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Anyone have or seen leftover soft touch ts size medium in olive,natural, or brown?
My closet right now is all blue/black/grey/olive/black with one maroon sweater.. Need some color in my life. Didn't do this on purpose but I like the way greys/olive/blue looks on me.. Also see that retailers right now are considering their 5 shades of blue as alternative colors to white and grey.
Ok. My packaged arrived well packed and in good condition, thank you.
Those look great, really like those resolute denim too.
Ok, yea I think the saving grace is the wide hem and I would have cuffed to about that length anyways. IIRC last time I had a pair of sugar canes I wore them with a double cuff w/ hem showing.
Thanks. What's the market like on Gitman Vintage now? Haven't paid attention in 2 years or so but I remember you'd be lucky to get them sub $100 two years ago but now I see them on sale with stock around $70-80.
Length on these jeans work? Length is 30.5" and I'm prob a 31" inseam. Leg opening is 8.25" so a bit too big to stack anyways..
Maybe someone tried to put their leg through it, stretched it out and returned it because they dress they bought didn't fit
ah, yea not that low on this one.
It just sticks straight up. This might be up your alley though, it's scalloped hem and big neck opening. I think my chest and back too wide for the shirt anyways.
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