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Didn't NYT have a recent article about menswear and this type of shit. I like military and typical guys stuff, it's a good way to be into fashion and asthetics, but not really be into fashion (although lately I've seen a ton of metrosexual type dudes in american herritage stuff, which looks weird). there's tons of WAYWT shots where the person is in $3k worth of clothes but looks like they just left khols, but at least have an idea on how things would fit. it gives them...
GN don't you have a recipe for beef back ribs in crock pot?
Ah, yea. I think tapering looks like the only option. OTR options either tapered too much or dont have the big front rise of the 501 which I like. I can get a pair of sugar canes 1947 cheap from japan then taper them..
Darn 501 CT almost like the perfect jean for me OTR, but they taper down too much. 31 goes down to 6.75". Anyone got recc for something with the exact same top block that goes down to 7.5" or so?
I'll check out room & board, looked at boconcept today and it was a bit too modern for my taste. Spent $2k+ at restoration hardware for a basic wood queen bed frame and a night stand (frame was 50% off and nightstand was 25%, jesus haha). I got a few weeks though to think if I actually want it.
Yea, I usually move with just a backpack, duffle, and some electronics. At this point though I'm sort of tired of sleeping on a mattress on a floor with nothing on my wall.
I sort of like restoration hardware..
I have two wardrobes. One when I'm 165lbs and other when I'm 185lbs. I even have duplicated of items in different sizes. It's dumb.
Right! It's a bit rainy for my taste, but the vacation spots would be amazing. I think I might start trying to get a sponsored visa.
Ah, moved to London for two years. That reminds me too, I work for a company based out of London and I was thinking of going over there for a year to work. Would be a good experience, better than sort of just hanging out here in America. Is that what you're donig?
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