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Those 11D loafers look like calf . . . it's tough to tell because of the poor photos, but I see what appears to be fine creasing on one of the photos.
Congratulations on the new Chelseas, by the way! As many have said, they are wonderful. They are certainly a staple that I go to frequently.
82 Last. I have the Doak ones on the 82 as well, and I love the shape for the Chelsea. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the 202 for Bals.
This is the black captoe thread. It's a great analysis. It inspired me to step up my game from CJ Handgrades to EG Chelseas (thanks also to Skoak), although my order will take a couple of months.
These are on eBay. Dover on the 32.
Great deal for a man who can wear a 7.5/8D 888 Last Westminster in Dark Oak. $399 shipped. Looks like they've been worn only a couple of times or so. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Edward-Green-Westminster-Dark-Oak-Calfskin-Double-Monkstrap-Shoes-7-5M-/251637749984?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3a96c758e0 A half size larger, and I would have snapped them up almost instantly.
Very nice. I have been on the fence as to whether to fill this gap in my EG collection, and your picture has just convinced me to take the plunge. I just placed an order with Gabriel for Black Chelseas (except on the 82 last, which I prefer to the 202 for balmorals), along with a DOAK belt to go with my DOAK shoes.
Wow. If these were my size, I'd snatch them up in a heartbeat. Great deal.
Price drop.
For sale is a nice, used pair of Crockett & Jones "Tellman" oxfords for Ralph Lauren. As far as I know, these are on the 337 Last and are to CJ Handgrade standards. Size is 8.5D. Color I believe is called "beechnut" but I may be wrong on that. These are from my personal collection and have always been stored with trees and treated with Saphir products when needed. I am sorry, but trees are not included with this sale. My price is $165 shipped CONUS. Please PM me for...
New Posts  All Forums: