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Gonna look like an extra on Friends.
Do these Uniqlo selvedge stretch end up stretching out a good amount in the thigh? I ended up sort of sizing down 1 in the thigh area as I'm planning on them stretching.I can't really hang with non stretch denim now adays either.. I admit 100% cotton looks and stacks way better, but I'm nearing 30 and don't feel like walking around with hip constricting and heavy pants. I'm essentially a retired old man is what I'm trying to say.Haha, right. Now adays I consider 7.25" large.
I forgot do the selvedge denim stretch much in the thigh? Guessing it does because of the stretch materials?
That chart depresses me. By the time I have all the muscles I want I'll be like 90yrs old and too old to shred fine trim
The high tapered just too tapered for me. The sulfured dye looks real good after a few washes though, I work on my car in them. I must agree that the current uniqlo selvedge stretch fit is good this year. Decent front rise length and not going over board on the taper.
Are these as pink looking in real life?
I rebuy house shoes every year. They are awesome. I like the updated dry sweats, mesh pockets are nice. I think the fit on the new slim straights selvedge are better than ever. I need to get the easy pants shearling, good spot.
If anyone gets the light colored suede bomber in small and doesn't like it do me a favor and PM me instead of returning it. Thanks!
I look homley in all this UU stuff.
I want them , no stock online, must be grasshopper fast to kop.
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