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Yea, chest is monday. I should prob hit a lil chest on Thurs too then.
Did em Monday 5 x 10 and it was overhead press day today. Felt good but I think the problem with incline bench is my chest is way weaker than delts and traps, so chest is done 4 reps in then everything else takes over. But incline bench is a big focus this cycle.
:P I did overhead press partials off my chest to get the top of my pecs worked. What have I become..
OH man luck you. you get to deal with young drunk millennials.
Haha awesome
The more jacked I look the more I like fancy clothes
Nothing wrong with levis. but graphic tees, common!
Do you have two wardrobes or something? One at end of bulk and one at end of cut
What happened to your back?
Hey Tigerprawn can you post that deadlift video again? I want to see it since I know you're quad dominant. 2014 is my focusing on my anterior chain; abs, chesticles, front delts, quads.
New Posts  All Forums: