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I'd like to see some faded CPO. Been wearing mine a bunch.
Yea both Greg and RP have raised their prices. I guess supply and demand.
Okay, this is the guy that wrote my diet. And he probably wouldn't have me bulk for so long, but thats a personal decision.
I got Greg when he was super cheap. Diet was gotten about a year ago and I've been able to adapt it to fit whatever needs I need, was a one time thing.
I lowbar and highbar. I think lifters should train both. I'll lowbar my main sets because like most people I can lift more with lowbar, but then I will do highbar with 230 as accessory to work the quads and it also helps a lot with my lowbar form. So something like lowbar 290 x 5, highbar 230 x 8. I try to keep them close.This is the dude that writes my diet. He's super knowledgeable and this series has a ton of great information.
You watch the Russian v USA?
Charly for your main lift cycles, are you ever in the 8-10 rep range? Or do you mostly stick to 3-5 reps, for squat, bench, dead.
Yea, this stuff really interests me. Maybe I'll pay up and have Knuckols make my next 3 month schedule something like this. I could see peaking being very effective with this, like you mentioned, all that time ingraining good form and speed while also not beating the shit out of your body.
Thought Concept and Jarude might find this interesting, related to training frequency in Norwegian lifters. (If you haven't already seen it) http://gregnuckols.com/2014/02/18/high-frequency-training-for-a-bigger-total-research-on-highly-trained-norwegian-powerlifters/ I'm sort of interesting in this.. I don't like switching programs but it seems like a great way to build technique like olympic lifters.
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