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Bah. I might wait then. I wana walk around with friends get my shop, food and drink on.
NY decent to visit from July to Aug? Or should I wait for it to cool down a bit? I'm usually up there in NOV
What's your guys go to stuff at Taco Bell? There's a really good one down the street, been going there alot. But I've been sticking to my usual shredded chicken taco x2 and bean burrito.
Since I'm not doing a meet this year I guess I'll make my goal to squat 350 beltless and pull 400 beltless at 175lbs.
I sold my guitar and amp. Gave up the dream
I've been eating like a monster since I started this Bodybuilding routine. But I expected that would come with more volume. Not really giving a shit and just eating larger meet and carb portions within reason, I figure it's fueling recovery which allows me to go back the next day and hit it even harder.
That's probably why everything fits so great on me there then, hah! I like Gitman shirts too.
Fashion brands are cut for frail desk jockeys, when I go to Need Supply its a joke how tight the pants are. But when I go to something like lands end I can buy true to size. Unrelated, this is ridiculous - http://thebizraiseyourgame.com/before-we-were-hot-by-anna-chatilo/ edit - hah thay took it down
Yea, I only worked up to 225 yesterday but was tutting everything for reps of 15 and doing burnout sets. My quads were super pumped
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