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Ok cool, type 3 prob for me. Where to buy on sale? Haah
I do like my Geller denim jacket with a lil stretch. What shops online are a good stockist for Geller? And is there multiple cuts? My thighs def shrunk, I'm 156lbs now but still require athletic thigh cut.
What are some of the better stretch jeans? I like my APC PS but I'm getting old and need some stretch haha. I tried to APC stretch, Acne, and Uniqlo and the denim feels like paper. I was looking at Bonobos but figured I have better options that I dont know of. Essentially I'd like a minimal pant ala our legacy or APC with some stretch that have a decent weight/quality to the denim
What are the good plain toe bluchers with a chunky running type sole? I know Prada and Jill sander have some but out of my price range.
Anyone else got an east Dane code? Ty
Ok, how much was it?
been outta the game for a bit, will EastDane do a % off coupon on sale?
My selvedge raws are cut zero. Wish I got more as for $30 they were a damn steal at the sample sale.
Can be used at any of the Barneys shops (warehouse currently 85% off)
Yea, I heard Charlotte has some good food. What about weird fun stuff to do?
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