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I just invested in a nice pair of boots. I heard people said that putting the taps will increase the life time of the boots so I went to my local shoe repair shop to do that. The shoeman suggested me to put on a protective soles to cover the first half of the sole so I went w/ that. But now, I don't know if I should have done it or not. I'm afraid it'll ruin the look of the boots. Has anyone ever done this before? Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant They are C&J FYI, they run quite long... and are stocked in the Rhinelander mansion if you are interested. Think 337 long and narrow, though the last is a bit different. I believe its a bit slimmer through the quarters. nct Do u think I can fit into an 8 if I usually wear 8.5-9. The seller is out of 8.5
What about these, are these CJ
Yea. I guess I would have to do more research on the shoemaker. I actually like the antique of the shoes, that was one of the reason I bought em. Could anyone point me to other shoes similar to the ones in this pic: Cheers
Hey guys, I just got a job that requires dress up which is something I haven't done before. So I got these shoes However they are too big, I guess I'm gonna exchange for smaller size. My question is what do you guys think of those Hugo Boss quality and is there better shoes out there at that price range? Thanks --Dave
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