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Quick AM Drop.
For sale is a great pair of New Without Box Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. (made by Alfred Sargent) Wingtip Boots. They are brown/dark brown. Heavy duty, thick, rubber soles, perfect for lousy weather (rain, snow, etc.). Goodyear welted, storm welt (or something similar). I think these work great with jeans. I picked up a pair of AE Bayfield boots and decided to keep those instead of these. They are marked size 8.5D and fit pretty true to size, in my opinion. These are...
^^^ What's the sale price? How did you manage to do it?
Just realized there was a sizing question too. These are made for the US market, as I understand. They are US sized marked as US 10.5D (~UK 9.5E). The 337 is an elongated last, so keep that in mind if you go by the measurements. Price drop for the bump . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by gyasih +1 Could you post measurements. thread is at the top so . . . not a bump . . . measurements posted.
I have for sale a pair of gorgeous C&J Handgrade dark brown antique wingtips. The model is called "clifford." Size is marked as US 10.5D (~UK 9.5E). These are actually US SIZED (made for US market, I believe). Built on the 337 last. These are used in excellent condition. Full channeled soles are hard, and the stitching is not showing. Uppers are in excellent condition with nice antiquing. No major marks, nicks, etc. These are really great. The 337 is my favorite last....
Title says it all. Best Buy is preferred, but another major electronics retailer is fine. Please PM me.
Looking for a Best Buy git card (or another major electronics retailer, such as Fry's, etc.) for any amount up to ~$600. Please let me know if you have anything.
Drop on remaining tie.
I have for sale a pair of basically new Alden unlined suede chukkas in size 8.5 B/D on the Leydon Last. Dark Brown. The unlined suede is awesome. Made in the USA. Built with a very comfortable and versatile flex welt. I purchases these new and wore them one time for just a couple of hours (mostly indoors). My price is $SOLD SOLD SOLD (or add 3% for regular payment) Pictures: I took a few of my own, and I am also providing a couple from the Shoe Mart. The color in...
New Posts  All Forums: