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I get like 6 months out of a Uniqlo flannel. Wish they lasted longer because I do like the price / patterns. But alas I still have old Gitman flannel but all my Uniqlo ones are gone.
Cool, thanks for the info. I'll try those Epaulet, they look nice.
There's a Chrysler Sebring I see around town that has a scoop hood, so personalized :P
Spending money on aftermarket stuff for your car is so stupid. I just cannot understand it and I'm a car guy. Keep that shit clean and keep it mechanically sound. That's more impressive to me than dumb mods that cost hundreds of dollars just to hardly increase performance.
Vrooom. I just put three new coats of wax on my car, so damn shiny. Took me damn forever.
What's that? I have a $20 hammock that I use for a chair / laptop working.
do any of them lift though?
Anyone know how the 12oz white denim used in the jeans stretches? From my experience all denim stretches over time as the raw/rough state breaks down and hips/knees start to bag out. Just wondering if I'll get the stretch I want or If I should seek out a 36x30. If anyone comes across a Slim Straight White Selvedge 36x32 in stores or online hit me up.
That's a solid 200. jealous.
Nah, material is nice. Just fat quads here.
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