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Got those Schott jackets. I guess my measly arms are too big for their fashion line..
My globo gym is getting multiple platforms with squat racks built into them and new bars. It's for like olympic lifting which is hilarious because no one there can even squat right. I'll definitely use it though.
That is actually awesome. Makes a big difference to get out of the desk walk a bit and get some sun.
I need an interview suit, grew out of my bespoke one. Whats the best store that most places have to just walk in and get a suit? I've got a little bit of muscles so that makes it hard to just buy online, usually get a way better fit walking into a store to try stuff and also I don't have time to wait for MTM right now.
and i'm already sore from this lol
Squatted 155 4 x 8, come at me bros. lol stupid sickness made me weak / shakey as hell and can't seem to kick it quickly.
Grats on the Prs. I haven't lifted in two weeks, living the life over here.
New with tags. Awesome / popular shirt with a great cut and colors. Medium just didn't fit me, going to stick with my usual size large
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