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Yea it is. I eat plain chicken lots of my meals. I just choke it down. Extra special night, Boston market gave me three corn breads for free.
They stay rough and shrink little in length.
Yea, I tried the lemaire x uniqlo stuff for f/w and It didn't work out for me. Mainly because I'm 5'7" and I think their long tops + oversized shoulders + oversized sleeves made me look like a midget (even though at 5'7" i think I'm a legal midget).
Do you squat? Any tips for finding things comfortable with big thighs? My problem is my waist is small, my thighs are big. When I get comfy pants that are nice when standing and sitting they usually end up looking pretty big on me. Maybe a good taper helps..
Thanks. I should try em out. Wish they came in a dark color. Side note, say what you will about drop In quality over the supima short sleeves. But I rebuilt my suspension of my wagon on gravel, was a good four days of wrenching and neither have a hole in them.
Where did you hear this?
The relaxed ankle pants slim in front rise? I want to get a pair of sweatpants for grad school for my long classeclasses. But maybe these would be better. ..
Guess anti fit coming back big
It was probably someone who had money who went thrifting in the back of your car. Every time I've been robbed or stolen from in America it's been from someone with money. Lived in the ghetto for three years and nothing taken out of my car. Two weeks in the Yuppie side of town and I've already had things stolen.
Had a wittle too much milky milky in his binky bottle too
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