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Jermyn is really nice too.
anyone know how long the Tres Bien sale is on for?
Taylor of Old Bond. Sandlewood, Grapefruit and Avocado are all great.
Hmm you think? I selectively chose this one for length. Too long makes you look shorter (I'm only 5'10) and it's harder to keep casual?
APC Lewis coat. Good for winter? Subtle upgrade from My black peacoat. Or should I look for something dark grey?
Finally stretching out after a few weeks
Thanks for all the help finding a deal on retro boosts guys! I think I should be able to lock one down. Any recommendation on sizing? I'm a 42 in Achilles CP's, 8UK in most dress shoes/desert boots, and a US11 in all nike stuff (flyknits/freeruns). Think a US10? or a US9 for retro boosts?
Damn, memenyc sold out of 10's in retro boosts
Anyone own an APC Lewis Coat? Good for Winter?
New Posts  All Forums: