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I purchased from Chrono24 as well, and had a good experience. Did take some time for the watch to arrive though.
I'm a 42 in CP achilles and an 8UK/9US in most of my dress shoes. What size do you suppose I would be in Iron Rangers, and what is the cheapest place online to order them in Canada? Also, is it possible to get them steel-toed?
Never got an answer for this - bump?
You're over complicating this. Arms straight by your side.
Isn't minoxidil supposed to age your skin more rapidly, just being in close proximity to your hair? I thought I read stories of people getting significantly more wrinkles and dark circles under their eyes using minox.
I work in Dubai and the middle east a fair bit. I tried to implement more breathable fabrics, but by the time you get indoors or into a vehicle the A/C is on full blast and you end up freezing.
You're not missing much.
That jacket looks awesome. Me want.
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