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I just sent you a PM. You can count me in on these. I need E width.
For sale is a nice pair of used, Crockett & Jones "Tavistock" austerity brogues oxfords. These are a handgrade model (full channel soles; better leather; full sock liner) on the 337 Last. Size is 7E UK. These are in great condition. Soles are still hard. No major cuts, nicks, etc. I've taken care of these well (always used trees; small amounts of Saphir reno and polish as needed). See photos for the details. My price is $199 shipped CONUS. Sale price includes shoe trees...
That is conventional wisdom; however, for me, I did not even try these F width shoes on, as I knew I wasn't going to keep them (I did not like the balance of the shoes). I think it also depends on how the last fits you. If a last fits a little long, then sizing down 1/2 size and up a width would probably work. With all that said, it really does depend on the person/foot. I've worked to figure out my correct sizing via a fair amount of (expensive) trial and error.
I took a flyer on these out of curiosity a few weeks ago. They are indeed size 7.5UK, but they are F width and on the 202 last. Shape seemed off (probably just the width). Also, the color was pretty "flat" seeming (not much if any burnishing at all). I returned them.
PSA: SuitYourself has some EGs on sale for $699 and free shipping (and no tax if shipped out of state). I confirmed that trees are not included with the sale price, but still a decent deal. I picked up a pair of Falkirks. He still has some Midford and Wells and others available, although sizes are a bit limited.
For sale is a pair of used EG shoe trees. Made for Ede & Ravenscroft. These are made for EG shoes, but they are only marked with E&R's logo. If this bothers you, please do not bid. They are not marked for size, but they appear to be for a size 8.5/9UK. (They are too large for my 8/8.5E EGs). They are about 11.5 inches long in their "resting" position. These are used as shown in the photos. A few marks from polish, but major no chips, nicks, etc. My price is $69 shipped...
For sale is a pair of barely used Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren Darlton/Marlow Wingtips in Dark Brown Shell Cordovan. Size is 8D. Be sure you know how these fit (in my opinion, they run about a half size large; I believe that is the SF consensus). These shoes require little introduction. These are a SF favorite. The shade of shell on these is particularly nice, in my opinion. These are very gently used as shown it the pictures. My price is $OLD shipped CONUS. Please...
For sale is a pair of very rare Edward Green for Ede & Ravenscroft Dovers in Oak Willow Calf. Size is 7/7.5E on the 82 Last. These are gently used as shown in the photos. Oak Willow Calf (all Willow Calf for that matter) is very hard to come by, and, as I understand, EG won't be doing much if any more of these. My price is $479 shipped CONUS. Please PM me for international shipping rates. Sorry, but the RL trees are not included in the sale. Photos:
I'm saying MH71 was too long for me. I had D width (same as what is for sale on eBay).
FWIW, I owned these. I found them to fit like a regular or medium width (notwithstanding them being marked "D" width), but I didn't have another pair of G&Gs on the MH71E to compare. They were too long, so I had to sell them. I may try them 1/2 size smaller . . .
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