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Lots of people use Yahoo Japan auctions around here right? I want to buy a white playstation 3 from there. Do I go through Buyee?
lol I know Jordan from some music circles, small world.
I'll probably be selling a size 9 in the grey. I'm usually a 8.5
I like straight leg deadlifts too, they get my hammies pretty sore.
I don't know what smh means. I should probably clarify, deadlifts as main lift on back day. I'll use the hell out of some RDLs on leg day.
I'm coming real close to completely writing deadlifts out of my program. I like them but I see no utility in them with my goals. Despite people saying that it's the best lift ever because it recruits all muscles etc etc. I pulled 400+ when I looked like I hardly lifted. Sure maybe it made my back a bit bigger and maybe traps, but they were still small. I betcha doing heavy bent over rows would give me way bigger growth.
Damn, thanks for posting these. I instantly bought these. Prob won't fit though because I'm like an 8.5 in chucks really, but had to get 9.I'm guessing they come with both white and leather laces?
There was probably a good denim western shirt in that unionmade sale. Been looking for one.
Darn didn't have time to browse archive sale much before work. Grabbed some lvc 501s though.
No. Uniqlo stands up to wear and wash way more than H&M, Gap, and crap like that. It's still about a year or two out of their clothing though.
New Posts  All Forums: