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Its helps for people who have a hard time using the hips in the squat. It "finds" the hips.
I'm in the process of putting together a gym downstairs. Will.post pics when done.I do when trying to build muscle. When maxing out its all at usapl height.
He's a damn good squatter
Nope, I actually trained harder. Just dropped calories, started taking ephedrine, and did 45mins of cardio every day. Did standard 1 lb weight lost a week from 198-174, still added 50lbs to my squat 50lbs to my deadlift and 30+lbs to my bench. I was lifting really hard though, sorta taking a break from that right now. Was killing myself.
I'm 5'7" too. I don't think I'll ever get down to 165, I've actually been up to 205 my first year of lifting. I'm 175 now, but i miss my leverages I had at 200lbs. So my goal is to get back up to 190-200lbs without being fat. HAH, that will probably not happen but it's nice to dream.I bench a lot more often now though, def not 4x a weekBest of luck with your goals and keep us updated!
Nice bench! At 175lbs I squat 350+ and deadlift 390+, but pause bench 190! We all got our weaknesses
http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2014/06/10/powerlifing-insights-bodybuilding-training/ and people told me I'd get weak going on a bodybuilding routine!!
Nice stuff Barrel and welcome! What are your lifts at?
Have you done a really serious dose of NSAIDs? Prescription power for two weeks. When I had my neck pain I did like 5 months of manual therapy and stretching but couldn't get any permanent relief. The NSAIDS was what sorta tipped the scales in my favor and let it relax and get some blood pumping to that area. Then after that I got permanent relief from ART.
jarude post them progress pictures again of you a long long time ago. I coulda sworn your right shoulder looked like it was in the wrong position.
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