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CP slips on? I want a pair but I dunno bout $200 slippies
Is taking the waist in on jeans easy work for a tailor? I gotta size up for my thighs and usually would just wear a belt but I the extra fabric gets bunched up when I do.
Ah yea, I think it was Malin + Goetz that was recommended before.. I really do like the Baxter one but want a break from the scent.
Damn that h and m comment had me checking their website. Been awhile. Its like you can buy Geller, ERVELL, mmm pieces for $50
that supima sweater looks nice.. wish the white was off white. might just get a ervell pocket sweater
What deodorant you guys using? I've been using Baxter for about a year now, really like it but wanted to mix it up. I think there was a similar light deodorant that was recommended, its a bit more expensive? Dunno $25 sorta the limit
Yea, these workout well for me. I got them for like $40 from the Our Legacy sample sale. I should have snatched up like 4 of them in different washes.. darn.I also should have gotten that washed dnim jacket with the tiger on the back.. darn. But my suitcase hardly held what I bought.
Chinos always pull like crazy in the pockets for me
Not really, PTs have been going off the notion that the body is symmetrical for a long time. If you can find me something that references LAIC without Hruska Clinic's name on it..
Your pelvis tilted all day, everyone's is. You should really check out PRI shit.
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