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ah, yea not that low on this one.
It just sticks straight up. This might be up your alley though, it's scalloped hem and big neck opening. I think my chest and back too wide for the shirt anyways.
The Byne Brothers™
That alternative apparel 3/4 slub t shirt has the strangest neck opening. Oh well, was worth a shot. Side note, and I should preface with like three sentences of how it's fine to look feminine and whatever. But the skinny jeans + chelsea boots have caught on down here and I gotta say it's doing a disservice to my fellow man. There's a big difference between the squared jawed, wide shouldered model wearing those in photos than a desk jockey in this getup. It looks really...
Going to Donnie Thompsons gym tomorrow again
pumps hurt me, does it get any better? Not use to building up that lactic acid in my muscles. Having fun with this program though. About to cut volume a bit for 3 weeks then get back to it after that.
Those much different from red wing postman?
cream so underrated, better than white can't find a pair of natural pf flyers low in size 9...
What's the rise? I need like a 10.75-11+" rise, prob too low rise for myself.
Anyone can compare uniqlo supima ts vs grana vs everlane?
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