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[quote=meister;4669083]Who would have made these Tyrwhitts at an initial price of GBP450? Interesting. Three nail pattern suggests EG, although the rest of the shoe does not suggest EG (i.e., only the very old EGs for BB, etc. had non-full channeled soles, and this pair appears to have non-handwritten writing on the sock liner), nor does a price point of GBP450. I'm not sure who else uses a nail pattern like that . . .
PM Sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel I got my first pair of SF recently, main line, payed $280 for them, seemed like a fair price. I did not know they were Goodyear welted, thought it was Blake welts, can someone else confirm this? I've owned two pairs of Mainline oxfords in the past. Both were Goodyear welted. As I said, the Mainline shoes in particular have varied a lot.
SF varies a lot by line. They also vary a fair amount among the same lines (e.g., Mainline's quality has varied a lot over the last few years. Newer oxfords are pretty good). Tramezzas (Goodyear welted) are very good quality and can be found at a pretty nice discount (see my sig ). Significantly better than mainline. Leather quality is top notch. Comparable perhaps to some of the mid-to-higher range of English made shoes (in terms of quality, not style. Styles are hard...
Looking to buy up to two pairs of Edward Green shoe bags. If you have a pair or two laying around that you no longer need, please PM me. I've also got some Peal & Co. for BB for trade if you are looking for them.
I'm not eager to get rid of these, but thought I'd offer them here. Probably won't do many, if any, drops. For sale is a pair of Grenson Masterpiece (made for Henry Maxwell - Japanese Market). Black calfskin/suede combo punch cap balmoral. A great combination of classic/traditional with a little flair. Great chiseled last. For those unfamiliar with GMP, these are up their with Edward Green and/or C&J Handgrade. Leather quality is top-notch. Channel soles, etc. Size...
I recently picked this up not realizing I already own this shirt. It's a white and light blue small check (broadcloth, not oxford cloth) dress shirt. Size is BB0. Designed by Thom Browne. I own about 20 of of the BBBF shirts and absolutely love them. I just don't need multiples of the same shirt. Side gussets and mother of pearl buttons. Fabric is better quality than normal BB shirting. Slim fitting. Shirt is NEW with clearance center tag attached. Tag is marked to...
Another drop on the suit.
Price drop on the suit. Shirts are sold.
Just arrived . . . Not sure if they will fit, sadly. GMP for Henry Maxwell:
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