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Edit: jean hanging, nvm I see there was a kick starter for some nice Jean hangers. These should work. I pee like 1,000x a day. I'm always drinking water. I like being hydrated to the max.
You dudes hang your jeans on a hanger, fold em then put in closet or what? I use to just hang them over a hanger with a middle bar. But my new closet sort of doesn't have room for this. Was gonna fold and put on a shelf but the shelfs are wire and leave indentations of rack on my clothes.. (and no this isn't 2008 where we put our rawr denim on the wall like a piece of art)
You're lean. What so you eat all day? Salads and chicken? I had two subway sub's and a bunch of brownies yesterday. I'm about to start cutting cals for summer tho. Maybe another month.
Servers are assholes. I remember my first marketing job out if school I was doing like everything and anything as my job cause it was my first. They sent me to go pickup "crate" which was like a 250lb computer. I used my skateboard. To roll it to my car.
I don't think there's a motherboard that supports 1TB of ram? Every 3 years I build a computer with whatever the best available and I am not even close to that much ram. I still do 16GB.
Cool, I got the military shirt coming. That and a white soft touch t should be comfy
That dude is not 12% bodyfat. More like 21%
1TB of RAM would be insane.
I've got $40 credit at ervell's webstore I'd sell for $30. I was sitting on it, but daddy needs some money.
That's why we are de-fubding planned parenthood. Need more small hands to sew our garments.Couldn't resist. But yes, I do see your point. Would need some heavy Infastructure. Which makes me wonder, if they got to build it they might as well build it automated with robots as maintaining machines now a days got to be cheaper than paying humans...
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