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One light beer with dinner is becoming like a 3x a week thing. Don't really think I should stress to much about it, since I don't drink on weekends. But still, hear so much about alcohol destroying gains.
Yea, those all look great. RRL Fits me pretty whack, but it's worth a shot. I'm not an XL though :P Not that big, yet.
Anyone got recommendation for a washed out denim western shirt? Was looking at japan repro brands like SpellBound, but they are going to be way too small for me.
I need to check out the 501 CT. I just hate Levis contrast stitching and their on selvedge denim feels pretty bad, oh well.
Yea, I even have food stamps. Hopefully this will all end soon, I'm not employed right now.
That feel when borrowing tesseract's girlfriend pays more than current income.
I might have to fold these newer shirts I got. They are a bit beefier than my usual ones and the extra weight seems to be squaring out the shoulders and stretching neck. On an unrelated note, It would be awesome to find a poverty version of this. Can't swing the price at moment.
You dudes hang your T-shirts of fold em to avoid neck / shoulder stretch?
That dude is a pleb, 125lbs bodyweight
I tried on a few polos at this place around a corner which carries SF approved brands. My main problem is everything from designer now a days is super slim in the chest and arms, so I have to size up to Large and then it's sort of big in the wrong places like length, waist, and shoulders. Wish I could find a brand that makes basics which are regular fit and are not made in Bangladesh or where-else.
New Posts  All Forums: