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Can be used at any of the Barneys shops (warehouse currently 85% off)
Yea, I heard Charlotte has some good food. What about weird fun stuff to do?
Going to do a night in the mountains and thought a night in the city would be fun too. Charlotte NC is on the way back, was wondering if it's worth a stop to eat / drink / sight see for a night or two. Any recommendations?
Ah, yea. I have a bad habit of just saying Washington, I was in DC. Shopping was alright, sort of not a comparison to the London or NYC trip I took recently.
Was shopping around in Washington for summer stuff. Found the black jean I've been looking for at steven alan.
I need like a nice summer shoe. I like these unlined Alden ptb I tried on here in washington. Anything else I should consider? These too southern prep?
Looking for alternatives for a suede leather slip on like the one from billy Reid. They didn't fit well and dint want to pay $400 for them.
Yea, unfortunately I only have one night. Maybe I can talk with work and have them extend it so I can go to NYC and stay with friends.
Thanks for the info. What brands might I find at the Georgetown Barneys? I'll check out Marketto, maybe I'll wear my rafdiddas because that's about as close as I get to that look haha.
I workout with friends alot now. Just sorta goof off and lift. Get a pump. I find it fun. My new girlfriend is super on it as far as being active and eating good. I've been leaning out a good amount because of it.
New Posts  All Forums: