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Your pelvis tilted all day, everyone's is. You should really check out PRI shit.
Gah, those are nice too. I might just jump on a PTB.
bah, i wish i could afford Alden PTB in cordovan right now. just bought a pair of black tankers.. but want something for summer now haha
I went to NYC and London, searched for some jawns and felt like I tried on everything under the sun. I ended up with a pair of Our Legacy Zero Cuts, APC Petit standards (my ass hangs out of these but I think it's funny), and Blue Japan High Tapered (these are the best)The Uniqlo selvedge with stretch were really nice too, I just don't like jeans with spandex.
Who makes a good webbing belt with decent hardware that's not too expensive? Need a black one to replace one I have.. side note, i remember NDG having a cool webbing belt.
yea i guess some toes on chelseas are chunky.
Chelsea boots gonna look weird on a dude with big hips / legs since they are slim? I've got a pretty good drop right now, 40" chest 32" waist. But I definitely have a big ass / legs. lookin for an easy summer boot / shoe. Maybe ill just find a suede PTB.
Where da hell can I go and buy some plastic shoe trees for travel? No Ikea near me unfortunately. My cedar ones are just a bit too heavy to bring with me on international travel.
I wear my Achse a lot more than my Kilgore. Though if the Kilgore was that cord one I'd reconsider.
Yup, have a lot riding on these robes.
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