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hossoso you are the dipshit. you have no idea what you area talking about. Sean ruined his own shoes. And you are a moron. You are on permanent ignore, so i dont have to read your shit ever again. bye bye loser....sniff this.
Sean. I looked at your photo again. It is 100% your fault, and not the fault of the shoes. You definitely caused this gash yourself. LOOK at the edge of the SOLE just under the SLIT. It is directly below the slit. No shoe wears like that. 100% your fault. Sorry to have to say that. Best be a lot more careful in the future. Leather is skin, and can be cut and sliced just like any other skin. Case Closed. And to the stupid asshole KIDS here who are...
thanks Vox for clarifying. What do you think of this guys Kenmoors here? Looks like he sliced them open in a moment of carelessness? or are new Kenmoors that bad?
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranK False. Get Vox here. Because nothing YOU say interests me at all kid.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sean Archer Haha you've arrived! I can't as my camera sucks. I'm not sure what happened. I just noticed it coming home on the train in the evening. It looks like a razor blade slit along it and peeled back a hair's width thin layer of black. Is this fixable? ok waiiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute here....you snagged the shoes on some metla or something, and it slit the leather. Correct? Because I have never, and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranK I mean that they're coming apart not because they're corrected grain but because they're badly put together. I don't think outlet/non-outlet is an issue. Vox has a 23-year-old pair of corrected grains that he still wears. EDIT: I found a post showing Florsheim shoes. Maybe this poster can shed some light on the issue if you PM. The photo you used from Vox is Shell Cordovan, not corrected...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sean Archer New issue: left Kenmoor has a 1 cm long slit and the top layer is peeling back. This also cut the stitching that presumably holds the brogue layer to the inner layer. Stuff underneath is grey with hint of blue. Is this normal for shoes or something I should be worried about or return? Can you get a closer photo? Are you sure you didn't scrape them against something?
Today...my first day off the No Purchase wagon.... ALDO Single Monkstrap Ultra Deep Burgundy (almost appears black in the half light) Made In Italy Full leather uppers, insoles & soles (Double-Soles by the way). Virtually like new Total Damage: $6.99 (CDN) They are probably from the early-mid 1990's, but it didn't bother me at all. Here are some photos....I can take it...tell me the truth....
LAST Price Drop ..this time for real. This is a virtually new jacket gents, I can't believe no one has snapped this up. I'll go one last drop, but no further : $100.00 (CDN)(Canadian Dollars)+ Shipping
Price Drop: $80.00 (CDN)(Canadian Dollars) per pair + Shipping
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