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Yea fuji I forget you have great muscle separation in your legs. You should only wear shorts with 7" inseams to show off dem wheels though.
most the people he posts have that look. I think that's part of the desired look, upside down triangle. Like no girl is going to be omg your legs are so BIG.
Yea, you would. I hear ya, fuck it enjoy life. Only like a small amount of people will even notice that you dropped 4% bodyfat or whatever.
you ever get shredded tesseract? seems like you mostly hang around that bodyfat, looking good doe
imma be aesthetics one day even though I'm 5'7" with terrible bone structure. I'll just pray to the manlet god Columbu
Large? Dunno when I buy from Uniqlo I buy everything in a medium and a large, fuck it it's like $7 to return something.
Damn I couldn't image it being any warmer. I got the black and wore a Henley underneath it in 17 degrees and was warm. I'm 5'8" 187lbs went with a large.
Ctk I know that guy and he's suck a freak its not even remotely possible for like 99.99999% of population
No one does jerk to fs. Do cleans to fs
blasted my delts yesterday and they not even sore ; ;
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