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leggings were real popular at the crossfit gym i was out. I'd like a pair because I rub my shins and thighs when i dead, but they are expensive.
What's up with gym fashion. You all make fun of me for rippetoe shorts, but this Golds Gym I've seen the weirdest shit. Some dude was deadlifting 135lbs in shin high desert combat boots unlaced. Everyone is wearing T shirts with the sides cut down to their naval. I've been out of the globo game for too long, this is like culture shock. Some friendly guy came up to me and insisted I must be a football player or lacrosse player because I'm built like a strong athlete. Which...
Uniqlo makes some damn good stuff for just chillin around the house. I just wish that shit would last longer, you get a year out of them if you're lucky. I know it's cheap stuff, but I like my stuff to last longer just because I hate buying clothes often.
Does it hurt? Greg told me -Your medial Condyle of your femur is just a little longer than the lateral one, so a *little* knee caving is natural for the most direct line of pull for the quads.
Yea, hold it for 30-60 seconds. I dont do any static stretching before lifting, It would probably help to do it before though. Best thing is just frequency, doing it around the house when you can and before bed etc.
I find that the shirts fit similar in the important stuff, like shoulders and chest. Everything else is sorta all over the place tho
How do you feel when you do this? You gotta stay upright and push your ass through like the picture. I get pretty bad hip / back pain if I don't stretch my hips often.You can do it against a wall like so -
Yea, I would say I'm posterior dominant. Probably not so much now, I've been working on quads since July; been doing highbar squats, lots of step ups, and lots of lunges. I think I have a pretty decent highbar right now, it just feels a bit awkward because I'm so use to lowbar. I did 225 x 10 today beltless, so it's there, I just gotta get use to it. I've found the sweet spot of doing lowbar monday then highbar thursday after deadlifts, that works for me. Instead of on...
My goal is to highbar 315. I fuckin suck at highbar
I work out at a Golds Gym now, comes free with rent and I'm trying to safe so I figured why not. First workout today and already saw tons of funny shit.
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