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Ah darn, I was looking at those lemair tees.yea supimas are not bad bit the arms pull a bit for me.
What T shirts do you guys like (haha T shirts tank tops all day brug). Been a pain in the ass this year as most of all Ts pull a ton in the chest and biceps. Uniqlo Supima do OK, but I get real bored of plain supima T shirts after a bit.
Classic Allen Edmonds Park Ave. shoe for sale. Can be dressed up or down, pretty good staple wardrobe shoe. I purchased from Nordstrom and worn about 6x, stored in shoe bags with shoe trees its whole life.
Velva Sheen x Steven Alan Pigment Dyed Tees Small x 2 NWT Pit 17.75" Shoulder 15.5" Length 25"
Ok cool, type 3 prob for me. Where to buy on sale? Haah
I do like my Geller denim jacket with a lil stretch. What shops online are a good stockist for Geller? And is there multiple cuts? My thighs def shrunk, I'm 156lbs now but still require athletic thigh cut.
What are some of the better stretch jeans? I like my APC PS but I'm getting old and need some stretch haha. I tried to APC stretch, Acne, and Uniqlo and the denim feels like paper. I was looking at Bonobos but figured I have better options that I dont know of. Essentially I'd like a minimal pant ala our legacy or APC with some stretch that have a decent weight/quality to the denim
What are the good plain toe bluchers with a chunky running type sole? I know Prada and Jill sander have some but out of my price range.
Anyone else got an east Dane code? Ty
Ok, how much was it?
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