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What brand / jacket is it?
So $60 later I got a package with some Baxter stuff. I like the conditioner and face stuff (been meaning to step up my face washing game). The deodorant, does it actually work? Didn't go to the gym today so I can't say so for myself. I like the blue color on the packages, my favorite color.
Yup judging from what was in the Japanese release.
Life is too short to wear uniqlo outerwear.
Concept means high frequency of the main lifts. Instead of having a dedicated squat day.
Cause my overhead sucks heh.
Washed pair left In size 34. $30.00 shipped.
Yea, I'll definitely re-visit in during times I can't make it to the gym a lot. Or when I'm doing a strength cycle. It did awesome things for my highbar squat, with all that opportunity to practice the movement.
I'm just getting off a high frequency routine, was about 3 months or 4. It worked well when I was really busy and could only make it to the gym 3 days a week. So I bench / squat / dead variation every workout. It worked good for me, but since I have 4-5 days a week to train now I think brosplit is still the best for bodybuilding type stuff.
Dunno, this is my bro shoulder / tricep day. hopefully it will help me fill out Seated military press - 12,10,8,6,12 standing arnold dumbell press - 4 x 10 smith machine military press - 3 x 20 bent over cable laterals - 4 x 10 seated dumbell front delt raise - 4 x 10 shrugs - run the rack dips 3 x 15 skullcrushers - 12,10,8,6,15 single arm cable pushdowns - 3 x 12
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