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+1Super awesome people that work there too. Just wish the santal 26 candles went on sale!
Thinner jacket looks great, got to find one soon!
Agreed, they're such trash. Won't even consider wearing them this Canadian winter. Kinda wish I got the CPxGeller ones instead.
Actually, I think this was the one I ordered: 1x Mid Grey Wool Flannel 100% WoolAnd with the cuff it feels too thick, should I take it out and get it hemmed shorter?
Has anyone gotten the wool rich pants, but cuffed? Does it end up being too thick of a cuff?
Shucks, figured as much. If someone wants to proxy for me, shoot me a message!
Doesn't show up when I add items to the cart? Maybe US only?
When do the subsequent markdowns typically happen?
I'm a 42 in CPs (Achilles and chelseas) 42 in black side zips should be alright?
Brand new with tags still attached, purchased from the Acne sample sale, just looking to reclaim my money. Normally lists for $390 USD. The Acne Tony Nylon Coach Jacket is the Swedish design collective's contemporary, refined take on a classic piece of varsity outerwear. Constructed with a water repellent nylon shell with a light padding, and features traditional detailing such as a drawstring hem and snap closure as well as the Acne face decal that runs throughout this...
New Posts  All Forums: