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I lift in patagonia stand up shorts with a short inseam. They look so stupid. But give good range of motion, support, and are bulletproof.
He seems to be doing really good with that website.
Overheard in the locker room today - "Dude you injected all that?" "Uhh yea." "That's not what I told you to do, that was a weeks worth!"
Yup. My co worker asked me last week if I was on steroids. Which is hilarious because I don't look like I lift.
Ya. I trained in a gym with no ac in those through a 90-100 degree summer.
I think I found who stole my rhebands last year. Some dude deadlifting with rhebands on, never seen anyone gave rhebands here since. Although they do look pretty new.
Our legacy from last season. Linen overdyed bomber.
whut. That sleeveless reigning champ thing is dumb. Should only be allowed to wear if you're a bodybuilder.
I have that bomber and love it.
I gotta adjust cals, lower them and probably add another day of cardio.
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