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Haven't some bros here gone through having sciatica? Sometimes my left foot goes numbish. It's usually when I'm sitting in the floor in a weird position. Wondering what PTs told you to do. I want to get out in front of it and wanted to check if I had the right things in mind to do.
He's been scamming people out of orders since 2013.
Holy crap, just seeing the # of paypal cases. That's so much money he got for free. He's a lunatic if he thinks he can get away with this.
Crab teach me the ways of aesthetics.
Dunno. While his arms are certainly jacked, his legs are looking small and spindly.
got damn did he fill out
Getting robbed on ebay is near impossible with all the seller and buyer protection programs they have. Just ship with a tracking number, that's the only thing the seller needs to do to make sure they are covered. Ebay is mindless and people over pay on that website, so it's my go to. The only thing is ebay fee and paypal fee sucks, but it's convenient.For craigslist meet at a police station parking lot. If the buyer is legit they will be happy to do it, because it protects...
he also doesn't buy anything that's not 80% off
Damn dude. Rest up. It's like def-con 1 when I have anything over a 99 degree fever, I act like I'm dying. I couldn't imagine having a fever that much now.
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