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Yup. I want this season CP grey suede slip ons but must resist.
He will probably be fine. The thing is he had a plan and stuck to it, and as a result will probably make good gains in the end. Better than most people who can't make up their mind and program hop or don't see out what they started.
olympic lifting is dumb why bother. it's hard as hell and isn't rewarding. plus majority of the people suck at it. i have well developed form of both movements, can hit triple extension no problem, but i never ever use it for hypertrophy or strength. but to answer your question you can learn it yourself. snatch is the most technical movement.
Don't get that lean then. End you cut at like 12% bodyfat. Cutting destroys my deadlift. Only did beltless 285 x 6 as top set. Waist measurement down 1", bicep measurement up .25". Them arm noob gains to be had.
When I list stuff here I also list it on Grailed an Ebay for a $20-70 markup. It usually sells on one of those places before here for much more.
Yea. There's a reason why every bodybuilder does bulk \ cuts cycles. Its sort of fun to do. Every consecutive one you feel leaner at the end of bulk and bigger at the end of cut. That is until noon gains are done.
What brand / jacket is it?
So $60 later I got a package with some Baxter stuff. I like the conditioner and face stuff (been meaning to step up my face washing game). The deodorant, does it actually work? Didn't go to the gym today so I can't say so for myself. I like the blue color on the packages, my favorite color.
Yup judging from what was in the Japanese release.
Life is too short to wear uniqlo outerwear.
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