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I do, and it works well for me. I am a 8.5 on a Brannock. The 8/8.5E on the 82 and 888 are good for me, but I go down 1/2 size and do 7.5/8E on the 202 and 606.
The Lobb brogues are sold. I do have some shoe trees for sale though . . . (7E on the 7000 last).
For sale is a pair of gently used Edward Green Cardiff bluchers. Size is 7.5/8E. Built on the 808 Last. Color is a very nice shade of Dark Oak. My price is $SOLD plus actual shipping anywhere in the world. Original box and bags are included. Sorry, but the trees are not included in the sale price. Please let me know if you have any questions. Photos:
Thanks, guys! ^^^ I wasn't referring to a specific post, but I've seen folks say over the years that the 202 looks blobby or bulbous. I used to have a pair of chestnut Chelseas on the 202, and I wasn't a huge fan of the shape for a balmoral. I am not sure if my taste has changed, or if the dover just looks better, but I'm happy! (FWIW, I have Chelseas, both in Doak and Black, on the 82 and love them on that last).
Maiden voyage for these today. I have to say, I am thrilled with how these came out (as an 888/82 Last fan, I was very happy with the shape of the 202; not blobby at all). Thanks to Skoak for the great service. EG Dover Brandy Willow Calf 202E Last Double Leather Sole Sorry for the lousy cell phone picture:
Basically new EG Top Drawer Dovers in size 12/12.5. $1000 o/b/o. Awesome deal if they are your size. I'd definitely kop if my size, and I already own these (but not TD). Edit: I know this isn't the cool shoes thread, but these are too rare to not post here.
Edward Green TOP DRAWER Dovers in Dark Oak (I think) Size 12/12.5. They look basically new. $1000 o/b/o. These are a damn steal for TD. If they are your size. . .
For sale is a pair of used Ralph Lauren "Benton" black cap toes / oxfords / quarter brogues. These are by Crockett & Jones, and by most, if not all, accounts, this is the same as the C&J "Belgrave" model. Made to or close to handgrade standards (including full channeled soles, full sock liner) on the 337 Last. The calfskin leather is very nice. Color is black. Size is 8.5D US, and I'd say the fit true to size in my experience. Shoes trees are not included, but sale will...
Nice! Man, I miss the B&S of old . . . GL with the sale (not that you will need it). Edit: By the way, if these are your size and you wear loafers, these are "instakop"!
New Foster & Sons by Edward Green punch cap toes. Antique Chestnut (I believe). Size 7/7.5F on the 88 Last. Price is around $400 plus shipping from UK. These are not marked as EG, so they may be flying under the radar a bit. A decent chance at getting a very nice deal.
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