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Nice, SA stuff has grown on me a bit. Especially when they run 40% off sale.
lol busted
They look awful, but maybe in a dark night club all that shit looks different.
Nice GN. I can't wait until I'm done with this cut, about half way in and already seeing the benefits of it.
Yea, it's really comfortable. Thanks, I'll keep it. I got like 10 more lbs to loose on this cut so it should drape a bit better in my midsection. It was $300 off marketplace, definitely one of the more expensive jackets I've bought. Never had a leather jacket before.
Keep or sell? [[SPOILER]]
I hate having something which doesn't fit for sale which no one wants for some reason, meanwhile I'd kill for one my size in that price range.
I suggest making it three sentences, he's not going to read through all that shit.
APK It's never failed me post breakup
holy shit hendrix said something smart
New Posts  All Forums: