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Concept what do you think about shit like Outlier? They use to do some pretty large cuts with tapers, I'm a bit fan because jeans and even cotton twill is so restricting. Like if I wear pants sitting down all day my hips get into such a funky position, but If i wear Outlier pants or any tech pants I can keep my hips neutral. Had an interview today at my dream job. Really, really hopeful. I have a skill assessment excessive to get done this week.
Thanks, will shit that is at like 40% and has a full size run eventually get to 75%?
Anyone got some good links about doing a capsule wardrobe? I've always kept the basics but I never had any pre-defined rules which has sort of allowed me to stray and buy shit I don't really need or want. I also never really tried to color code it although everything I buy is either black/blue/grey/green. Thanks in advance.
Gotcha, thanks. I heard the Futureworks new run is super slim. Anyone notice this too?
Yea, I make chipotle now since I was literally going every day. Costs like $5 a burritto and I make it with sirlion.
I'm not doing cardio. I'll eat more.
I know right >.
Good prices on Filson if that's your thing.
fair enough
Yea, I'm eating about 100g of protein powder a day as it is. I eat the same thing every day, so this is what my diet looks like, maybe some people can find extra ways for some good cals. So I always have these structured meals and throughout the day I'll snack a bit on peanuts, a slice of pizza, maybe an extra meal if it's free or out with friends, or candy from friends. When I start to cut I will cushion carbs more strongly around workouts.Breakfast - 5-6 eggs, 1 cup...
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