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Haven't checked in for a while, anyone proxying Uniqlo to outside of US? Canada in particular..
Most of my favorite and best fitting casual button-down shirts are from Jcrew, Club Monaco, Uniqlo and Topman. What is the next level up in terms of a comparable fit? Price isn't a major concern. Epaulet? BoO? Marc? Also, where can I find this shirt, or a cool colorblock pattern like this one, in medium? http://www.gilt.com/sale/men/date-night-2139/product/1082151348-fred-perry-colorblocked-striped-sportshirt
Pretty casual, never really for work occasions, just on dates or nights out. Usually with raw or black jeans, sometimes with other colored trousers. Paired with casual shirts, t-shirts and sometimes blazers. No particular outfit, I tend to wear darker colored pants though. The dark brown loafers seem like a good idea, just not sure if I should get Nubuck or suede? I was planning to purchase something from Mr. Porter, their prices seem reasonable. I like gray too, but I...
I'm interested in this too. As well as sizing information. I'll probably get the Gommino in brown, but am between Nubuck or Suede. Is it easy to change the laces as well?
Haha, need to update that, I'm living in the Netherlands now.Although that ferry trip would easily be worth the piece of mind for a $700 investment! =)
What happens in the event of a sizing change? If this goes through, this will be my first nice pair of boots, and I would want the fit to be perfect. I'm usually a 42/43 in dress shoes, 10 in Vans, 9.5 in Clark's DBs?
I'm in for #11 !!! I really hope we get these made...
Wow those are beautiful...Does Viberg sell something like that on it's own?Is there a link to see all of the previous Viberg Makes?
What sort of life do these things have? I've never owned a boot that will cost $700+? Is this something that can last me a very very long time if I get it serviced and repaired every so often? The only difference from actually ordering from Viberg is that we have the option to customize these? Is there a thread showing all the previous makes from SF? I Think the black sh*t kickers were the last ones?
Very interested
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