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Been waiting on restock of the Slim Fit Stretch pants. I guessed they had them in store (although with a different SKU) because someone is flipping them on Ebay for double the price. Suddenlee still backed, weather was probably super shitty in NYC this week and I wasn't expecting a fast response. But they found the jeans, took some picture for me, and even got them hemmed. They charged me price of item + $11.50 which is pretty damn good considering that included shipping.I...
I had to proxy something from Uniqlo through Suddenlee. Feels like it's four years ago.
Yes, plastic has a low toxicity, but they put additives in it to make have wanted characteristics. Also the monomers used in manufacturing the main polymer. All this stuff decomposes differently when under heat.Plastic makes it possible. It's in clothes and bed sheets. Poison is in the dose, so I'd rather just avoid it when I can.
whatever, I'm glad you feel that way, but I don't want plastic anywhere near my food if I can help it.
Plastic makes it possible
I don't even eat, store, or drink out of plastic.
such an ugly car
You put that Magic Move when hair is wet or dry? I'll give it a shot.
I'm all about kitchen gadgets right now. Been slowly upgrading to nicer stuff. Don't really have much appliance type stuff though. Got a nice microwave, a metal oyster blender, a crock pot which I fuckin hate (low setting is WAY too hot), and a rice cooker. Sous Vide, why? Cooking shit in plastic seems horrible. I eat like 2 lbs of meat a day, if it all came out of a cooked plastic bag I'd have dick cancer in a week. But for your fancy style of cooking, I could see you...
Gotcha, cool. I might actually get a medium then. I'm 5'7 190lbs right now but chest only 41" or so, and I'm about to cut 15lbs.
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