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Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong robert smith called he wants his shoes back
Quote: Originally Posted by gawkrodger will never get big in the UK Yeah seriously. Whose stupid idea was it to choose this name?
I took 4 years to complete a BSc majoring in physics and minoring in comp sci. I decided to stick around an extra year to upgrade my degree to a joint major in physics and comp sci. This was in Canada. I then did an MSc in 1 year in the UK in comp sci.
I don't understand why selfridges exists. They sell everything you can find on the high street +15% tacked on.
A butcher of distinction recently closed down. American Classics on Endell street near Covent Garden carries SDA and Sugarcane. I bought a pair of Allevol jeans this weekend from Son of a Stag.
Quote: To the OP, plenty of boots you can wear once you waterproof them... Hmm, this might be the solution. I've got a pair of Crockett and Jones Tetburys that would to the job with a little waterproofing. What would you suggest I use?
Those all-star galoshes are awesome! Where can you buy them? I've been browsing hanon-shop every now and then and once I came across goretex plimsolls. That's sort of the style I'm after if anyone can suggest where I could buy something similar.
Hello gents, I'm looking for a nice pair of shoes that will go with jeans that I can wear around in miserably rainy London weather. I'm open to all suggestions from casual to formal. The key to this question is that I should be able to wear them to work all day without looking too out of place (I'm in IT). Thanks.
That's a very nice wallet Kiya. Would you be kind enough to take 2 additional pictures perhaps? I would like to see how thick the wallet is folded as well as a picture of paper currency inside the wallet. Thank you!
Thanks dusty.
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