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What's your routine, if your goal is strength it should be taking you to new weight PRs.
It's just the way I like to train. I honestly can't remember if I've ever failed a 1RM. I let my training tell me when it's time to do that and I do it, otherwise its 2-5 rep PRS on heavy weight. I think there's a lot of successful powerlifters that max out a ton, but I just find this a better way to train.I'm sorta salty that my best total right now is in the middle of training. I should have taken 10 weeks and properly peaked and gotten a decent total, but I wanted to go...
I took this week off of lifting just to chill.All my little injuries hurt a lot more. I notice that often, when I take a bit off everything hurts more. Maybe because I'm not stretching and shit.
As little as possible. Like 1-3x a year.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea but I sorta want to leave my training log at home now that i"m doing bodybuilding. I've always had a notebook with me during my workouts where I track everything. Now that I'm sorta going for the pump I sorta just want to go by dem feels.That sucks sorry.
How slim are RRL white jeans? I need like 34" waist with a 12.5" thigh, don't think that's going to happen with RRL.
Running does seem terrible. There's a guy here that has a 4:15 mile, squats 700, and pulls 800+. Not really sure how he manages that.
Good point, I can get in and out in just over an hour now.Yea, fair enough. I just feel like my knees and back are going to explode in the middle of high rep squat sets, also draining.
I now see why good bodybuilders tend to have a friend working out with them yelling at them between their reps. It's miserable and between reps on 15+ squats I just want to go home. I need to find people to train with.
Price drop
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