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Damn. I'm stuck with a $200 store credit in blue owl. Is this something that I can put in the marketplace and someone might buy it for $180 or whatever. Not trying to sell it here in the thread, but wondering what my options are.
Anyone buy the Japan Blue High Tapered? Was wondering how they stretched so far, pair I got fits perfect right now. But raw denim tells me they will eventually stretch... though there is shrinking to be accounted for in the wash..
If anyones shopping the Patrik Ervell sale, I've got a $45 coupon I'd sell for $35.
Anyone seen APC New Petit Standards on Sale? (da stretchy ones)
Up for sale is Uniqlo Merino Sweaters Medium Charcoal and Blue. Worn about 3x each, great merino wool sweaters. $33 shipped for both.
Up for sale is two pairs of really high quality 100% wool sweat pants from Muttonhead. Made in Canada, great fabric. Both are size large. $50 each. Charcoal Navy - Sold
What's some good simple luggage that would be my very first grown up luggage. I usually travel with just my filson duffle, but these 1 week trips require a bit more clothes. Not trying to break the bank here but would like something that lasts.
Isn't there a NYC shopping guide somewhere here?
Stopping in Savannah for a night this weekend. Anyone have recommendations for restaurant / places I should visit at night?
http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/22/your-money/the-financial-benefits-of-buying-what-you-love.html?partner=rss&emc=rss Been justifying nice things for a long time with this type of logic.
New Posts  All Forums: