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You guys are def large. Medium would be way too slim and short.
You starting to look a little wider bruv, good job filling out that frame
Those Uniqlo PBJ loose tapered work real well for me. Sorta want to get a size up for end of bulks, just incase they sell out and they never stock again.
Terrible picture, color inaccurate but the jacket fits me darn goodOH awesome. I'd much rather ship it out to a place that's recommended.
I'm just gonna get the inside trim cleaned and brush the suede.
I really dont like hiit. rather save that intensity in the gym. steady state is my jam for fat burn.
Anyone dry clean their suede harrington? damn turn around time is 3 weeks for suede jacket at my local cleaner, guess they send it out to a specialist.
Is there a guide online to swimming for fat burning cardio? My gym has tracks in the pool. It seems fun. Some people use these floating bricks, seems helpful for long cardio sessions. Putting them over head and swimming on back, seems good for shoulder health. This girl here seems to know her shit about it. Prob try to ask for tips..
The equals about $200 USD now.
Some reason USPS has delayed the delivery of my TOJ I picked up in marketplace. That TOJ curse.
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