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wtf did i just watch
I think for my birthday I will buy myself a massage. Not even a sports massage. Just a I'm gonna sit here with hot stones on my back and chill.
Haha, I was way off then. For some reason I thought Everlane was doing a good job at minimalist basics for a decent price, although now I realize that impression was made like 4 years ago (time goes fast).
Their cuts really suck? How da fuck do you mess up a T shirt or a sweatshirt.
Everlane to drive the marketing and production.
Everlane should buy it. Not fuck with the name or anything but use their marketing and production know how.
So considering the notion that TOJ was pretty unique... Is there an alternative future where the brand grew to be a "known" brand which sold online and in stores, while keeping it's niche in the market. Considering with the increased demand the company was managed and marketed correctly. Or does the availability of it immediately make it less hyped. Edit: I dunno, I don't know why I wonder this shit. I'm just glad I didn't buy anything because during that wait I've gained...
8" for a size 35 is def straight.
Yea, like a floral but it looks low vis which I dig. I bought the last Large from some place over in Germany. Tried to buy a medium but they oversold it, so will wear it just a oversized.
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