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Was thinking of going to Idaho or Wyoming this summer.. I've always wanted to see wild buffalo. But just not sure now to plan the travel. Mostly visit metropolitan areas and bad at planning outdoors type stuff.
Ok, cool. I'll try to see where I can try one on. Maybe Old North in Asheville has em.
Awesome stuff, I like that EG one from a few seasons past. The one with the image from Context. Guess I can find on grailed? Side question: If I buy from Yahoo Auctions Japan, do engineered garments in japan = usa sizing? Small = Small?
I think I could do a shawl collard one. I'll check some of the recommendations here. Any other ones?
That's cool as hell but a little too raw for me.
Girlfriend got me a W+H cabin fleece robe for Christmas and now she's complaining because I wear it everywhere; dinner, movies, school, work. Which makes me wonder, is there a cardigan with a hoodie and a waist belt? Id wear the hell out of a shorter version really.
Ah, gotcha. Yea those do look interesting.
They are the relaxed ankle fit chinos. I can link you tomorrow.
I'm just patiently waiting for more 501s w/ stretch to get added to their website. They use a heavy oz 99% cotton 1% stretch that feels more like 100% cotton.
Honestly 501s made in mexico aint even that bad. Quality wise I'd put them up to the $200 jeans made in California.
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