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Quote: The Andover Shop is another store that is noted for their crusty service. That is the charm of those traditional stores. I completley agree, that is the charm of those types of stores. Quote: You must understand that LabelLynde views himself as some sort of old-world noble who is continuously shocked at the vile progressions of the modern world. Think Petrovich in Fathers & Sons. You can love the past and take its...
I've always loved Cable Car Clothiers, over priced yes, very traditional yes, but my experience with them has always been positive. It is a place taken right out of a history text book, next time I go to the City "San Francisco"I will visit. Thank you buy the way for posting your positive experience with CCC.
I would suggest a 42 because it seems that on the 40 there are some unnatural wrinkles on the sides of your arms then again that could be the postioning of your arm. Also it seems the back pinches a bit towards your shoulders on the 40. I cannot speak for the differences of length as for it is hard to see in the picture. As you know you can always get it tailored down if you choose the 42. Good luck.
Very very nice Brioni suit. Nothing is dated about it. If your worried about things being dated wait long(or short enough) and it will be.... but it will still look good on you.
I have seen alot more double breasted suits lately but the lapels look a little to thin for that style. I know when double breasted suits come into style the lapels usually widen (20's to 30's) (early 80's to mid 80's) but the trend of lapels on sb suits seems to be getting more narrow. So where do you see this heading? BTW glad to be back and thanks for the help and satorial evoloution SF put me through.
Also, if you are really want a great lightweight fur felt hat other than a straw for the summer go with the "featherweight" bodies, very smooth and lighter than many straws for magnificent fur felts at a magnificent price also great fur felts from what I've heard for great straws at a great price for...
On a straw or furfelt fedora "usually" The wider the fedora's brim is, the taller the crown, and the higher the band is the more formal it is. Many say the teardrop crown is more formal than the center dent, that is open to interpretation, but to me the teardrop is much more nostalgic and classic of the 30's and 40's. Wide tight, front and center pinches are also very classic, such as the tight front and center pinch Bogart had in Casblanca. On other hats such as derbies,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Power vested. That was pretty stupid of me onless.... my powers come from my offshore Swiss back account? "Unless" I stop making grammatical errors.
This might be good.
OOPs they have a gold buckle, Gonna keep lookin for you.
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