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Any comments on the slim tapered jeans? I like the light colored ones, how do they size? TTS? Compared to APC PS for example?
Great review!
Recently took an interest in quality watches. Purchased my 1st "real" watch, a Junghan Max Bill Chronoscope with the Milanese Strap. Absolutely love it, big step up from the Uniform Wares watch (151) I had previously. Hooked and already making a list of grail items to start building my collection
I did, at Skoak, but only briefly and it was a few months ago so I can't recall correctly. Wearing them momentarily isn't the best indicator, just need to buy a pair I suppose. The Simpson in 8UK was good, felt snug but with a bit of minor heel slip, but it would fade with wear I imagine. The rain in 8uk had too much heel slip, but unfortunately I never tried the 7.5uk, and I should have, considering that most shoes that appeal to me are only available in Rain or...
For someone with narrow and flat feet, Simpson seems like a good last?
More boxy than uniqlo? Hmmm
Cool thanks, maybe I'll try to wait until the next sale! Any particular sellers that you recommend to keep watch of? Preferably coming up soon
Do Gitman Vintage oxfords ever come on sale? I typically buy Uniqlo but they're too boxy around the waist and someone recommended Gitman as a step-up. Otherwise I'll just buy online somewhere, preferably from a website with a discount code
$70 to ship to me from Carson...if anyone in NYC wants to proxy for me
Thanks, it looks a bit better when I'm wearing something a bit thicker too, this is with camo flannel and with a sweaterFor the record I would very seldom wear it closed, not sure why I did for the pic?
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