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ah shoulder already feeling better. Got a squat workout too with my arm in a sling. Safety Squat bar with one hand, worked up to 210 for five reps tried to take 230 and ended up getting stapled to the ground, been awhile since I used that bar and not use to it.
I'd think all the lifting us young people are going to pay off when we are older. I mean you're only going to have one set of knees but id rather lift and increase my bone density and overall posture so when I'm older I have the strength to stay limber. I'd rather blow out my knee squatting 500lbs than picking up a watering can.
Here's some good shit from Eric Cressey Mark, just about training around that strain http://www.ericcressey.com/newsletter169html board presses sound really smart if you gotta bench
Yea. It's super common for impingement there. The same old "having stronger external rotators than internal" applies there and it's an imbalance in most average lifters. Although genetically there's 3 different classes of the AC process, some people just cannot bench with elbows at 90* without impingement. Best to get the imbalances sorted out then decide where your genetics lie. Hit your bent over rows just as hard as bench and try to keep your shoulders down and back...
If you follow your collar bone to the end of your shoulder the stuff that's under it is called the AC process. If that's the area where it sorta hurts then it's sort a bitch area where genetics factor a ton into it.
Gotcha. Sounds to be like a minor strain, if it still hurts in a week though get it checked out.I just take whatever I have around the house, when I first started lifting pain killers at truck stop gas stations were the shit because those had like 400mg a pill in them .
Do you know exactly when you hurt it, like last rep of the bench you felt it tighten up and burn? Or was it something thats just sorta popped up. Sounds to me like front deltoid / labrum area. Numbness and heaviness is nerve. If you put your hurt arm straight our in front of you palm down and try to press up against resistance and it hurts like a motherfucker than that usually means labrum, although TK has said before it's a really miss diagnosed injury.I have nearly the...
Impingement and tendinitis are sorta at both ends of the spectrum. What's going on?Oh and the irony of typing this with my arm in a sling. I've had two people who have elite totals tell me in real life that I need to do eccentric benching because I have a weak back. It was either the lope sided bench or that I attacked a weakness too hard on the first day of trying it.
Nice, good luck. I was 195lbs, I'm 186lbs and hoping to post up a decent total this year at a meet. Shooting for 1,000.
I train like a powerlifter and have done one meet, but I'm no where near competitive so bodybuilding / general well being is important too.
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