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Oh, haha.
My whole lumbar spine on my left side is a big bruise. Think I went a bit over board the past few days with the lacrosse ball, but it feels amazing to work that area since I've been neglecting it so long. Pulled 315 for a fast four, then did some beltless work, pause front squats, and step ups. No complaints from the back or hip. GungGung is a sweet name.
Ok cool. Maybe I'll do a more drastic cut / bulk after doing these mini ones for awhile.
Teekay for bulk/cut cycle. Is 175lbs-187lbs enough? That would be 4 months bulk / cut cycle at 1 lb a week, 3 months of cutting or bulking than a month of maintenance. So I could potentially get 3 cycles in a year and slowly raising LBM. That would be a good weight for me too, I can hang around 187 prior to my meets then taper back to a 182 or for meet day.
Hahah, that show looks good
Bought new at Tate and Yoko. Worn about 3 times. http://shop.tateandyoko.com/products/naked-famous-regular-guy-selvedge-duck Measurements - Waist - 34" F. Rise - 11.75" Thigh - 13.25" Knee - 10" Leg Opening - 9" Inseam 33"
Damn, I'd love to meet the dude. I love the shit he says in that DVD, my friend and I use to quote it while we lifted and laugh.
Just wondering if there was anyone else who wore a lot of these. The past year or two it seems like they have changed the fabric and also the collar is larger, they use to be pretty sheer and light now they are a heavy cotton that sorta pills. Anyone else notice this? I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on something similar to past alternative apparel ts, looking for a fit that's probably too short and wide for most people.
Mark download Bryan Kest Power Yoga DVD from a torrent website. It's the best Yoga, fuck everything else. It's hard and will make your lifts better. Also he's the god damned man
You learn something new every day! Grammar is very important
New Posts  All Forums: