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When you get some more info about the inventory, I'd be interested. At the right price, I like their slim fit shirts, and my GF likes the shirts as well, so I might even be interested in taking some of the women's stuff off of your hands.
Just figured I'd chime in and say I have that very same tie, by Thomas Pink.
I must say, I liked Dhani's outfit the best. I checked out his website and after reading a bit more about him, he seems like a very cool guy. Definitely going to do my best to support him (although it will be easier to buy my first bowtie than to cheer for the Eagles!).
I am looking for an affordable tailor that can do something in the Mr. Ned price range with more of an Italian or English cut. From what I understand, Mr. Ned does much more of a sack suit style, and I am not a big fan of the American cut on my body. Are there any other options in that price range, be it a NYC based tailor or a traveling tailor? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omegablogger +1 On the more general point there isn't a current celebrity that springs to mind style wise, with the possible exception of Daniel Craig, but I don't think that's his own work. Brad Pitt always looks good to my eyes, but then he would look good in a sack so that's no guide. Yup.. Brad Pitt would look good in anything. I, unfortunately, am not like that.
I am getting ready to overhaul my wardrobe (thank god for bonuses!), and have been looking at pictures of the styles I admire to get a better sense for what pieces I should be looking to purchase as a new base. Just curious which modern figures people here look up to. Obviously there are the Cary Grants, et al. But anyone still alive today?
My fall/winter wardrobe is at least acceptable, however, I feel I am sorely lacking on summer clothing. Obviously linen, but I have a hard time finding linen pants that look acceptable for work. What about shirt materials as well? Pants I am likely to buy off the rack, while shirts are more likely to be MTM than RTW. About what I'm looking for: They need to be acceptable for a business casual environment (pants & button down shirt, jacket when I'm in the mood),...
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan Do you think employers have gotten used to the fact that most 22-24 year old guys don't know how to wear a suit, and simply give them credit for trying to show respect? No. Atleast not in my industry. I've been involved in the recruiting process for my group (within investment banking), and I can tell you that you don't need to be well dressed...but being poorly dressed can be a deal killer. A navy blue...
I tend to like pink and purples. They work well (for the most part) with my skin, but how much is too much? And is the pocket square too close to the tie? If you can't see it in the pic, the shirt is white with pink. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic.
I've been looking for a pair of brown and white spectators for a while, and now I've finally found a pair for a decent price. However, I am getting trigger shy...what can they be worn with? My primary use would be seersucker during the summer, but considering I will be in Manhattan..the seersucker won't come out very often. What else would spectators look acceptable, and maybe even good with (besides a bowling shirt )?
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