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I can already see the touching make a wish foundation video of him getting his Tawj.
Just a tad too tight for me. Awesome shirt. From this season.
These are awesome. Bought two pairs of large and one pair of medium, turns out the large fits me just fine. So I'm selling the medium. Unopened. Brand new. Will fit a size 32-34" waist good.
Gotcha, my chest right now is 41" and I can't get a shirt which fits my chest yet fits everywhere else. I've gotta size up and do some heavy tailoring throughout the rest. Don't know how it would be possible to have like a 44" chest...
I've been busy / had a warrenty on my expensive coffee maker.
By normal standards, not internet everyone squats 500lbs standards, is a 39" chest measurment tiny for someone who is 5'7" 175lbs 14% bodyfat?
Lordy, coffee maker broke Friday and i thought id be fine waiting for a new one. Today is an all time low, major headache, eyes hurt, and no energy on gym. All my intake was one black cup every morning. But that was two years straight. Can't wait to get coffee maker replacement.
So I guess we can find what pieces they are bringing back?edit- i see on the website. darn nothing other than oxfords and suit jacket.
that looks delicious
I don't know what it is, but they don't compare to my Gitman. Even though I betcha the cost to make a Gitman vs cost to make a Uniqlo shirt is probably a difference of $15-25.
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