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I've got a core pack coming in a few sizes. I'll let you know. I use to have a size 35 in the slim dungaree. I was around 200lbs when I wore them and my thighs were huge but it was still sort of a roomy fit. I didn't think they were that slim.
This is how I imagine 90% of the people here and on reddit -
I agree with Mike. I'm such a sad sap of shitty genetics and being a general pansy, why bother stacking the deck against myself when it comes to putting on muscles. I've used is protocol for about a year 1/2 and it's simple and it works. I'm starting a linear progression today after doing high volume for awihle. Feeling good because last week I squatted without a belt what I did at the end of my last LP.
I don't think so. I still have a lot of it from my last cut. I'm not really affected by stimulants when it comes to sleep, I can drink coffee then take a nap. Stress though keeps me up at night like a mofo.
just a waste of money. Coffee and bronkaid is cheap as fuck and better than any pre workout I've seen.
end is great
I'll give those a shot, ah yea I like the nike compressoin shorts for lifting.
Purchased at Unionmade. Never worn. It's more of an electric blue, awesome oxford.
Bought from South Willard. Never worn. Awesome color and fabric.
Up for sale is a Everlane Backpack in Grey. It was part of the first run. It's in great condition although the right shoulder strap has come undone a bit, nothing you couldn't stitch back yourself. I have attached pictures to see.
New Posts  All Forums: