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I have for sale a pair of gorgeous C&J Handgrade dark brown antique wingtips. The model is called "clifford." Size is marked as US 10.5D (~UK 9.5E). These are actually US SIZED (made for US market, I believe). Built on the 337 last. These are used in excellent condition. Full channeled soles are hard, and the stitching is not showing. Uppers are in excellent condition with nice antiquing. No major marks, nicks, etc. These are really great. The 337 is my favorite last....
Title says it all. Best Buy is preferred, but another major electronics retailer is fine. Please PM me.
Looking for a Best Buy git card (or another major electronics retailer, such as Fry's, etc.) for any amount up to ~$600. Please let me know if you have anything.
Drop on remaining tie.
I have for sale a pair of basically new Alden unlined suede chukkas in size 8.5 B/D on the Leydon Last. Dark Brown. The unlined suede is awesome. Made in the USA. Built with a very comfortable and versatile flex welt. I purchases these new and wore them one time for just a couple of hours (mostly indoors). My price is $SOLD SOLD SOLD (or add 3% for regular payment) Pictures: I took a few of my own, and I am also providing a couple from the Shoe Mart. The color in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grigory Allen Edmonds Bayfield boots on Amazon for $149-164 with free shipping. Thanks for the tip. Just picked up a pair. Been looking for something like this.
BNIB EG Dovers in Antique Chestnut - 8E UK. Can't tell what last . . . Not cheap, but if you were planning on paying full retail, these would save you a few hundred bucks.
Nice. Looks like Caruso.
Price drops on the two remaining ties. Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 What is that tag thing on the second tie? Not sure. Came that way.
Great deal. Particularly with the trees. Wish those were my size.
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