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Are restoration hardware bath robes any good? Was unpacking my car and forgot I bought 3 last week for valentines day gift to my mom/gf/sister.
Up for sale is a pair of brand new size 30 with a 31" inseam in JB0625 13.5oz Sulphur Dyed Selvedge Denim in Indigo/Indigo - High Tapered. These are awesome pants for someone who has athletic legs. I accidently bought two pairs. Info from Blue Owl and measurments are accurate. $90 + $10 shipping http://www.blueowl.us/products/jb0625-13-5oz-sulphur-dyed-selvedge-denim-in-indigo-indigo-high-tapered?variant=11050325505
What are some good plastic shoe trees for leather sneakers?
I've gone full on bodybuilding for awhile now but still doing the big compound lifts, just higher reps. Been at 165 lbs for a few months now. It's sort of fun not killing yourself under the weight and attention from girls has crazy increased.
Trying to figure this out. I work for a US company that has a London Branch. Turns out it's pretty darn hard to get a work visa in London (have to be special skills which means making over 120k pounds a year). So I was considering since my position is remote I can travel in London while working. My concern is what happens with my US health insurance, since I will be still paid in USD and paying to my health insurance. Just figured I'd try asking here..
Thanks. Trying to buy loafers for my girlfriend.. at checkout but cannot select shipping. Anyone else?
Realized tonight I got back into fashion hard after falling out for 2 years or so. Was thinking hmm I'm wearing Geller/Our Legacy/Our Legacy/MMM. Probably because I've gone from 210lbs to 160lbs. Don't really want to wear baggy workwear anymore.
Ah, right Ok. Would like something high quality leather.
Thats a great price. First lined bag I've seen under $300. Wonder how the quality, never heard of brand before .
Well then someone help me find a simple leather weekender on sale.. would love to replace my filson duffle. $500 da budget Also shouldn't a weekend bag absolutely be lined? Suedes gonna pill all over everything.. http://www.mrporter.com/mens/mulberry/clipper-leather-holdall/365727?ppv=2
New Posts  All Forums: