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In a globo gym is it even worth helping out the kids doing strong lifts / starting strength? Or should I just keep my mouth shut. For some reason there's loads of kids doing stronglifts 5x5 or starting strength with god awful form. I worked in with some dude who was squatting, I had to do front rack shrugs, his knees were caving like crazy at the bottom and I gave him a tip. But wasn't sure if I was being annoying. There was also some dude "cleaning" 50lbs and he was a...
I need to watch that bench video and track down the grip width.
Yup, you def do from seeing your videos. I agree, It's so hard to break a movement after doing it for a year or more because all those muscles that support the movement are strong. Here's just a little information that might help -When I had Greg Nuckols he told me I need to strengthen my quads and glutes. I said OK and did a ton of stepups, highbar squats, paused front squats etc. My quads and glutes did get stronger and it took me to 300lb squat but at that point I was...
Charly did you just dump a bunch of old videos on youtube? I had a squat PR today, 300 x 8 weighed in at 176lbs. Applying what I learned from PRI and Chris Duffin. Still not correct looking how I'd like it though. I don't get how lifters like Charly and Chris Duffin can keep their back and upper back neutral under heavy loads lowbar. I'm on the right track though, just need to strengthen quads and core more.
That Kapital stuff looks super slim.. Not for me but I like the colors.
If it's hard then its probably worth sticking with!
smart man!
Bought those nike shoes then some rugby shorts.. Found a brand of rugby shorts that is made in Canada with some cotton twill, stepping up my gym wear.
LG seems like a joke to me. Isn't that dude well under 200lbs? I'd rather take my diet advice from someone 240+ and that lean. Also the only people I know who have tried LG are internet neck beards that are super weak and out of shape.
RRL and Gustin.. bottom of the barrel. Even though I like RRL. Although my friend says Tellason are quality and good for people with big thighs, he wears them often.
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