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The dry tank tops are not bad undershirts too. All my basic tees are a mix of dry package, soft touch, and supima uniqlos.
The multiple styles on their website is confusing as hell. I heard that Uniqlo is changing websites real soon though, so I hope that's like priority on fixing.Dunno, I just got a bunch of supimas in size medium and they seemed the same for me.. I think maybe most people wash / dry their supimas for a year then get a new pair in and think the size changed because it's not the same as their old one? The material is a bit lighter, but still soft.
Nay, look like Keds.
GN you always been slim, even more slim?? I started weightlifting at 130lbs, went all the way up to 209 in about uhhh 3-4 years. Then in a year went down to 160. Now I've been bouncing between 150 and 165 as I cut / bulk. Lots of wasted money on clothes as I figure out what works for me. I don't really care though, I enjoy lifting more than clothes so I don't mind. I don't really buy nice clothes anyways, bunch of Uniqlo stuff and occasional $150 raw denim. Jeans are...
Was thinking of going to Idaho or Wyoming this summer.. I've always wanted to see wild buffalo. But just not sure now to plan the travel. Mostly visit metropolitan areas and bad at planning outdoors type stuff.
Ok, cool. I'll try to see where I can try one on. Maybe Old North in Asheville has em.
Awesome stuff, I like that EG one from a few seasons past. The one with the image from Context. Guess I can find on grailed? Side question: If I buy from Yahoo Auctions Japan, do engineered garments in japan = usa sizing? Small = Small?
I think I could do a shawl collard one. I'll check some of the recommendations here. Any other ones?
That's cool as hell but a little too raw for me.
Girlfriend got me a W+H cabin fleece robe for Christmas and now she's complaining because I wear it everywhere; dinner, movies, school, work. Which makes me wonder, is there a cardigan with a hoodie and a waist belt? Id wear the hell out of a shorter version really.
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