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Can anyone comment on the quality of Anderson & Sheppard ties? Looking at purchasing a few as they look nice and their standard 9cm blades suit my proportions.... I'm also looking for this tie by Drakes below. Does anyone know if they still do it or do they tend to only do it seasonally and never bring them back?
Thank you!
Evening all, Quick question. Hilditch & Key appear to be having a sale with some great reductions on their ties. I'm wondering if anyone can attest to the quality of their ties before I slap a whole lot of $$ down on their ties? When at the online checkout, how is VAT deducted from the price? Warmest regards, Sydneycentric.
Hi everyone, I'm looking at purchasing a grey cotton crew neck pullover from John Smedley and wondering if I could appeal to your expertise in helping me to choose the right one. I'm looking at wearing it primarily over a business shirt with a cutaway collar. I've looked at the Marcus, Luke and Cowley models. Anyone recommend the best one to get? I'm not looking at a heavy pullover. Cheers, Sydneycentric.
Kent Wang IMHO has the best polos. Well worth looking at.... http://www.kentwang.com/polos
I dunno, the spots look a bit big to be pindot. The tie also has a 'metallic' look to it too.
Who made his ties? The red looks like a Charvet. Anyone know where I can get my hands on the tie he's wearing in this scene??
Why don't you guys like Charvet??
Yeah, I also have the Bayswater and its definetely warm!
Any tips for what colours with what would be good for the races this year?
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