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Gotcha. I think I'll continue wearing my $90 suit until next time I'm in NYC or San Fran, then get measured properly.
Gotcha, thank you for the information. I should probably just stick to OTR then, because I'm not picky at all when it comes to suits. As long as it fits in the shoulders, chest, and the pants dont fall off when I stand up. I'm ok, I don't do too much hand wringing over suits.I might try indochino though, its' like $269 for a shark skin wool suit. Seems worth it to try.
Are Indochino suits any decent? I have a god awful like polyester/rayon suit and just don't feel right interviewing in it. Indochino running a sale on wool sharksuits and I was thinking of getting one.
Yea, I'm a basic bitch. I like a light grey
^ Saks physical store or online? I'll checkout target for sure. I'm on a pretty tight budget since no income. edit - Cool. Looks like saks it is. I'll get two suits which is even better, one for at end of bulk and one for at end of cut.
Any advice for suits? I need one for interviews. Just looking for standard wool and dont want to pay out the arse because i'll never wear it and when I do it wont fit because my weight fluctuates a lot. Will have to hit up a big name store or either buy online.
Yea, and glutes quads and hamstrings. I just feel like a dork belting up for anything below 315, so I leave it at home.I need to film my front squats and post them up here. I don't know why they feel so hard.
Them moldy storage unit jackets.
I'll belt up if I'm telling over 315. Although I'm doing 8-12 rep sets now s I haven't used my belt in forever. Thinking of selling that and my oly shoes.
Concept lookin good, healthy lookin shoulders too.
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