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I'm in marketing. I sound like the exact flip flop of you, I really enjoy the communications part. I was a marketing manager for a big name in the technology industry and from my experience your assumptions are party right. It's a lot of automization & technology through Marketo and Salesforce, Marketo and Salesforce constantly looking at your business / website tracking and ranking leads. They both have a ton of analytics built in to nerd out about to prove how your...
Yea, that's what I've been told. I've got a pretty good resume sent to interview ratio. Just feel like I need to find the right position/place. It seems like a lot of places I'm interviewing for don't need to hire right this moment, I'm getting a lot of "it would be nice if we could find someone to do X and X" or "We are looking into moving X position in house".
I got a large coming. I have no idea when it will be delivered though. DHL from Germany to US, was only expecting a few days because when I buy something from Japan through DHL it takes 3 days. But it's been a week.
I've been job searching for about a month now and only gotten interviews. Startin to get a bit worried.
All of the down uniqlo stuff leaks.
fixing my anterior tilt / lordosis took me 2 years. best of luck
I'm expecting the thigh to stretch out too, selvedge and 1% stretch will def bag out.
I was surprised how much stretch it has for sure. Can bring knees to chest and do a full paleo squat.
Measurements on a size 35 was 12" thigh, 10" rise, 15" back rise, 7.5" leg opening. Thigh is a bit smaller than what I usually can do but the stretch is super stretchy so it helps.
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