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Will eastdane do any further drops (currently sale + 30%) , eyeing two things but there's lots of stock for them.
Oh cool, didn't know Seiko did some matte options. Will try to look for that.
don't know much about watches but i like mine simple and small. this 25mm steven alan watch i tried in store, i liked, i can get it on sale now. i have no idea if the matte staineless steel will be chipped and scratched to hell i within a year.
Anyone seen Filson backpacks on sale? Even if its just a little off.
Do the regular cotton sweatpants (10% poly) stretch / bag out a ton?
Crew looked real dumb on me. I'm on to fence about stocking up on heattech vs merino wool. I gotta use a laundromat and heattech gets me about 2-3 days before washing vs merino almost week.
Van Veen you checkout spider gym or whatever its called in the area yet? Pretty awesome gym.
Greats look good. My problem is I'm a wide size and most companies dont do wide sizes
I have some 990s that I love but are super dad. Really not going for the dad look but lifting beats up my feet and posture / hip health is important to me so I gravitate towards New Balances because they really are wonderful at keeping everything healthy.
It does, folds down like a club collar well. I usually keep it up though cause if I'm wearing it I'm cold!
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