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That's a really cool program, thanks for sharing, I appreciate it. Going to browse through the forums on your recommendation. However, I'm starting to realize that after spending years focused on compound lifting and leveling up my big 3, I think those days are behind me. Moving as much weight as possible has always been really taxing on my joints and CNS, and I find I'm much happier and motivated to go to the gym and not do balls to the walls heavy lifts. I'm content...
Hey fellas, looking for some insight. Finishing up a cut in the next month or two - cutting on 2000 cals at 5'10, 165, 12% bf. Ideally I'll finish up at 5'10, 160 and sub 10%. I'll probably bump up my calories to 2250 and start lean bulking from there on. What do you guys do for workouts? I've ran countless programs so I want to try something new. My best success is with P/P/L twice a week - but hitting the gym 6x a week is just too time consuming. While cutting I've...
That was short lived
DHI today. Picked up a bottle at the airport, been a couple years since I last tried it. Feels like the longevity isn't as good as I remembered.
Is it over? Looks just like regular pricing?
This doesn't seem to work?
The outfit follows the gradient of the hair
My first "real" watch! Truly love the thing. It meant a lot to me to wait for a long time, do a ton of research and finally purchase this one. Real happy with my purchase, just need some better lighting and skills for the next pic
Thoughts on DH vs DHI?
Thanks for your comments.I posted the same bomber + shoes, but everything else was different - still trying to figure out how to style it properly.I would wear a plain t-shirt under it, but I'm finding because of the material of the silk it doesn't stack properly throughout the arms to replicate that bomber 'puffy' arms look. I need a full-sleeve underneath to create some drag or it all stacks at the cuff.Will try changing up the jeans and shoes, cheers!
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