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Dunno, this is my bro shoulder / tricep day. hopefully it will help me fill out Seated military press - 12,10,8,6,12 standing arnold dumbell press - 4 x 10 smith machine military press - 3 x 20 bent over cable laterals - 4 x 10 seated dumbell front delt raise - 4 x 10 shrugs - run the rack dips 3 x 15 skullcrushers - 12,10,8,6,15 single arm cable pushdowns - 3 x 12
Oh, meant to say a designer. Yea yea made In Japan. I know a little bit.
Yea, I'd like to support a made in USA product. But I know Lands End will fit me way better, they are cut for fat Americans like myself. I usually go to them for basics and spend bigger money on outerwear.
found it
sell me dip dye. i'm a 48-50
where to buy dip dye?
Ah, gotcha. Well if it's a program and it's worked then stick with it. I don't think it's too much to do concurrently. I'd do decline at the end like you have it and up the volume, don't need to focus on weight week after week on decline, mostly focus on pump.
so fuccboi
That's like a bodybuilding day but with powerlifting reps / sets. UP that volume. 4 x 12.
My legs have such bad DOMS I feel physically sick.
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