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Awesome, will keep that in mind.
Selling my pair of lightly worn Sugar Cane Okinawa in size 31. They have no rips or holes in them and are just now starting to show a beautiful shade of ocean blue in some areas. For anyone who's not had the pleasure of seeing the sugar cane okinawa/hawaii 50% sugar cane 50% cotton, I'd explain it as being one of the best denim made. It's extremely soft, yet thick and durable at the same time, has an amazing weft to it and gives excellent fades. Please check the...
Are engineered garments items on yahoo japan in japanese sizing? So If I take a medium in bedford jacket I should get a large?
Awesome store at the RVA location, stopped in this weekend (was dude in ervell jacket). I need to take trips up to that area more often, had a great weekend.
Indigo and cotton is awesome, I stop by and talk with the dude there when I'm in Charleston. I'll be in Columbia this time.
Any good shopping in South Carolina? Was going down there for a weighlifting seminar this weekend and might make a weekend out of it.
Yea, I kinda do agree. I have size up Supimas which are my go to for summer and I like the soft touch longsleeves. Everything I've tried lately, the styling is there but it's lacking in the material so I end up sending it back (military jacket, bomber, flight jacket). This weekend I came across at a thrift store some Uniqlo selvedge MIJ from their UJ line years ago, the denim felt like something from Iron Heart it was very thick and had good details.
Speaking of western jackets my $30 Sugar Cane denim western arrived and it's awesome and fits good. The denim has a crazy amount of detail, the suede is worn and great looking, and the buttons are my favorite detail. I just have no idea what to wear it with, without making myself look like a style farmer. I don't have any cowboy boots, was thinking maybe a pair of tan dickies. Maybe I'll flip it to someone who has more style sense than myself. Or accept the challenge and...
Listed my bomber for sale on Grailed My back and shoulder just been slowly growing out of it. Came across a crescent down works bomber this weekend that fit me a bit better. The details on the Ervell one is much cooler.
For me a cut is mainly successful if I can still push myself in the gym. I've gone from 209ish to 155lbs, it's really simple. I just put my information in MyFitnessPal, put weight goal and eat to their caloric recommendation. To keep the energy up for the gym on workout days I'll eat very lean meals high carbs only around workout, eat grapes during workout for energy. Off days are 0 carb high fat, eating lots of bacon and fatty meats.
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