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I have not. It's good as hell with gatorade, arrived a few days ago. Cold Filtration w/e taste smooth as hell, don't even know protein is in it in only 40g of gatorade.
I just got a big ass order in from tn. No flavor whey to mix in Gatorade, yum. And a few other flavors
knucks wearing the shorts I sent him
Quit the gym I've been going to. It was free but constantly pissed me off. Stopped by at a gym around the corner, it was $77 a month but has jacuzzi, GHR, actual squat racks, and are putting in platforms.Bro, peep PRI stuff.
Srsly if you watch that RP series and listen carefully you can put together such a bulletproof weightlifting program.
For a second I thought you were using chains Charly.
I have a sleeve and a career :P
I'm fail bulking. Easy to bulk when I had a desk job, but now that I have that and another job where I'm on my feet all day or night I can't fit in the calories I'm burning. TK aren't you tied up most the day doing doctor shit? How to get big calories?
HNGGG, i go to her gym sometimes.
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