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I'm going to be Popeye. Mostly because I've been wearing white pants and a RRL sailor hat for the past few months. Figure I could get anchor tattoos, a pipe, and a beer kooze that says SPINACH.. I'm set up to have an amazing weekend. It's also F1 race weekend in America.
Yea, I've given up LP. Don't have time for that sort of dedication. Doing a 3 day a week full body split daily DUP. Just gradual PRs, fine with me. I'm to the point where putting an extra 150-200lbs on my total would require a TON of effort and not a lot of payback.
Anyone had a job where they traveled a lot and what it did to #gains? As long as I can get in the gym 2 or 3 days a week to do a full body split and eat healthy the rest of the week I think all will be OK.
Those big wireless Beats By Dre headphones is such a stupid look in the gym.
I think the black stuff is pretty ace, very black ops. I have the small duffle in black, the plain duffle without leather. Matter of fact I'm sitting here wondering if this will be enough for my trip next week or if I should finally invest in larger luggage. Or continue living the traveling extremely light life.
Anyone wanna buy discounted double ply knee sleeves in XXXL brand new in package? Accidentally got two pairs. These are them - http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Crusher-Knee-Elbow-Sleeves/dp/B00BGCTC6O
Hah true, lots of opportunities there. Mines like 2x a week maybe.
Anyone else have a personal policy where they dont turn down free food? Whether I'm bulking or cutting, doesn't matter free cals is free cals.
I want to get a massage but I think it's dumb that you sorta have to tip.
35 miles jesus
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