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jesus christ
This new episode has a lot of good information, Travis Mash is a great coach.
Yes, but most people have a shitty thoracic curve as it is. If you can do that and can get back to neutral right after and stay neutral, than sure go away at it. Anyways, a week of doing PRI breathing stuff and ab work everyday has cleared up my back pain.
Unless you're pulling over 600, I woldn't.
this week i squatted while breathing into a balloon at the bottom I start a globo gym next week, def not going to be able to do this weird shit.
the only reason i do this meet is because its walking distance and is in a really nice place. not really that interested in driving 6 hours to do a meet.
I'll be in another state that weekend.
Since I can't do this powerlifting meet in NOV I'm going to pick up this strongman meet coming up. I've already practiced a lot of the movements earlier this year, just need to get my frame deadlift up.
bro you totaled your shoulder and elbow fascia squatting heavy every day.
Keep it up. Once you tape off that volume super compensation will turn you into a beast. I'm in the deep of it too.
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