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pathetic gains checking in Although I stopped using a weightlifting belt so I guess I can't complain that I haven't hit a PR in awhile because everything is beltless.
Haha, those people.
I wish I could get back into training with a group of guys like I did last year when I started lifting. Feels like there's no adrenaline and getting pumped during my lifts, sorta just do them nonchalant now adays..
Intraworkout shake with 120g carbs. CNS fatigue never once.
That's how I roll actually I knew if I didn't purchase immediately I would talk myself out of it eventually.Trying out the Schott MA1 and the moto.
Damn gn you get that from squatting or was there a sudden injury?
Yea, sure thing. I got a medium and a large in that one too, so hopefully one will work.
Schott MA-1 and a standard Schott moto. Seem like decent entry level jackets, still got my eye on than Vanson if I don't like either.
I've never been seriously injured. I'm just lazy.
Thank you for the suggestions. I like how the one I posted doesn't have a very large collar, dunno what type of design decision that is. I like the styleforum x vanson DR but it has a bigger collar right? I have like negative neck from weightlifting, big collars bury my head. heh I just ordered two jackets from Mr Porter. I'll keep only one if I like them
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