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I'm located in Canada, where is the best place to purchase from online? I've heard many duties and shipping horror stories! I'm in Madrid at the moment, and tried on the Simpson last in 8UK and it's the right fit for me. The rain last in 8UK is too long and had some heel slip. They didn't quite have the shade of dark brown I'm looking for. Something similar to the #80201 in rain last. Should I try the other carmina store? Then I also have to claim VAT back at the...
Pre-shower scent?
Tobacco Vanille paired with Tuscan Leather is amazing.
What offer is this now?
Don draper?
Hahah true words, thanks
Is travelling with a leather duffle and also a leather briefcase too much? Overkill?
Why a matte though? I want to avoid the dry look.Anything that gives my hair a natural shine looks much better in my opinion. That's why I use the hybridized wax or modified pomade.
Better than skoak? Hmmm.
Cool, I'm in both Stockholm and Madrid in the next couple weeks.The price/selection on Skoaktiebolaget seem cheaper than the Carmina website somehow? I'm in Stockholm first, then Madrid after...so I'm not sure if I should buy anything from Skoak or risk waiting until I get to Madrid!
New Posts  All Forums: