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Well then someone help me find a simple leather weekender on sale.. would love to replace my filson duffle. $500 da budget Also shouldn't a weekend bag absolutely be lined? Suedes gonna pill all over everything.. http://www.mrporter.com/mens/mulberry/clipper-leather-holdall/365727?ppv=2
Are the raff x stan smiths any higher quality than regular line ones? I don't like how the leather dye chips on the stan smiths.. Anyways, went paintballing in my stan smiths and just threw them out. Had a chance to get Raff ones for $90 new in dark blue, so just jumped on that.
Looking for a natural leather weekender. Saw this from Kendal Hyde and it looked nice. Any other recommendations? Price range about $500-700. Appreciated.
Just curious where to even start with this. I'm coming over to London for 2 years or so to work for a company I've been working for out of Raleigh NC. Wondering when re negotiating contract how I can calculate what I should make in London.
The our legacy jeans I bought at the sample sale had all the button fly's pop out, rivet and all. It was a pop up shop and I've emailed our legacy and they never responded. Can tailors re revit the button?
They had just about everything from S/S 2015 and F/W. Prices were great imo; 30pounds for jeans, 60 for blazers, 40 for jackets, 20 sweaters, 40 knits, 20shirts, 200 for leathers. Was on the lookout for a linen dyed bomber, but they had none, popular item must have never made it to sale.I got a super thick wool blazer, a linen blue dyded blazer, raw jeans, colorblock sweater, t shirt, beanie, and athletic shorts. I really wish I could have gotten a winter coat, but it...
So any other good shopping in London? I'm staying in WhiteChappel. I checked out the Our Legacy sample sale which was great, then to APC. The UK dollar is strong right now, so gotta shop the sales hehe. I think I'm going to move here by the way.. I got an offer from my company. I'm thinking why not. I'm young, have nothing holding me down to US. I'll spend a lot more money, but fuck it my retirement account can chill for a bit while I enjoy myself / grow professionally.
London, I think today was the last day?
Went to the last day of the Our Legacy sample sale and felt like I could have bought a full wardrobe there, really well stocked. Got a bunch of stuff. Actually bought a pair of raw denim and hoping they do not stretch a ton, they probably will.. dammit.
OH sick, ill def hit up the our legacy sale .
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