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Link me some heavy ass knee sleeves, I'll use those. Not like I'm going to do a meet anytime soon.
Oh yea, that was a miss type. I call them Silent but Deadly. like the fart
Id like to get my master in marketing eventually.
Yea, nothing in the lost and found. Maybe a worker found it put it by his desk, ill ask around everytime I'm in there.
Also fuck rich people. I lifted with straight up criminals at Powerhouse and not one thing was stolen from me. Now I'm at this swanky ass gym that costs way too much per month and has marble everywhere but a playas gotta steal a pair of sweaty knee sleeves. Also fuck the gym in general, how can you have a CSCS but not know what a knee sleeve is.
Yup they are gone. sonofabitch. whats the cheapest place to get SPD from?
Damn I left my Rheband knee sleeves at my gym since like Friday. They probably long gone.
prob trash them like some brands if they are skipping outlets.
So since +J didn't bring back the shawl collard cardigan anyone got recommendations for something similar? I really liked the brown color and also liked that the shawl wasn't super large and I could wear it popped up and it stayed up. Also I'm not paying $600 for a knit.
I need some ideas for lunches that don't need to be microwaved and can be eaten cold. Getting tired of sandwiches. Need to his around 48g protien, 33g fat, 33g carbs. Help much appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: