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So since +J didn't bring back the shawl collard cardigan anyone got recommendations for something similar? I really liked the brown color and also liked that the shawl wasn't super large and I could wear it popped up and it stayed up. Also I'm not paying $600 for a knit.
I need some ideas for lunches that don't need to be microwaved and can be eaten cold. Getting tired of sandwiches. Need to his around 48g protien, 33g fat, 33g carbs. Help much appreciated.
i lift raw squat club
During training I intake 40% of my allotted carbs for the day. So go ham with it.
I haven't used my Inzer belt regularly in like 6 months. I'll take it to the gym with me every once in awhile out of habit but I barely use it.That RP book I sent you goes into it and sites references. I've been doing it for so long but I remember when I first went over to intra workout shake I noticed my nervous system never got shot during a workout, like I could go and go and at the end it was muscle fatigue that would stop me. But never like nerves and I would never...
I'd only use them on airplane flights, can't stand the constant sound of the air conditioning and engine.
I hate getting poop butt after squatting.
Bose just wins hands down in noise cancellation. I can get those PSB for like $10 cheaper than the bose, but I still go with the bose.
Sorry to hear about that mang. Good luck in the job search.
RP has had me doing intra workout shakes for awhile. Carb contents change if I'm cutting or bulking but right now it's; Gotorade mix 129g carbs, 45g protein unflavored, leucine, creatine. Drink during workout. It works and is cheap as hell, i usually do like 80% gotorade and 20% dextrose to make it even cheaper.
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