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Guys, it's totally white and gold.
reddit is the worst
The biggest thing is don't be picky :P If you can button that top button and do a full squat in them, then all is good with the world.
Whatcha decide on?
I sent the stretch selvedge back. Wasn't feeling the bigger leg opening and didn't really like the denim on the black pair. I'm keeping a pair of these skinny fit tapers, they are pretty tight right now but I feel like they will bag out and I'm cutting 15lbs. Thigh felt a little bigger on the skinny fit tapers oddly enough.
Yea, I got the 35. I'm a true waist 34" but I get 35-36" to make room for the wheels.
Did you try the skinny fit tapered. They have more room in the seat than the selvedge jams. Also that 98% cotton 2% elastine is going to bag out some. I'm sort of in the same boat. I wont get anything without stretch because that range of motion is important for me in keeping my knees / hips from not hurting. I've also just decided I need to be a bit more responsible with my bodyfat during bulks and staying leaner year round, if I ever want to wear anything other than...
hmm prob 26" still
I wish their regular fit selvedge had that stretch it it.
30g of carbs, are you like 95lbs? Up that shit up to a substantial number
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