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Crab teach me the ways of aesthetics.
Dunno. While his arms are certainly jacked, his legs are looking small and spindly.
got damn did he fill out
Getting robbed on ebay is near impossible with all the seller and buyer protection programs they have. Just ship with a tracking number, that's the only thing the seller needs to do to make sure they are covered. Ebay is mindless and people over pay on that website, so it's my go to. The only thing is ebay fee and paypal fee sucks, but it's convenient.For craigslist meet at a police station parking lot. If the buyer is legit they will be happy to do it, because it protects...
he also doesn't buy anything that's not 80% off
Damn dude. Rest up. It's like def-con 1 when I have anything over a 99 degree fever, I act like I'm dying. I couldn't imagine having a fever that much now.
I've actually seen the website thing to be really effective in cases. Most of them were much smaller offenses too, like $10-15 dollar vinyl records etc. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.
Wasn't the 30% sale super limited? Or maybe I missed something, hope I didn't because I have bookmarked some things I wanted. But it seemed like there was so many exclusions.
These are awesome but mine is 1/2 a size too large. Got a 9 but really an 8.5. I'm selling if anyone is interested.
Anyone happen to have a Levi's 501 CT in size 34 and can tell me the leg opening? Got a pair of 501s from the Unionmade sale and I forgot how much better this cut suits me then other brands/cuts.
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