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Srsly doe chore jacket is pretty easy to size. Raglan sleeves and how well it looks either button or un-bottoned allows it to be TTS, sized down, or sized up.
Any protein on sale? Need some whey.
No, I started cutting at the beginning of the year when I was 205. Went down to 170lbs or so while doing Gregs programming. Set some PRs there then decided I wanted to do more bodybyuilding type stuff for the rest of the year. I've been around 170lbs or less through most of the year, going back up to 185lbs now.
Just a lot of Gatorade and some dextrose, some whey protein, leucine, and creatine.I could hit you with a bunch of charts and shit from the RP book, but don't have time to copy pasta right now. But essentially for someone like myself who is 160-170lbs intra workout is 120g carbs and 45g protein for "hard" workouts.
Getting good results on a 3 day a week full body workout splits. Considering that I'm working 70 hours a week and making progress in the gym, I'm very happy. Did singles with highbar squats up to 270 beltless, that was my kryptonite earlier this year and I've made really good progress with it. Now I just need to continue bulking my way out of 170lbs.
^ Hah, good idea.Which bluetooth headphones for gym squats?(look how styleforum retard these headphones are) [[SPOILER]]
Was bored so I brought my belt to the gym and tried to go heavy in squats. Haven't used a belt or done anything less than 8 reps in a long time. Worked up to 300 and it still felt like a warmup, a little bit of a decrease in speed out of the hole. But holy shit night and day difference from my last time I did 300 x 3, it was really fast and was not a good morning squat. I'm also 20lbs lighter. I think I'll continue working in the 8 rep range for a while and not using my...
aww shit daddy gonna get some socks
IndianBoyz is legit, go on that animal stak bruh.Ah, true. This black dude I work with has some giant biceps and doesn't even work out.
I'm still DYEL but I think it's hilarious when people tell me, "yea but you have a good body type or genetics to be thick and muscular". I've totally done the same, but if only people could see me 2-3 years ago when I didn't lift. It probably sucks 1000x more for people who are in the gym 6 days a week and diet like crazy to be told that.
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