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Definitely not weight lifting.
All these finance peeps. Someone learn me retirement, with the way companies run now days the chances of me getting a retirement or contributing to the same 401k for 29 years seems unlikely. I have a Roth ira which I contribute to year after year, that's about the extent of it. I want to be comfortable when I'm old. Future planning reminds me. I need to stay on top of the cancer which killed my father and my fathers fathers at a young age
I was duvet shopping last year. Tried a good down one but the feathers leaked like usual and it made me sneeze. Tried a synthetic down alternative and it didn't breath as good as the down. Landed on a 100% wool one that I really like, light like down, breathes great, hot in winter, cold in summer. And it was only like $110 on amazon.
Yea, would love VISVIM. but reality is GAP budget.
They do get hot, which is why I don't like them on the floor or on the carpet. The TV stand I have is fully ventilated and the hidden compartments have ventilated slats cut out.
It's like a difference in 3". I have fancy furniture which has hidden compartments for stuff like that, but it still bugs me. To each their own, though.
I wish the Wii U didn't have an external power pack. Sony always has that shit build into the system. Yet Microsoft and Nintendo seem to think its better to have that sitting on the floor in a tangle of wires.
1 beer drunk checkin in
One light beer with dinner is becoming like a 3x a week thing. Don't really think I should stress to much about it, since I don't drink on weekends. But still, hear so much about alcohol destroying gains.
Yea, those all look great. RRL Fits me pretty whack, but it's worth a shot. I'm not an XL though :P Not that big, yet.
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