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Sounds like a good environment Concept. I just started a new gym, it's so much nicer and cleaner but I miss my bros I lifted with already
Damn I've dun fucked up. I've been buying these for full price since I started lifting. A full set from Small to XXL.
That Tila video is raunchy, i was surprised.How bad is it? Did it hurt like crazy during the doctor assessment or only during weight bearing exercises? You're not going to want to hear it but slap tears or lesions are caused by lack of INTERNAL ROTATION in the glenohumeral. Save the money that you would spend on going to doctors rehab and just work on the and strengthen your external rotators and working on your glenohumeral rom. You can learn a lot about this from people...
Cool video thanks.
My girlfriend's mom spoiled me for christmas. She's got a good knack of picking out stuff I could use, along with buying me a new pair of chuck hi's to lift in she sent over a boss microwave and a set of made in spain cooking knives.
Charly what's your shoulder prehab routine? ah that sucks
Everyone who lifts has a slap tear. Waste of money
Charly there's always Carhartt pants and flannels and the sweet release of not caring anymore :P speakers of clothes, i just started wearing boxers again and it's a wonderful life. When you have large quads they don't ride up anymore.
Isn't Zara just shit fast fashion?
^ my jam
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