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Any development?
^ Good points, thanks! Overall I feel that despite being a more unique color, the Navy would be more versatile - am I correct?
Thanks a lot! That's great!That picture in particular makes me lean more towards the Navy. I do wear a lot of Navy and blue in the office though, I hope it doesn't all match and look tacky!
Maybe that type of jacket length for a conventional suit, but it is a slimmer and more trendy cut as evident by the pants.I think the jacket could be a hair shorter, even if not FULLY covering the butt (look at most modern suits these days that rule is being broken often)..Just my opinion though!
IS there some sort of picture available with the Mocha and Navy beside each other? I still can't get a good idea of how dark it is.
Am struggling with the Mocha / Navy dilemma myself! Which do you feel would be more conservative? Is there a pic of the two beside each other? The navy looked kind of lighter in some pics I saw (not a dark navy).
My opinion is that the jacket sleeves are too short, and the jacket is a touch long.
Looks good overall in my opinion (not a tailor). Bit too long for my taste though.
Definitely back to SS. They'll adjust and save the measurements for future purchases too.
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