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I recently picked this up not realizing I already own this shirt. It's a white and light blue small check (broadcloth, not oxford cloth) dress shirt. Size is BB0. Designed by Thom Browne. I own about 20 of of the BBBF shirts and absolutely love them. I just don't need multiples of the same shirt. Side gussets and mother of pearl buttons. Fabric is better quality than normal BB shirting. Slim fitting. Shirt is NEW with clearance center tag attached. Tag is marked to...
Another drop on the suit.
Price drop on the suit. Shirts are sold.
Just arrived . . . Not sure if they will fit, sadly. GMP for Henry Maxwell:
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster The Edward Green Wells 82 Last, Dark Oak. Can someone tell me how they fit in say comparison to AE's? If I wear an AE 12D, would these fit in 12D or are they a bit tighter? 82 Last runs narrow. Most size up. For example, I am an 8/8.5D/E on the 888 but a 8.5/9D/E on the 82. I am also a 8.5 in AE.
Drops on both. Last drops before these hit the auction block.
I've got a few additional items for sale. All were purchased by me new and are very gently worn. Shirts are all just recently laundered. I trust most of you know your size in BB slim fit shirts. If you need a measurement, please just let me know. [Buy all four shirts for $85 shipped CONUS] 1. Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Suit - Made by Martin Greenfield - Size 38 Short - Gray Glen Plaid. 3 button roll 2/2.5. Dual vent. Ticket Pocket. Trousers have double reverse...
I think his comment is meant to point out how great your price is. Seriously, this is a steal for an awesome pair of chukkas. I'd buy instantly if these were my size.
One and probably only drop on the NSTs.
This doesn't get any use from me, so it needs to go. I have for a sale a used/vintage BB Peal & Co. (95% sure made by Swaine Adeney and Brigg, although please let me know if you think otherwise. I am fairly certain that all made in England leather cases were made by SAB) folio/document case. Color is English Tan. It's used and has some cracking at on the lid where it bends. Some marks, "patina," etc. This is a pretty neat piece. I just don't get to use it much....
New Posts  All Forums: