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Ah, that's a stonk color.You should try this btw , to see if it clears up right side internal rotation -
We all getting fancy squat shoes. Looking forward to the higher heel since I switched over to highbar. Been working on my ankle dickflexion but it will help.
Yea those are awesome. Been miring them for a long long time. I really wanted to buy Ristos but I heard there sizing are a bit weird. Which I don't want to deal with because I have a wide ass foot and I knew I'd fit into the Nikes.
I need to step-up my gym fashion game though. This globo gym everyone wears very stylish digs. I feel poverty status with my mark rippetoe shorts that have a big hole in the crotch and the same white T every workout. I wish Umbro still made male soccor shorts in that vintage pattern, so cool. I have a few made in USA ones but they are decades old and flimsy.Hah, that got me tickled.
Welp, bought some Romaleos. $150 is my budget for entertainment and items, so looks like I'm doing jack shit for the rest of the month.
Keep the Knucks shoes, they legendary.Damn those Nikes are on sale.. sorta want a pari
HAH. I make this breakthrough after 16 weeks of beltless training and probably hours upon hours of reading PRI shit. Then the world record squatter posts about it an hour later -http://articles.elitefts.com/training-articles/why-chest-up-in-the-squat-is-wrong/
I hope you mean glass concept!. Any sort of plastic is bad. Most bed sheets are even made out of plastic, it's insane.
Talk of nice squat shoes makes me want a pair.. so expensive tho!With the bar a bit higher the weight gets out too far in front of me because of my short torso. I will re-visit that though once I rework how I'm bracing my spine and hips. I really think I'm getting bent forward because my abdominal pressure is weak and I'm thinking chest puffed out = I'm tight. Maybe once I get it right I can move the bar up a bit and be a bit more upright too. I've realized this because I...
New Posts  All Forums: