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Yea luxire is great at repros
If I was super jacked and rich I'd probably wear outlier all the time. Look super sporty all the time yet sorta put together.Nice! Good gains
Doesn't work for me. Sharp taper makes my legs look like giant carrots. I've got a pair of outlier futureworks that have a pretty strong taper but its only to like 7.5 or 8" and I like them.These are the tightest pants I own and they are not really tight, yet they feel like jeggings on me cause I hate tight shit. WAYWT RHET would be cool but we would never keep up with it, would help me out though and make me get out of my every day standard issue white military shirt,...
ridethecliche looking sharp, you don't look like you lift though. Neither do I so I know the feel. Concept you're like god status height, imagine being a manlet and thick. It sucks! Speaking of suits and stuff was in the gym doing my dyel deadlifts and there's a meeting room door next to the rack. Like 10 dudes who were all six foot plus and well built walked out in suits, thought they all looked pretty good for how much muscle they were carrying. They must be well paid...
I've been wearing baggy jeans for most of this year, bought a slim straight cut and they feel so damn tight but that look like regular straight jeans. Just use to that comfy baggy jeans.
welcome to the dark side concept soon you will be wearing repro cut denim and new balances
Ugh 8 eggs for breakfast. These RRL jeans I bought are only going to last a few weeks, oh well they will at least fit in the summer when it's cut time.
Ok, I'll do that. I've pulled in low low 400s but I row with 45lb dumbells so I could probably benefit from doing that heh.
Rough draft of what I put together. Hitting everything in only three days is a bit tough. Made the decision instead of doing like flat bench 6 x 8 I'd split it between two different type of movements for variety. Sets x reps are work sets, so some sets prior to get up to that weight will be included in the over all volume but not accounted for. Addressing weaknesses of chest / tricep / delts and lower body weakness of lower back and glutes. Dunno if I'm forgetting...
Try those bosu ball hamstring curls? Those are actually pretty effective.
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