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fixing my anterior tilt / lordosis took me 2 years. best of luck
I'm expecting the thigh to stretch out too, selvedge and 1% stretch will def bag out.
I was surprised how much stretch it has for sure. Can bring knees to chest and do a full paleo squat.
Measurements on a size 35 was 12" thigh, 10" rise, 15" back rise, 7.5" leg opening. Thigh is a bit smaller than what I usually can do but the stretch is super stretchy so it helps.
I size up to a 34, the leg opening is 7.5". Just a mild taper.
Really? Swimming is always said to be like the most low impact cardio you can get. Thoracic spine tightness from swimming makes sense though, seems like most swimming technique the back is in extension. That is interesting.
Not bad ridethecliche. You thought of getting weightlifting shoes? Your arches are completely collapsed and your feet are rolling inwards, they would help a lot.
Got the selvedge stretch denim they just dropped. Not bad. Fit is way too slim for me to wear the faded denim color, but black color works great.
Friend today asked me how I get so cut. I'm at the end of my bulk, probably the best thing you could hear ever.
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