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I want to get a massage but I think it's dumb that you sorta have to tip.
35 miles jesus
Ah ok, I went with the double ply one. Think that's a good in between.
Wow, they really do make triple ply knee sleeves. What to you guess you get out of them? 25-40lbs? and dumb question but will using tripple ply knee sleeves make my VMO smaller.
Link me some heavy ass knee sleeves, I'll use those. Not like I'm going to do a meet anytime soon.
Oh yea, that was a miss type. I call them Silent but Deadly. like the fart
Id like to get my master in marketing eventually.
Yea, nothing in the lost and found. Maybe a worker found it put it by his desk, ill ask around everytime I'm in there.
Also fuck rich people. I lifted with straight up criminals at Powerhouse and not one thing was stolen from me. Now I'm at this swanky ass gym that costs way too much per month and has marble everywhere but a playas gotta steal a pair of sweaty knee sleeves. Also fuck the gym in general, how can you have a CSCS but not know what a knee sleeve is.
Yup they are gone. sonofabitch. whats the cheapest place to get SPD from?
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