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I dig his boots. The MMM boots seem to have really chunky / square toebox?
I have really big thighs and the PBJ Loose Tapered work good, the washed out pair looks like your JE. Only problem I heard is if you wear a size smaller than 33" then the leg opening is super slim, like 6" or some shit.
Yea. I got that cracked linen OL shirt and got the wrong size. Girlfriend was making fun of me saying I looked like I'm about to get on my yatch.
5 weeks. Will go down to loosing about a lb a week soon.
179, down from 188. Nothing major yet, just cutting cals a bit and doing 30mins of cardio after lifting. Below 170 I'll prob start taking bronkaid and doing cardio on off days.
that ma1 looks great
I fixed my APT. Have fun with a life full of back and hip problems.
christ charly 415 x 17
I just ordered something from like Turkey. Broke my resilience and paid full msrp for a jacket ina different size which I have (which wont sell even though its awesome nwt and hundred plus cheaper). Not expecting delivery to be quick. Tres bien is speedy tho
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