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Hey guys, I'm having trouble finding a weekender bag that I can take for flights and for weekend trips. I really like the Kill Spencer Weekender 3.0 in Leather, but it comes to nearly $1000 CAD when I order it. The other bag I've been looking at is the aunt & uncle Hugo bag, which is about $700 CAD, but I'm not entirely in love with the design, doesn't look as sleek/clean Can anyone recommend a good bag for this price point or less? Preferably leather that is dark?
I'm in Hong Kong for a few days at the end of the month is it possible to go to Gordon yao for one fitting and have them mail that suit to me they assured me they can do this but I was under the impression I would need several fittings
Has anyone tried misurino? Good experience ?
I've got a weekend in HK, obviously not enough time to get a full suit... What about getting a few pairs of nice trousers, and then having them mailed to me. Worthwhile?
Got one of the wool knits from Uniqlo and it's great, but it's so itchy. What are some tips to make it less itchy? washing it? ironing it?
No. This is Vancouver, Washington.
@ Stitches - you are a boss, dude. @ Jammeister - Fit is okay, but it's really boring. What are you trying to achieve, are you expecting feedback? You won't get much praise for a generic styling like that.
The aggressive taper highlights the disparity between your wider thighs and narrow calves, this cut makes the silhouette more congruent. No disrespect meant! You still look like a boss and I aspire to be on your level!
Not sure whom that is?
Thanks gents. Any suggestions for window trim, or area rugs?
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