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Price drop
I've stopped using a belt on deadlifts. But when I do high rep squats anything 12-15 I have to use a belt, my lower back get a huge pump during these sets anways. I hear this is a common complaint on high rep squats, depending on leveradges.
I hate reddit or bodybuilding forum, so maybe I'm late on this. But NGT was built
Yea, that sounds like a deal breaker. I'm looking for something cheap, a starter home I guess. The crime rate in my town is some sort of record breaking low and law enforcement are the highest paid in North Carolina here. Something like a 130k house is actually in a quaint and nice neighborhood. Plus I'd charge my girlfriend rent which would go into my mortgage.
Bah NYC trip put on hold. Sorta thinking of buying a house. Tired of throwing out $15k plus a year in rent, when I have the savings for a down payment. Living with my friend in his new house makes me want my own..
Bah. I might wait then. I wana walk around with friends get my shop, food and drink on.
NY decent to visit from July to Aug? Or should I wait for it to cool down a bit? I'm usually up there in NOV
What's your guys go to stuff at Taco Bell? There's a really good one down the street, been going there alot. But I've been sticking to my usual shredded chicken taco x2 and bean burrito.
Since I'm not doing a meet this year I guess I'll make my goal to squat 350 beltless and pull 400 beltless at 175lbs.
I sold my guitar and amp. Gave up the dream
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