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Eason ->
Nvm, that $5 shipping going to take forever. It's an hour away but shipped monday and will arrive saturday hah.
Do you not tan well Eason?
I stopped reading JTS for a bit but ever since they picked up Mike and Greg their shit has been fire - http://www.jtsstrength.com/articles/2014/08/12/peaking-powerlifting/
Knucks shoes live on. These do have a higher instep than my Powerlifts, probably good for me though because I don't want to loose my arch.
It's effective, works for every olympian in just about every sport.
This is how I was taught - Deloads should follow really, really hard training. Weather it be through volume, intensity, or both. My progressions is set up as 6 weeks, by 5th week my volume and intensity is so high in the gym I am surprised I make it through the week. Then you back off a week, still do everything but at like 50%. Then at week 1 your body has recovered from the stress and is now stronger, they call that super compensation. So if you don't think you have...
I tell that bitch I feel like Sheiko, I feel like Sheiko
Oh interesting, it shipped next business day and I have tracking #.
I sort of want to try out wraps. I like gym toys..
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