. It looks like this suit is labeled "mini-texture" but it looks basically solid on my screen. Decent price if you are in the market for such a suit. Shipping is from UK.
I chose mink. I wasn't looking for a stark color contrast (I was more interested in contrasting the material/texture).
Just got a picture of my new Galways, which should be en route to me! Something about the Brown Utah attracted me from day one, and I haven't seen it paired with suede much, so I thought I would give it a try. I ordered in February, for those interested. Many thanks to the folks at Skoaktiebolaget (@Skoaktiebolaget and @Leaves) for their great service as always!
That's been my experience, yes. For reference, I am a 8/8.5E on the 888 and 82 from EG.
For sale is a pair of very gently worn (2 or 3 times) pair of St. Crispin's oxfords. The style is Mod. 522, and the color is Cru 611 (burgundy crust leather). The style is a beautiful punch cap toe. Built on the Classic Last. Size is 7.5F UK, which is roughly a 8.5D US. ("F" width is St.C's standard width size). Metal toe taps are installed, and these feature a seamless rear. They are hand-welted, as I understand. I bought these new and wore them 2 or 3 times. Please...
I have for sale a very nice, brand new with tags Polo Ralph Lauren Made in Italy (by Corneliani) suit. This is PRL's "Blue Label" made in Italy. The style is "Polo I". It is charcoal/gray with a subtle birdseye weave that looks solid from just a few feet away. This is a true staple piece. Size is marked 38 short. Jacket has pick stitching, nice lapel roll, minimal shoulder padding, dual vents, 2-button stance. 100% virgin wool. Trousers are flat front and unhemmed for...
Another option for an unlined suede loafer is the Sandown. It's unlined, but unlike the Portland, it is Goodyear welted with EG's lightweight rubber sole. The shoe is very lightweight and very comfortable, but it can also be used for more serious walking (I've worn them all day, around town, through the airport, etc.). I believe EG has a tassel version of the unlined suede loafer with GY welt, but I forget what it is called. The Sandown isn't as cheap as the Portland,...
They are US size. I tried the Falkirks a couple of months ago. They were advertised as 8.5E, and they were indeed 8/8.5E on the 82. Unfortunately one shoe was lighter than the other (I presume a display model), but the store was very professional and handled the return (they took care of shipping both ways) with no issues whatsoever.
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