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Man do I suck at front squats. Been doing them over back squats for a good 3 months and they are still so far behind my back squats.
Yup, I knew i.t I always said I bet you guys that your jackets are done, but are just sitting on a dusty corner because someone fucked up and is lazy.
Everyone has that who lifts and is big.
Just watched furious. The Rock legit makes Vinn Diesel looks like a weekend gym warrior who doesn't diet. And I LOVE Vinn Diesel, but damn Rock is a specimen.
Wtf he know about 'Merica!?
EBay can send you a defined search email of new listings every morning. So I will usually set something up and read the email when bored.
Khaye you'll be fine. Just cut a big and lose some from the midsection. Your posture is really poor even when trying to stand straight.gotta get your hips under you more and your ribs down. Follow Chris duffib stuff or seek out PRI help.
Skeen I could legit be 165 8-10% at 5'7" right bow. I've got the muscle mass for it right now. That's prob my goal at end of cut. I prob wont stay there year round. 175 at 13% is def a goal.
Yall did a damn good deed today, talking that guy out of buying nearly $1k worth of basics.
I wish I had a pair of their judo pants that fit.
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