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I've been lowbar squatting monday, highbar + front squat thursday thinking it would grow my VMO. It did but my thighs also got bigger, so it still doesn't look balanced..
What are your leg measurments though fuji? There's plenty of dudes in my gym that have defined legs like that but they are super slim. I'm 170lbs now and still need a 13" thigh even though my waist is 32-33". Not that my quads are 26", I like a bit of room in my jeans.
I bought a pair of those Uniqlo jeans. maybe if youre a male with a thigh gap then they would fit.
Just buy repro cuts. Sugar Cane 1947s work good. Stay away from stuff like PBJ and other more modern cuts.
I hate spotting people on the bench at my new gym. Most the time they want to do burnout stuff where I'm moving most the weight.
Really, because all it does is inspire me to take steroids.
Taking a PRI class next Tuesday. Super excited.
I got a pair of those today and sadly don't fit. Waist is huge and my quads and calves feel so tight in them. The fabric is really nice though for $39. Wish they made a larger cut in them.
awesome lifting charly
Yea same. High volume makes you eat a shit ton of food.
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