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Minimalism can be a slippery slope for me as free time is a currency where when I have it I want to spend it maximizing my enjoyment. Which means I want everything I have to be nice enough where It's within reach, easy to use, and lasts. However when I find myself curating and organizing my minimal life on my free time, that's when it feels like a problem.
I feel like all my outerwear is too small. If I take a 17" shoulder and 21" chest in button downs, should I just add 1" to each measurement and that's probably where I'm at? I don't layer beyond 2 pieces, not cold enough here.
I want that natural colored clothes rack in that article.. It would fit all my summer clothes nice.
Which ones? They got like four different kinds on the website.
Theres an Isaora jacket at my local thrift in size small for $98. Made in USA, lots of pockets (has water proof chest zippers like a MMM five zip and front hand pockets like a Barbour). Seems like it would travel well. I went after the gym so it looks right on me, hah so functional.
I'll use some vegan protein powder to boost my lean protein intake on some days. That's after eating three full meals. Then vit D when I can't get outside for 30mins that day.
Made in USA brooks brothers thick oxford a buy at $15? I passed as I like my Steven Alan ocbd. .
Gotcha, thanks!
Anyone seen these in person? Oversized crews in looks like a waffle knit.They so oversized you might want to size down?
Jonathan Adler furniture stuff any decent? Found a zebra shaped rug that has a hounds tooth pattern I like on craigslist...
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