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Not exactly sure what's going on in this thread but who do I have to pay to get this -
All this leather jacket talk and here I am as someone who has never owned a leather jacket. I'd like one but they are expensive, I guess I'm a struggling kid. What's a good starter leather? I wear white shirt and jawns nearly every day so think a leather would go good with what I wear.
This is the brand new models for 2014 Bose QuietComfort 25. Hands down the best traveling headphones. I've opened them and decided I want to go with a more expensive bluetooth model. It comes with everything mint. Save some money and get them here. $298 shipped.
Want to kop PBJ jawns but waiting for another price drop..
My order shipped out Saturday. Still salty about that leather jacket.
I'll kill you one day for taking that out of my cart.
Filson makes some good shirts. Never tried them on before but surprised that medium fit me good. I usually have to size up to large or XL in most brands.
Yea def not.
Mine shipped. Got this folk nix jacket and some gitman. No idea if this folk jacket is cool or if I just bought a strictly rain jacket, I got my Patagonia torrentshell for that. I did like the colors though.
Hook me up with a medium duffle in black at that discount plzzzz. Oh nvm I have a black duffle in small which I use. Medium traveler is what i want. That comes in black
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