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Where did you get them at that price?
APC Truman Blazer? I know it's a plain Navy blazer - but I don't really have a functional slimmer one like this. - It looks a straight/relaxed fit, maybe not slim to wear with a T-shirt? I suppose then it's better to wear with a sweater.. - The composition is 98% Cotton / 2% Elastane. Most jackets I've had are wool. I'm sure Cotton may breathe better, but will also wrinkle easier? - Is it just too plain? Should I look for something more interesting?
That jacket is awesome
Not much left at the END sale - but a bit interested in the APC Truman blazer - any comments? Looks a bit short? I have an APC lewis coat and it seems like a similar design/fabric/color (although the lewis is an overcoat)
Anyone tried the APC Truman Jacket (Blazers)? They seem to fit pretty short?
Speaking of - anyone know where to get Le Labo's Santal 26 candle for cheaper than retail? ($65 is too much)
Hmm I like the look the model has and he's wearing quite fitted trousers? I suppose I just neeed help styling it, just not sure if i should get it tailored to something more fitted.
I bought this shirt, not this sure about it. Feel like it's too long/big for me? Fits good in the shoulders, but maybe I need to get it taken in and hemmed. Also not sure about the double buttons?
Did anyone figure out if Montrose is able to deduct VAT? Or credit afterwards?
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