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It hurt doe. Spent most today on the couch.
The outside of my foot bugs me the day after when I go over 300 in squat. Guess collapsed arches? Doesn't feel like I am. Maybe time to get those addidas or get stronger hips and hams and squat in chucka
Its helps for people who have a hard time using the hips in the squat. It "finds" the hips.
I'm in the process of putting together a gym downstairs. Will.post pics when done.I do when trying to build muscle. When maxing out its all at usapl height.
He's a damn good squatter
Nope, I actually trained harder. Just dropped calories, started taking ephedrine, and did 45mins of cardio every day. Did standard 1 lb weight lost a week from 198-174, still added 50lbs to my squat 50lbs to my deadlift and 30+lbs to my bench. I was lifting really hard though, sorta taking a break from that right now. Was killing myself.
I'm 5'7" too. I don't think I'll ever get down to 165, I've actually been up to 205 my first year of lifting. I'm 175 now, but i miss my leverages I had at 200lbs. So my goal is to get back up to 190-200lbs without being fat. HAH, that will probably not happen but it's nice to dream.I bench a lot more often now though, def not 4x a weekBest of luck with your goals and keep us updated!
Nice bench! At 175lbs I squat 350+ and deadlift 390+, but pause bench 190! We all got our weaknesses
http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2014/06/10/powerlifing-insights-bodybuilding-training/ and people told me I'd get weak going on a bodybuilding routine!!
Nice stuff Barrel and welcome! What are your lifts at?
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