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Well I wear size 33 pants. I can see myself eventually being a true 33 after another year of training or so.
Genetics. My upperbody is shaped like a Barrel, very short and squished.
It's all done. It went great. Started Febish ended Mayish. Went from 200lbs to 173lbs, 38" waist to 34" waist. Squat went up like 42lbs, Deadlift went up 59lbs, Bench 35lbs. I had Greg doing my programming at that time and Knucks doing the diet so everything was in order. I'm still 174lbs, not crazy lean really but there's a good drop from my shoulders to waist now. Best part is not having a fat face. So I'll lift at my meet180-181lbs.Yea, I have dumbells. True, I can....
Ripped my shorts in half at the bottom of the squat today. That 3 second down count is a lot of stress on the seams I guess. So meet is 18 weeks out. Going to do 6 more weeks of 5x week bodybuilding volume, still PL focused because I have no machiens or pulleys at my gym so I'm pretty limited on what I can do for the bodybuilding movements. Then I do 12 weeks of Ed Coans peak routine. I even get to gain 10lbs.
Most people here have been training for like 2 years.
Meet is going to be Nov 1, time to devise a plan I guess. I like being 175-185 but it would be sweet to puff up to 198lbs or so, then just loose 10 lbs after the meet. I think I'm just going to take my #s I did last year and add 50lbs to the squat, 50lbs to dead, 35lbs to bench and work backwards from there.
Yea, most legit bodybuilders are strong.
When you ask a bodybuilding who's pretty big his max lifts, they always give you numbers that would equal top 10 totals right now.
Price drop. I've had a few offers at this price on ebay, but get it here so I don't get hit with fees.
Isn't mostly "looking good" diet related?
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