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christ charly 415 x 17
I just ordered something from like Turkey. Broke my resilience and paid full msrp for a jacket ina different size which I have (which wont sell even though its awesome nwt and hundred plus cheaper). Not expecting delivery to be quick. Tres bien is speedy tho
Whoa that is really really surprising. Both you and your wife have deceptive builds.
On the mend from a stomach virus or food poisioning. Feeling better. Already had in two days; chinese food, boston market, wendys, chik fil a, tijuana flats, and slam dunking it with a blooming onion and a shitty steak from outback (had a gift card). I see it as rebuilding my rock solid stomach and getting back some of the 7lbs of weight i lost in two days.
How many times does he need to fold himself over to fit in a miata?
So I've been using the doctor bronner conditioner for about two year now and want to move to some thing else. It leave too much residue in shower. What's the best conditioner to use instead of shampoo which can be picked up at Sallys beauty supply? I have fine hair
TOJ Suede Harrington stock size 50 in medium grey suede lambskin. Has been worn but treated well. I just picked it up from a leather specialist so it's minty fresh clean. Originally $800 full leather. Measurements: Shoulder: 19 Chest: 22 Length: 25.25 Sleeve: 26
Ah, maybe for people who were athletic throughout highschool and continues to lift weights through college. Then 1,000lb total is obtainable within 6 months of focusing on strength. But for the general public who just decides to lift, or maybe who has tried and failed at lifting for years, that total is going to be some work.
That's not really true, and I'm not basing it off my own patheticness. There's tons of people in my gym that can't pull or squat over 300lbs or bench 300lbs. And I've had some discussions with big name trainers with hundreds of average gym goers as clients who say 350lbs squat is an outlier. Sure in the Youtube celebrity age, 350lb squat is nothing but for the average person it's great.
New Posts  All Forums: