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My uniqlo Ts shrink a bunch in the wash. Sort of welcomed because I'm a short medium.
I just bought some LL Bean jeans and cords because everything contemporary has such a short front rise now. And everything that is long rise/reproduction cut has a giant leg opening.
girls stuff flyin off the e-shelf
I got the indigo dyed ts. Will probably return because of the fit.
Man cheesecake is awesome
Yea home girl staking out the website for the women's stuff. Its real good.
I agree. The Jim sander line was a much better complimentary line to standard Uniqlo. Dunno, will try some things maybe there will be a few surprises.
It's all a little too precious/waify for myself. That suede belt on their website is cool though. Hope it makes it to US
I just want a really plain denim baseball hat w/ a leather clapse at the back. ANy recs?
Anyone seen pf flyers low on sale?
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