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Purchased at Unionmade. Never worn. It's more of an electric blue, awesome oxford.
Never worn. Awesome color and fabric.
Up for sale is a Everlane Backpack in Grey. It was part of the first run. It's in great condition although the right shoulder strap has come undone a bit, nothing you couldn't stitch back yourself. I have attached pictures to see.
Don't you find that boxer briefs end up turning into thongs if you have big quads? I don't really wear tight pants so that probably helps. Boxer briefs and briefs are cut so small now adays because everyone sits on their ass all day and has zero glutes because of it.
Lands End boxers are my jam. Tried a bunch of stuff and landed on those. I'm probably the only one still wearing boxers.
Christ, what a morbid way to go. RIP
Meh, I don't fuck with polyester in my underwear. So I pass on most Uniqlo underoos.
I think the black runs smaller than the indigo too. But my indigo one is like three years old. I have a back built like a ninja turtle, so if the L fits me I'd think someone with a 42" chest would be a large too. But alas chore coats look good oversized anyways.
TYea, I can fit into a medium. I have pictures of it, but it's too small.
I'm a 40" chest and fit into a Large. That's an insane price, tempted to buy another color but I like to keep a small wardrobe.
New Posts  All Forums: