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$60 $50 Up for sale is a pair of lightly worn Our Legacy Zero Cut Raws in size 31. They are selvedge denim, made in italy, and are great quality. They remind me of a higher quality APC Petit Standard. I purchase them in London. All the buttons in the fly were replaced as they were a bit faulty. I've worn them about 15x. No rips, holes, just light wear. waist - 30" front rise - 10" thigh - 11" knee - 7.75" leg opening - 6.75" inseam - 31"
$100 $90 Lightly worn for a few weeks then washed before selling. They were always too small for me. I must admit I really liked how the denim looked after a wash, great color. I've uploaded accurate pictures of measurements. Tagged size 30 Waist - 31" Front Rise - 10" Thigh - 11" Knee - 8" Leg Opening - 6.25"
skitlets those sweatpants my favorite, if im home then im wearing my pair.
bah, I had that shirt but sold it because i was too bulky. Would probably fit into it pretty well.
Japanese market cheaper? Wow $600.. Last RG outerwear peice I bought was $120..
Where to get the RG olive bomber?
Yea.. Sort of want to just go back to Sugar Cane 1947.At this point I could probably not squat for a good 8 months and still move a decent amount of weight. I've always had easiest time with leg growth. Having built legs is a weird silhouette... shits slim through the waist, balloons out by the hip flexors, gets even larger around the quads, back down slim to the knees, back out for the calves, back in for the ankles. That's why I mostly wear 5" shorts now adays..
Thas why all the dudes who are there 6 days a week are jacked despite doing stupid stuff from a lift / programming perspective. Da frequency helps. Right now I'm doing - Monday - Squats, legs, abs, rear delts and lil set of biceps Wednesday - Bench, shoulders, triceps Friday - Deadlift, hamstringies, abs Saturday (if I can make it, this my day to skip if I need to) - overhead press, shoulders, triceps, abs Probably a better way to do this. I need to be hitting my...
My problem with the high rise tapered is that my thighs really fill out the thigh area so going from a tight 12-inch thigh down to a 6.75 leg opening just doesn't work... Same with most jeans. I'd like a pretty straight fit with a bit of stretch..
Gonna look like an extra on Friends.
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