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I've had a set of wood Ikea hangers for like 10 years now. Surprise they are still intact.
Had a strange thing when doing stones though. I have ulnar nerve entrapment problems, during stones while gripping the stone my pinky wouldn't stay down and wrapped around, it wanted to stick straight up in the air like I broke it. lol
I now have a pool to swim in! No more laying out in my parking spot in apartment complexes like a weirdo.Think I was looking for more conditioning. Something I can do on my 5th day of training that wont kill my recovery. I really liked the stones, I'm good at them. Think something like medlys would work good, standard crossfit shit. Also out in the sun, class with girls etc etc
Meh not really impressed by strongman stuff. I enjoyed it, but I just dont think it wont get me what I'm looking for. Think I'll try a crossfit class next Sat.
Beat up from the week of training, had two squat days, but going to do a strongman class today why not..
I don't get much out of GHRs. I've got the craziest leverages for them. First time I did them I could do 8, now I can knock out 30 easily. I do like them though.
Not a bad choice. I'd drive VWs. I'm interviewing for a second job Sunday. Pretty much doubling my income, if it goes well I can stash a ton of money away and have my own place in a year. Then my own garage to do some wrenching.
Geez. I'm glad I don't like expensive cars, all my dream cars are 6-9k
My neighbor drives a really nice 911, don't know much about new ones but it's fancy.
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