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Dude I keep seeing this in my gym too. People think they are Bane or something. I guess it's to measure oxygen intake, but it's like #1 you're not an athlete and #2 I bet you don't even know how to breath properly anyways.
250 x 16 squat, come at me jarude
Riff Raff is gaining 40lbs of bulk, fuck yea http://munchies.vice.com/videos/fuel-the-riff-raff-weight-gain-diet
Oh, gotcha. I see what you mean now after re-reading. I do agree, sweatpants are terrible to workout in. They are just for house lounging.
Yea because 1/10 probably actually stick to it. You can just do mobility once a week and think you're going to make a change.
Gotcha, thanks for being the guinea pig. Guess I'll just stick with ISAORA until Uniqlo gets some better fabric for their techwear.
My facebook feed is always full of 150lb girls squatting 615+
I lowbar squat but train highbar just as much. I would say that neither of them make you more injury prone, seems like olympic lifters have knee and hip problems while powerlifters have back and hamstring problems.
I just listen to Chris Duffin when it comes to squatting. He's a smart one..
I don't get people that hangout in normal clothes around the house.. The moment I step inside my place I'm in PJs.
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