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NF Black power stretch in skinny guy are my favorite, just ordered a new pair because my old one were too faded and torn. I love the jet black look, and the fit. I also have APC PS in Black, it's more comfortable than the NF, but the fit is too relaxed and the taper is too narrow.
Yeah I sized down to an 8uk and they fit almost perfect. Slightly loose sockless, but I usually wear noshow socks, or I might consider putting in a terry cloth insole like I've done with other loafers. Great shoes!
The arm patch with the zipper? Removeable? Are you sure?
Bump for this.I have 31 PS, too tight in thighs too loose in waist, I'm guessing I should get a pair of PNS? Which size?
Purchased some Tod's gommino loafers, it looks like here is creasing from the sole on one of the shoes? Is this normal? Am I overreacting? The first pic is the creased one, the second one is normal.
These ones are almost perfect, but I really dislike the arm patch.Damn, so close.
Any recommendations for a brand with a nice Olive colored MA-1 jacket? And also, Anyone have an idea where I can find these New Balances?
Are the current prices on Skoaktiebolaget very competitive? I'm after the Classic Modern Oxford in Brown, but I was hoping to wait for a while until I'm in Stockholm (end of May), although prices may go up? Also, if I purchase in Sweden, I can claim back the VAT at some point? I'm unfamiliar with the process. Lastly, I'm in Madrid the week after, should I just wait and goto the Carmina store there? Prices seem higher online.
Edited! Wrong section, sorry.
Quote from the description of the briefcases: "Outside pocket for passport, smartphone, etc." Will the passport wallet fit neatly in that spot?
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