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I ended up doing the charcoal with white shirt and a navy tie that has a nice texture to it - worked well. Ill give it a few months before I bust out the gingham in the courthouse.
Maybe it was the suit. . . either way - got the job.
Thanks for the tips - excuse the "erring" "airing" mistake. . . I certainly proof my resume/cover letter more than my posts - but you can never be too careful. Ill file that error under "collateral damage from 10+ hours a day of Bar studying". If i were to avoid the navy tie - what would look appropriate with charcoal and white?
I have an interview next Wednesday for my dream job. It is a government-related attorney position. I was leaning towards charcoal suit, white shirt, navy tie that has slight light blue pin-dots, and black shoes. Is this too dark? I am clearly airing on more conservative than anything else, but I want to look clean and put together. My favorite white shirt has a slight spread collar to it - is this acceptable? Should I go pure USA point collar? Thanks for any and all...
I ordered one... I was planning on doing a few shirts from nialma soon, so what the hell. Although now that I have ordered it I am slightly disappointed by the fabric selection.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlongano Joe is legit... he is Despos without being flashy.
Ok - if you live in Chicago, listen up. Check out "Joe" at "Tails" at 1400 ish N. Wells. Right at Wells and Shiller. This dude is legit. I have used Despos, I think this guy is better. I have had about 4 suits significantly altered by this guy and he is first rate, he can do anything. I spent about an hour talking shop with him today, he was the pattern maker at Oxxford back in the 1970s and for most of the 1980s and 1990s he owned his own shop in the north shore...
I just picked up a pair of chinos from Rugby and they are really great. Better than JCrew IMO - seem to be of as good if not better quality - but the best part is they have a smaller drop/crotch area. For guys with no ass, like me, it makes them fit a lot better.
Haberdash in Old Town is nice - I have picked up some nice stuff at solid discounts.
Yeah, i am usually shocked at the very low level of style in our city. Every once in a while there are some people doing it right - but they are very few and far between.
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