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I've been doing like 5g of creatine in my shake for the two years I've lifted straight. Don't think you need to cycle off of it? It's in like meat and shit and you're probably not getting enough of it anyways.
It's cold and miserable outside but somehow buying s/s stuff makes me feel better. It probably won't fit.
This is .25" slimmer on the skinny fit tapered vs slim tapered stretch in size 34 for me.
The $50 skinny fit tapered are practically the same cut but with higher quality fabric.
Ok, awesome. That will work perfectly for me then. I need to eventually pick up the raw, the lightwash is the best.
do the pure blue japan loose fit tapered stretch out a lil bit? Sized down to a 34 and the fit is damn spot on. Could use just a tad bit of stretching in the thigh and ass area, but if not it's ok. These are like the perfect cut for me. I wish they did a washed out black pair.
I like weighed myself immediately when I got home from the gym, don't really have mirrors at my house but kept catching a glimpse of myself at the gym. I was thinking Oh Shit, did I cut cals too much.It's that and it's also funny / sad how much noticeable shoulders and bicep growth is after tapering off a strength routine and going into higher volume bodybuilding split.
Got a haircut, looks like my bodyfat dropped by 2% just from having a close cut. Man I miss my old gym. Good memories even though I sort of hated it at the time. It was so damn relaxing of a place, it was just like hanging out with the dudes listening to old rock while lifting weights. globo gyms are a shit show after work.
Ah, yes. That reminds me I need to finish it. Got the the Needles M-65 and was like holy shit I need this.
damn the colors i wanted sold out already, people going ham on these Supima.
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