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Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Where did you order it from (probably sterlingwear website)? How much did it cost? What size did you pick? What model did you pick? What can you fit underneath/what's the fit? (feel free to post pics ) I'll probably order a peacoat in the next week/2 weeks (wanted a new coat for next winter, what better time to take care of that than in the middle of summer...) so if anybody has other suggestions (brand, auctions,...
Cool I feel better now. Considering its cheaper than those shoes I bought when I first joined this forum and didn't know anything about shoes, these I wisely returned it after hearing some recommendations from this forum and been on the look out for the Masterpiece since. Thanks --Dave
Opps... this is what I paid I didn't know Bennies still have these captoe. I'll call them tomorrow and see. Anyhow, I already paid
I just wonder if I overpaid on these Grensons. How much are you guys willing to pay for these?
I was looking at these but they don't have brown anymore . How is the quality of those?
I was looking at some AE, particularly the clifton but they seem to cut so full and high, if u know what I mean... I'd like something a bit flatter. Any advice...
I just got a suit w/ no vent. However, I prefer a jacket w/ vent. I don't know if the tailor can make a vent out of it. If so, has anyone ever tried it?
I just wonder how the size runs on the Tellman. Would I fit in an 8 if I usually wear 8.5? Thanks ps: and also, are they really narrow or just about the same compared to other shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by minya Pictures? I can't get a hold of my cam. right now but they look like this It's very understated, not as flashy compared to other Carpe Diems but that's why I like these
Proud new owner of a pair of Carpe Diem boots . I love em, especially at the price that I got em for.
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