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http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2014/06/10/powerlifing-insights-bodybuilding-training/ and people told me I'd get weak going on a bodybuilding routine!!
Nice stuff Barrel and welcome! What are your lifts at?
Have you done a really serious dose of NSAIDs? Prescription power for two weeks. When I had my neck pain I did like 5 months of manual therapy and stretching but couldn't get any permanent relief. The NSAIDS was what sorta tipped the scales in my favor and let it relax and get some blood pumping to that area. Then after that I got permanent relief from ART.
jarude post them progress pictures again of you a long long time ago. I coulda sworn your right shoulder looked like it was in the wrong position.
He competed. Now does oly lifting.
Christ, you better eat.
Man you can really put down some food without getting fat when doing rep scheme of 12-20 as opposed to the 2-12 that I was doing in powerlifting. Slowly increasing calories and it's had to go up a ton to get me on 1 lb a week again. Also all the extra work I'm getting in while BMXing too. SLAP tear: I've written out overhead barbell press because of this shit. Some shoulder girdles just can't handle that ROM. I tried to ignore it for the first year of training and ended...
Hehe, maybe! 6 months aint so bad. My neck hurt for a good year. Sometimes the body is slow with this shit.
Bro it's not a rehab if it takes more than a year :P
Mark is our only hope. But this summer might be his downfall. We pray for the tadpole of aesthetics.
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