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Jarude show me a Musculocutaneous nerve compression floss.Don't stretch your hamstrings, they feel tight because they are weak. Work them out. No one should ever stretch hamstrings, ever.
Does he even lift though? :P
Thanks concept. Ill give that stuff a shot.
Damn, charly so stronk. Changed some shit in my squat form; keeping my ribs way down, head up, and trying to keep my tailbone tucked. 295 x 3 weighing 170, usually trian beltless but was practicing with a belt because once I put it on I seem to want to go back to bad habits.
think calves are mainly genetic? I've never trained them but mine are large just from doing leg shit.
No shit. I came to the conclusion that size 36 in white selvedge slim straight didn't exist after searching for a few months. Was bored and checked the website and they have them, also 25% off further from there. Got the fleece pullover sweater and a ribbed pullover shirt too for stupid cheap. Good stuff.
I have 1 pair of Sugar Canes. I wear them when they are baggy as hell during my cut and also tight as hell during my bulk.
Someone told me what I have here would cost me about 6-8k / month in the bay.
Isn't there some san fran ppl here? How much do you have to make a year to live there? I'm living very comfortable here. Was considering some employment opportunities in San Fran and the wage offers are attractive, but I'm wondering if like 70% of it will go to rent / house. I live well within my means, I don't like going out to eat and I don't drink so that seems like what most people in san fran spend their money on.
Mhmmm tapering off that 8 months of bodybuilding volume, easy PRs and wayyyyyyyyy leaner at 170lbs. Just doing 3x a week. Monday - Deadlift 5/3/1, Dumbell Press high volume, delts, back abs, biceps Weds - Bench 5/3/1, incline dumbell press high volume, chest, back, tris, abs. Friday - Squat 5/3/1, sumo deadlift, highbar squat, leg extension, biceps, abs.
New Posts  All Forums: