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Random, but was surprised when I was on vacation in Asheville NC few weeks ago and walked into a shop that stocked Kapital, tender, and a few other Japanese brand. Was not expecting that. They seemed really slow. I tried on lots of stuff. My girlfriend laughed after we left the store because we were the only one in there and the sales lady was super not helpful to me, but was up my girlfriends arse (she doesnt really care about clothes). So I just helped myself to the...
I have had one gym t shirt for past year. Its like a uniqlo one with vents on it that I like a lot. But ya it fits like a compression shirt on chest and arms, nothing I'd wear out about.
Where on the thigh do they rip?
Ah darn, I was looking at those lemair tees.yea supimas are not bad bit the arms pull a bit for me.
What T shirts do you guys like (haha T shirts tank tops all day brug). Been a pain in the ass this year as most of all Ts pull a ton in the chest and biceps. Uniqlo Supima do OK, but I get real bored of plain supima T shirts after a bit.
Classic Allen Edmonds Park Ave. shoe for sale. Can be dressed up or down, pretty good staple wardrobe shoe. I purchased from Nordstrom and worn about 6x, stored in shoe bags with shoe trees its whole life.
Velva Sheen x Steven Alan Pigment Dyed Tees Small x 2 NWT Pit 17.75" Shoulder 15.5" Length 25"
Ok cool, type 3 prob for me. Where to buy on sale? Haah
I do like my Geller denim jacket with a lil stretch. What shops online are a good stockist for Geller? And is there multiple cuts? My thighs def shrunk, I'm 156lbs now but still require athletic thigh cut.
What are some of the better stretch jeans? I like my APC PS but I'm getting old and need some stretch haha. I tried to APC stretch, Acne, and Uniqlo and the denim feels like paper. I was looking at Bonobos but figured I have better options that I dont know of. Essentially I'd like a minimal pant ala our legacy or APC with some stretch that have a decent weight/quality to the denim
New Posts  All Forums: