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I need an interview suit, grew out of my bespoke one. Whats the best store that most places have to just walk in and get a suit? I've got a little bit of muscles so that makes it hard to just buy online, usually get a way better fit walking into a store to try stuff and also I don't have time to wait for MTM right now.
and i'm already sore from this lol
Squatted 155 4 x 8, come at me bros. lol stupid sickness made me weak / shakey as hell and can't seem to kick it quickly.
Grats on the Prs. I haven't lifted in two weeks, living the life over here.
New with tags. Awesome / popular shirt with a great cut and colors. Medium just didn't fit me, going to stick with my usual size large
pathetic gains checking in Although I stopped using a weightlifting belt so I guess I can't complain that I haven't hit a PR in awhile because everything is beltless.
Haha, those people.
I wish I could get back into training with a group of guys like I did last year when I started lifting. Feels like there's no adrenaline and getting pumped during my lifts, sorta just do them nonchalant now adays..
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