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Congratulations Jason. Now whenever ur free, I'm ready for my first suit from ya.
I'm cleaning out my closet and selling some stuff that I hardly ever wear. I'll be updating after taking more pics of other items. Shipping is $5 for shirts and acc., $10 for shoes and $8 for jeans. International buyers please email me for rates. Google checkout user will get discounts. April 77 Colordrive Grey sz 31 Paid $160 from HTC. Worn about 1-2 hours around the house. The tag on the back has been removed. Asking $110 Measurements: waist 16.75 inches,...
This peacoat is brand new with tag. I just got it from Rakuten last week. Paid $130 after shipping. Looking to get back what I paid or its going to ebay soon. Cheers. --Dave
Quote: Originally Posted by pkincy Great shoe at a great price. My are built like the proverbial brick outhouse. I have touched up the captoe with a bit of Cordovan shoe cream, buffed and than polished with tan polish to give them a bit of an Edwardian by EG look. Perry Thanks Perry. Yea those shoes are beautiful. Yours must have broken in nicely now I'm sure. I gave up wearing mine after the first day since I wasn't too crazy about...
I have a pair of these on ebay right now. I bought these from GVH 6 months ago. They were worn for a few hours around my house, which has carpet and wood floor. The reason I'm selling is that they're a bit narrow for me. Please check it out: Cheers --Dave
I have a peacoat on ebay If anyone is interested to buy the item now, let me know and we can work something out. Cheers --Dave
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Get a pretty pair of black shoes. Uh.. so who makes those shoes? I like em.
I just got a pair of Tellman in 8.5. They turn out to be a bit snug across the foot so it's a bit uncomfortable. I'm hoping that it'll stretch. But I never own a pair of dress shoe for a long time so I don't know how much they're gonna stretch. Any stretching experience? Would the shoes look weird if I use a stretching shoe tree to stretch it? --Dave
I just got these from ebay last week ( Didn't know they were listed in UK size therefore turned out to be a little big. I paid $240 shipped for these. I'm just hoping to get back what I paid for these. Actually I'll take care of the shipping. So the price is $244 shipped. Cheers --Dave
Hmm..those are nice. I was actually watching some Tellmans in 9, but now I'm debating between these and tellman. They don't pop up as often as Tellman, do they?
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