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God damn I forgot how much the bodybuilding burn hurts after doing a strength cycle. Feels like muscles going to jump off my skeleton. Pretty sure I broke this starting strength hopeful who looks up to be because I have nearly a four plate ugly good morning squat. Asks me why I'm doing front squats and told him I prob wont back squat for a good 2 months.
yea, mold aint nothing to fuck with
I moved to Raleigh, NC after graduating college about 3 or so years ago. I like it here. Jobs are off the chain. My best friend moved up here, has no college education but has work experience in project management, makes like $90k with really good benefits.
What is "Mr Porter" brands? Most the people here wear stuff from Mr Porter.
put in wash, sell on grailed
I eat out like once a week and that's on Sunday when I get a pizza.
eww wtf
paused squats seem like they all the rage. Greg uses them a ton, so they must work pretty good.
I did. Keeps disappearing. I decided not to get it after trying for a bit, present for the girlfriend and she already got enough for her birthday
can't seem to add a size to my cart, might be google chrome. oh well
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