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Ok gotcha, thought the made in UK were leather lined or something.
What's the best doc martins to get, low top for summer? Guessing some made in UK ones? Engineered garments ones just a lil too expensive for me.
I've always wanted to just chill on legs and have an awesome taper. But I just like doing legs a d lower back too much. Right now my chest is 40" arms are 14.75" and waist is 31". Best shape I've been it but would be cool if my waist was like 29 and everything else stayed the same lol.
I don't think they can sell it online. They had a ton.
Man are Dries basics super nice. Went to Need Supply today and they had a few things on deep discount, got a shirt and a raglan sweatshirt for under $90. Now I want more.
Oh wow 14" yea that's hard. I need like a 12" w/ stretch fabric and a 12.75 non stretch.
Yea jaybirds are perfect for the gym. Great mix of ease of use, comfort, durability, and sound quality. I've been using them since their first model.
Cool, thanks.
That pretty much cements my earlier comments that all my outterwear is too small. I need a Medium or Large in bedford.
Naked and Famous Easy Guy, Unbranded UB601, 3Sixteen XT 100x, Japan Blue High Tapers. I'm currently wearing a pair of Naked and Famous Easy Guys, pretty good cut. They have stretch and are comfortable.
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