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Mabitex sold. Price drop on the coat.
Added Mabitex.
Price drop.
Don't think those Moras will last long . . .
PS: I'd be interested in some intriguing trades as well, as the funds from this sale will simply go into purchasing something else. As much as it breaks my heart, these beautiful Vass double monks are for sale. They are 6319 Cognac boxcalf on the U Last. Size 41. Double sole tapered to single. the buckles are silver-colored. Pictures tell the story. I purchased these new and wore them 2 times (JR logo is still showing a little). The fit is just not working for me. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by rabidawg It was a quick flip. Still seems like a good deal. Now that you mention it, I remember seeing those go for $129 last week. I thought it would be a nice flip, but missed out. Still, a good price if they are your size.
EG for RLPL (McKay) in 10/10.5 - BIN $299 obo. Seem to be a great deal, although the wear on the heels is exaggerated compared to the wear on the soles and uppers. I'd kop if my size.
[I also have a pair of dark dark navy (almost black, but not quite) wool/linen blend Mabitex size EU48/US32 that will be for sale. If interested, PM] I picked this up recently, but it doesn't fit as I'd like. The color is best described as a beige/olivey/tanish base with blue and dark colored checks. The picture below of the lapels is the best indicator of color. Marked size is 38 Short. It's in like-new condition (pockets are still basted, really no wear at all). The...
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm this is available - anyone want it? never used. cost + paypal personal + shipping. Sent you a PM a short while ago . . . hopefully in time.
Price drop. Probably only drop before these hit eBay.
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