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Yea, for sure. Job security and money is way more important than gym shit anyways.
Goodluck fuji. My friend graduated from Harvard and had a really good physique, knew him all through highschool when he wrestled then he did bodybuilding for a bit then he did olympic lifting with me. Had a monster snatch and clean and jerk while also looking beefy as hell. Did his internship and is now promoted to a good position at some firm. Anyways, that extra bulk is now slowly turning to extra fat and he posts pictures of him reading banking books while in the gym...
Jarude I uploaded this to my onedrive, you should try it for your elbow. I'm not sure how long it will stay up for https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=c67c003091d085f3&id=C67C003091D085F3%211771&ithint=video,.avi&authkey=!AJbMeziG7IjlQhI
That's insane. I eat out once on lifting days and usually once Sat and Sun, which is pricey but I eat 6 meals a day. So Cooking that much food is sorta a pain in the ass.
Yea, for sure. I've learned my lesson about trying to change girlfriends behaviors. She's tried to change her eating habits, usually makes a good 1-2 week attempt then something crazy at work happens and she's doing 55-60 hour weeks and her free time is mostly spent un-winding. Which I can't really relate to, but understand how cooking for yourself might be hard at that point.dem crossfit gals are specimens and they know it.
RHET my girlfriend eats like a 16 year old and it's sorta driving me crazy. I try to explain to her that eating out all the time is expensive and that when she eats at home it's mostly junk food, even hit her with the your doing fine right now doing this because you are young but once you hit 26+ you're going to get skinny fat with diabetes. I was thinking of getting her books, but not sure if she would like the science stuff. I'm actually thinking of just having her chip...
What's their programming like there?
Hah. Yea they have a full team of interns that have NSCA/CSCS certifications that coach then a team of interns that seem like students who just clean. Place is legit. Not one coach has tried to sell me on some sort of personal training either (even though I could def use some), they just chit chat with me and let me do my shit. For $65 a month it's amazing.A lot better than the gym that are in my old lift videos, with the sketchy ass squat platforms with holes in it.
New gym I go to has T-shirts with the image of the highbar squat out of starting strength with "Crossfit total" written under it. I'm not sure if this is for comedic effect, didn't want to be like hey thats the diagram in starting strength but it's funny because that's the one he uses to show how not to squat. But I'm not also sure if it's suppose to be a funny shirt. Seriously though it's the best gym I've ever been to. My favorite thing is how damn clean it is, every...
everytime i hurt myself i just go through eric cressey's assess and correct, I will always find something that's way harder than it should be. so i'll do that for 3 weeks or so and then i feel better.
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