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There was probably a good denim western shirt in that unionmade sale. Been looking for one.
Darn didn't have time to browse archive sale much before work. Grabbed some lvc 501s though.
No. Uniqlo stands up to wear and wash way more than H&M, Gap, and crap like that. It's still about a year or two out of their clothing though.
goodjob concept. You're going to get better and better as you fill out, once you get more muscle on you your leverages will get better. How do you feel about your squat? That seems like it will be your weakest lift because of how long your limbs are, I still out squat you :P
I can't cut anymor. I like the feeling of being full. 209lbs to 169 was easy but anything below that I'm constantly hungry and miserable.
I just use wraps, tie them around bar, and hold onto them instead of bar. I don't really want the wrist flexibility needed to properly do front squat.
Oh yea, I forgot about them. I'll need to check that out. I remember being in Macys awhile back getting a pair of Levis and wandered into the Denim Supply section. Some of the stuff was horrible but they had 3 or 4 pieces which reminded me of RRL. I like RRL but the stuff is cut way too slim.
Definitely not weight lifting.
All these finance peeps. Someone learn me retirement, with the way companies run now days the chances of me getting a retirement or contributing to the same 401k for 29 years seems unlikely. I have a Roth ira which I contribute to year after year, that's about the extent of it. I want to be comfortable when I'm old. Future planning reminds me. I need to stay on top of the cancer which killed my father and my fathers fathers at a young age
I was duvet shopping last year. Tried a good down one but the feathers leaked like usual and it made me sneeze. Tried a synthetic down alternative and it didn't breath as good as the down. Landed on a 100% wool one that I really like, light like down, breathes great, hot in winter, cold in summer. And it was only like $110 on amazon.
New Posts  All Forums: