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Isn't there some san fran ppl here? How much do you have to make a year to live there? I'm living very comfortable here. Was considering some employment opportunities in San Fran and the wage offers are attractive, but I'm wondering if like 70% of it will go to rent / house. I live well within my means, I don't like going out to eat and I don't drink so that seems like what most people in san fran spend their money on.
Mhmmm tapering off that 8 months of bodybuilding volume, easy PRs and wayyyyyyyyy leaner at 170lbs. Just doing 3x a week. Monday - Deadlift 5/3/1, Dumbell Press high volume, delts, back abs, biceps Weds - Bench 5/3/1, incline dumbell press high volume, chest, back, tris, abs. Friday - Squat 5/3/1, sumo deadlift, highbar squat, leg extension, biceps, abs.
Loooooool Does he even lift?
Yea, for sure. Everyone seems sick around me.Still got my 5/3/1 reps then went home.
I can't tell if I'm sick or just wrecked from yesterdays workout.
Do futureworks bag out over time / wear? Fit is good right now but if they bag or stretch out it would be no bueno.
Man does this shit look stupid as hell on white desk jockeys.
You bench like 40 lbs over my max squat but i'm a tiny 170lb lifter now
Way to go charly
This year has not been kind to RHET.
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