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I agree. I'll do that or really high step ups and it's pretty damn draining after all them leg work. Good though, that unilateral stuff will keep you uninjured.
Tried Taco Bell's protein menu burrito. Meh
That sucks bro. Hope surgery goes well and rest up. You got health insurance?
u gave me body issues lol jk Time to bulk again. Going to be a monster.
I felt the best when I was 200lbs yet everyone said I looked like a miserable fatass.
That just seems to be how Nike does things. Like think how late bike was to Skating / oly lifting.
kozy shack pudding is yummy That's cool but he will loose it all when he gets busted for PEDs.
I usually blame recovery, that im not sleeping or eating enough if I miss a weight. Mostly because my programming has always been on point.
I've had a set of wood Ikea hangers for like 10 years now. Surprise they are still intact.
New Posts  All Forums: