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I like weighed myself immediately when I got home from the gym, don't really have mirrors at my house but kept catching a glimpse of myself at the gym. I was thinking Oh Shit, did I cut cals too much.It's that and it's also funny / sad how much noticeable shoulders and bicep growth is after tapering off a strength routine and going into higher volume bodybuilding split.
Got a haircut, looks like my bodyfat dropped by 2% just from having a close cut. Man I miss my old gym. Good memories even though I sort of hated it at the time. It was so damn relaxing of a place, it was just like hanging out with the dudes listening to old rock while lifting weights. globo gyms are a shit show after work.
Ah, yes. That reminds me I need to finish it. Got the the Needles M-65 and was like holy shit I need this.
damn the colors i wanted sold out already, people going ham on these Supima.
Supima $12 crewnecks online now. These any good?
I'd like to move out to Cali sometime, but at the same time I like where I am. Just had an interview today and did a bit of researching for housing which is closer. I can get a nice 3 bed 2 bath made in 2005 for $150k and it's even next to a whole foods. But alas I understand the appeal of Cali, at least I get to visit San Fran 3x a year and get my shopping bug out of me then.
My old gym had multiple members this big, this guy was cool as hell too -
they are running an extra 30% off too.
lawd have mercy.
Prepare for them lowbar gains
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