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Did you try the skinny fit tapered. They have more room in the seat than the selvedge jams. Also that 98% cotton 2% elastine is going to bag out some. I'm sort of in the same boat. I wont get anything without stretch because that range of motion is important for me in keeping my knees / hips from not hurting. I've also just decided I need to be a bit more responsible with my bodyfat during bulks and staying leaner year round, if I ever want to wear anything other than...
hmm prob 26" still
I wish their regular fit selvedge had that stretch it it.
30g of carbs, are you like 95lbs? Up that shit up to a substantial number
That's why I drink 45g protein 90g carbs during workout on a cut. Makes a big big difference
What do you dudes think about work environment? I'm interviewing at a lot of places and work environment is one of the biggest deciding factors. I don't really enjoy being crammed into a cubicle and being under bright fluorescent lights all day, some really negative health effects as a result. Some offices are really nice while other seem to be stuck in the 90s call center vibe.
wtf did i just watch
I think for my birthday I will buy myself a massage. Not even a sports massage. Just a I'm gonna sit here with hot stones on my back and chill.
Haha, I was way off then. For some reason I thought Everlane was doing a good job at minimalist basics for a decent price, although now I realize that impression was made like 4 years ago (time goes fast).
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