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Up for sale is a pair of Red Wing Heritage chukka boots in size 8.5E. They were purchased two weeks ago from the Brooks Brothers Flat Iron shop for $300, I just haven't had a chance to wear them and decide I should sell them. They are awesome Chukkas that are made in USA and Handswen. I thought these shoes ran narrow and would consider the E size to be a regular D. They are in perfect shape and have been sitting with shoe trees inside of them. $13 shipping
Up for sale is a pair of Sugar Cane 1947 one wash in size 36. I purchased these last week and I need a different size. My loss your gain! Only worn around the house. Tags are included but not attached. $7.00 Shipping. Measurements - waist - 36" front rise - 12.5" Back rise - 17.5" Thigh - 13.5" Knee - 10.5" Leg Opening - 9.75
I'm still going for the 1,000lb total in NOV. That's absolutely possible.
Looked at my training and I've been doing it for a year and five months, back then I couldn't even bench or squat because my shoulder was so fucked up but after a few weeks my first real workout was Bench 100lbs, Squat 150lbs, Deadlift 165lbs. I bulked, I cut, I hit 810 total in a meet at 198lbs. Then I started training with Greg and hit an easy 900lb (deadlift was a double too) in the middle of training at 174lbs bodyweight. Anyways, variety is the spice of life guys....
If anyone got those cheap Airisms in Large and wants to sell hit me up. I like them for laying around the house, should have bought more on sale.
fo sho, gonna watch this in a second.
I imagine the bodybuilder doesnt get a lot done.
Oh lordy, pre cut I was like 22%. I'm prob 17% or 16%, who knows
I'm just imagining a really skinny kid with glasses telling him a bunch of stuff he read about on reddit. Cracking me up.
I'd say this cut went really well. I should really get down to 165, if I bought a new set of clothes all in medium I'd look "fit". Waist was 38" when I started and it's now 33.5", had to size down from 36 to 33-34 on my pants but all my large shirts still fit decently. So I'm happy about that. Still look DYEL but after another cut / bulk cycle I think I'll be sitting at a decent place.Happens to everyone that gains weight in their shoulder. It's just a nerve getting...
New Posts  All Forums: