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I'd want Ristos for sure if I was shopping around for shoes. Paying that much for those Addidas is a big LOL
True to size, they got a good fit for me at least.
I've got enough cheesecake, turkey, mash potatoes, and stew to make it to 220lbs.
I've had mine for a few months and wear them a lot. Nothing has changed on the fabric and they still repel water. [[SPOILER]]
Supima longsleeves are awesome.
What happened to the forearm? Squattin every day put too much torque on your elbow and forearm?
Under a dress shirt if it's cold. Shirt at the gym and leggings under sweatpants around the house. Mostly need em when it's 30-40*s and not sunny.
Ah gotcha. Yea I miss the shit out of Florida's sun, use to be tanned as hell from running on the beach.
how you stay so tanned in new york mark?
Damn glad you ok. Car accidents scary
New Posts  All Forums: