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blasted my delts yesterday and they not even sore ; ;
uniqlo jeans are pretty good, but I'm not really picky
Started bodybuilding volume today. Friend wrote my some Monday chest bi, Tuesday legs, Thursday back, Friday shoulders and tris. I think ill stagger my week areas like biceps and delta throughout other workouts to get that overall volume in.
Gotcha, looks decent. FWIW Uniqlo loose tapers are $50 and selvedge.
I wish Mike would go more into bodybuilding. He rarely writes about it, it's all related to powerlifting and stuff. I guess that gets more clicks in the circles he is in. But from what I gather he probably programs bodybuilding really close to powerlifting, big dumbell movements for more reps while increasing weight over time, except the competition phase.
This is something I'd be interested in. What does CT mean, read their marketing and didn't see it. Eh $78, i'm done buying jeans over $50.
but i look so much cooler when i use kettlebells at the gym, I'm like some mysterious guy that could be from motherland russia. I think every male #1 health goal should be to increase muscle mass over time while lower bodyfat. Your goal is dumb. (at the same time I'm happy you have something you like) because that #1 goal will just lead to a life time of letdowns.
just don't mention rice cookers
There's like one of us who actually lifts here (Charly), maybe two if you count tesseract but that's debatable.
Yup, you were right. Although Americana seems to have broken through to a whole new crowd, look what Hollister / American Eagle is doing. It's probably bigger than it ever was.
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