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Pretty sure everyone in this new gym already hates me. Was getting some serious eye daggers when I was doing barbell curls and concentration curls in those big crossfit cadges thing. I wana be like lay the fuck off, I've earned my right to do this, go back to snatching what I did at 135lbs.
like the physical weight of the bar? With an ssb or cambered bar the shoulder doesn't need to go through a ROM
Yea, I side slept my whole life. Took me like 2 months of shitty sleep and then sleeping on something rock hard to break the habit. SSB GN? Or a cambered bar? Eric Cressey only squats with those now bc of his shoulder.
+throw out your mouse and use a trackball at work, and sleep on your back not side
at least he was smart enough to not use clips
Yea, luckily i workout when there are no classes and hardly anyone there.
Sometimes I wonder if my looser friend that found crossfit is actually banging out any of these crossfit girls that he's posting with on Facebook or is still a virgin. He did bodybuilding for two years and was mostly just creeping on 16 year olds, but now he's fully integrated into crossfit cult. Speaking of crossfit I joined a crossfit gym while the garage gym is getting under way, it's like 1/4 a mile away and is pretty awesome. I bought a BMX bike to ride there. I...
Any fit pictures of the new military jacket?
Gotcha, yea seems like research supports that overall volume is the biggest factor and rep scheme is just whichever one prefers.I don't go by percentages anymore, just 1 rep under failure for the day.
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