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That flame thrower looks awesome - wonder how it actually performs.
I dropped a spattering of toothpaste on some suede boots. I tried rubbing with water and a cloth and then brushing with a suede brush, but it's still present. I then tried using collonil bamboo extract cleaner, but now it seems like the stain is brought to the surface, and I still can't get it out. Should I try soap + water?
I use Jason markk all over, and then collonil leather conditioner once dry.
The look or the fit?
What didn't you like about them? How quickly the sole wore?
Thanks! Good looking out.Unfortunately shipping to Canada is quite costly, $37 for 3 pairs and $40 for shipping = $75
That's unfortunate! And Nordstrom is sold out of Medium! Shucks..
Awesome! Thanks! Any idea if there's one coming up soon?
Which company is it that usually has periodic blowout sales on shoe trees? Need to get a few more...
Do you guys use shoe trees with all your CPs? I do with my leather ones (Achilles lows and mids) but not so much with my suede Chelsea boots.
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