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That's nice of them - what did you purchase?
Mr. P sale wasn't too bad this year. Just grabbed the AMI Argyle Overstitch Canvas Jacket that I was waiting on. Hope it fits alright, looks a bit cropped for my tastes.
Good deals! The final drop for Mr. P is 90%, and that will likely happen next week?
Wow really? CAD? What colorways?
I'm 5'10, 165 lbs, with a true waist measurement of 31" (at belly button). but I got dem juicy glutes. I prefer the fit of PNS from the knee down, but the top block is brutal. Already hemmed them too, maybe I can get sell it for cheap on grailed?
Thanks, I'm happy with the mids, I got them from TRes bien, with a 20% off code, but got dinged $100 CAD for duties. Came to $440 CAD, which isn't really a good deal. Upset about it..
Looks good! How much did you get it for? CAD + duties?
I think they have a great selection, but the prices aren't anything special. By the end of discounts it's mostly junk or odd sizes.
Haha yeah, that's always the risk. I've identified items on Mr.P that I want, but do I wait for further reductions?
Ended up buying the mids! They're pretty tough to slip my foot into, have to unlace and loosen them every time. Maybe the leather just needs breaking in?
New Posts  All Forums: