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Honestly 501s made in mexico aint even that bad. Quality wise I'd put them up to the $200 jeans made in California.
Cosign on wanting a new haircut. Don't know what to do. Might just get a standard crew cut. I feel like; any length on top with short sides + selvedge detail on jeans outs you as a yuppie. is a great stripe shirt; light, has a good feel, and the grey one has a good color to it. It shrank a good amount in the wash which was welcomed because the medium was a tad oversized.I think those pants are already online?
My jeans I bought on sale showed up with a missing fly button. I'm fat and all but I don't think I've ever popped a button just looking at pants.
That's a good point as I have a hard time finding chinos, cords, or bedford with an 11" rise.
Ah darn, yea maybe it's got a bit of shrink left to it.
Can a tailor make a t shirt shoulders smaller? I got some plain longsleeves that I like but I feel like the shoulders fall about 1" too big on them. I guess I should ask, can they do it at a reasonable cost?
I wish they just made a regular fit t with the airism fabric. Its hot as hell in the summer and airism look like a base layer on me.
You guys packup your winter stuff during spring/summer and put them away in the closet? I like to try and keep what I have out on the racks stuff I can grab and go, don't want winter coats mixed in there. I need some more containers. What do you guys use? Theirs container store garment boxes for cheap and muji has some nice cotton / linen ones.
Military shirt isn't too bad. I'll be keeping mine. It's light enough for the coming spring. Maybe buy a blue one if they go on sale. The green is much like the orslow military shirt.
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