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I'd like the camel color hoodie sized down for tha gym
Yea, that's the type of stuff you let other people deal with!
Damn I'd be pissed. Blower fan is like a legit two day job on my Volvo I drive.
Oh, bahaha. I guess they have way more texture than the uniqko sweats.
They stretch a bit, not as much as cotton pajapmas, Then they shrink back up to how they were new after a wash, i hang dry them. I'd go with a medium, waist bound to stretch out after a while.
Believe those are the dry sweats. Looks exactly like the pair I have. Knee gussets, interesting material that sort of feels like neoprene.
$100 $90 Up for sale is a very lightly worn and washed pair of Japan Blue JB0601 in High Rise Tapered. Still has that crinkly new denim feeling. Waist - 30.75" Front Rise - 10" Thigh - 11" Knee - 7.5" Leg Opening - 6.5"
$60 $50 Up for sale is a pair of lightly worn Our Legacy Zero Cut Raws in size 31. They are selvedge denim, made in italy, and are great quality. They remind me of a higher quality APC Petit Standard. I purchase them in London. All the buttons in the fly were replaced as they were a bit faulty. I've worn them about 15x. No rips, holes, just light wear. waist - 30" front rise - 10" thigh - 11" knee - 7.75" leg opening - 6.75" inseam - 31"
$100 $90 Lightly worn for a few weeks then washed before selling. They were always too small for me. I must admit I really liked how the denim looked after a wash, great color. I've uploaded accurate pictures of measurements. Tagged size 30 Waist - 31" Front Rise - 10" Thigh - 11" Knee - 8" Leg Opening - 6.25"
skitlets those sweatpants my favorite, if im home then im wearing my pair.
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