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Keep it up. Once you tape off that volume super compensation will turn you into a beast. I'm in the deep of it too.
I remember when trigger points was sorta on the up and up here and this forums reaction to it. Now that PRI stuff is on the up and up here, I can't wait to see what you guys think about it; sleeping with mouthguards etc
bought some skate shoes today and went skateboarding after the gym. Knees are sore, i'm getting old..
squats and deadlifts
I need to get a new phone, don't like my camera not working. Going for 365 squat in a few weeks and want to see how terrible it looks.
Damn I wish I had a dip rack in my living room. Then maybe I could do dips enough to get good at them.
Yea same one. You don't think your tailor could shorten it because of the hem shape? I've never actually taken a Gitman to the tailor. I'm 5'7" and buy a large, usually just roll with the longness but this one is extra long.
Naw, I totally agree.
That Madras shirt from this season is so damn long on me.
don't get a dog, that's for sure. pets suck, you're going to live a bachelor life why get a pet. might as well get a baby
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