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Shucks, if someone has one, pm me!
Didn't work for me on CP hi's?
Very helpful explanation, thanks for your comments!
So is this considered a defect? Should I contact carmina?
Very interesting, thanks for the input, gents. I'll just embrace them as unique and love them just the same!
Do most carmina wrinkle this much? I have another pair that is a much more firm leather, but this pair is very soft.
Still a bit chilly, must utilize the weather.Have a great weekend fellas! [[SPOILER]]
Norse Aros heavy chinos are pretty relaxed, I just pinroll mine to tighten the taper.
Yeah, I work out quite a bit so I have larger shoulders and arms, so I'm concerned it'll look like underarmour. I guess I'll size up!
Couple from the weekend: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
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