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Goodluck. I got a big day tomorrow too @_@ so much pressure
Thanks, got a crescent down works x reigning champ vest. Replacing my Uniqlo vest, should be a decent upgrade.
Brand new with tags
but bro this henley is dipped in indigo.
Damn that's some cheap isaora type shit right there, I like it. Are they any heavy? I can only wear sweats in public if they are a bit heavy.
I got a black chore coat in Medium that I'd trade for a chore coat in Large.
I'd be pretty upset if my girlfriend wanted to put a treadmill in our place. 30lbs loss is awesome, she probably put a bit back on because that's a lot of weight! two plate bench, what's your rep PR right now? my bench goes up so slow, but progress is progress. I can do 4 x 10 with my 1RM from last year, that's progress but still my worst lift.
My life motto: Spend monday, spend money tomorrow.
Concept what do you think about shit like Outlier? They use to do some pretty large cuts with tapers, I'm a bit fan because jeans and even cotton twill is so restricting. Like if I wear pants sitting down all day my hips get into such a funky position, but If i wear Outlier pants or any tech pants I can keep my hips neutral. Had an interview today at my dream job. Really, really hopeful. I have a skill assessment excessive to get done this week.
Thanks, will shit that is at like 40% and has a full size run eventually get to 75%?
New Posts  All Forums: