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Yea, I usually move with just a backpack, duffle, and some electronics. At this point though I'm sort of tired of sleeping on a mattress on a floor with nothing on my wall.
I sort of like restoration hardware..
I have two wardrobes. One when I'm 165lbs and other when I'm 185lbs. I even have duplicated of items in different sizes. It's dumb.
Right! It's a bit rainy for my taste, but the vacation spots would be amazing. I think I might start trying to get a sponsored visa.
Ah, moved to London for two years. That reminds me too, I work for a company based out of London and I was thinking of going over there for a year to work. Would be a good experience, better than sort of just hanging out here in America. Is that what you're donig?
What like major furniture store is OK? Need a platform bed stand, night stand, and dresser. Budget like $2.5k for all that. Also, buying OK furniture sort of sucks when you're renting. But I feel like I'm done buying stuff from Ikea and would like slightly nicer furniture... Even if I have to move it a lot, thoughts?
My keyfob is giant. That's the keyless start one too, haha.
Anyplace to get cool patches from? Got a field jacket I'd like to put a patch on or something.. typical RRL / Visvim crap
$85 shipped for either one. Japanese heavyweight flannel L Mayan Print L
I only buy coffee at 60% off.
New Posts  All Forums: