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That dude is a pleb, 125lbs bodyweight
I tried on a few polos at this place around a corner which carries SF approved brands. My main problem is everything from designer now a days is super slim in the chest and arms, so I have to size up to Large and then it's sort of big in the wrong places like length, waist, and shoulders. Wish I could find a brand that makes basics which are regular fit and are not made in Bangladesh or where-else.
Yea, I actually prefer Lands End over uniqlo. Better cut for me.
Yea, some reason I want something like that.
Who makes a good pique cotton polo?
i dont count cals of free food. there people starvin out there and you worried abot 500 cals of free delicious sushi.
You're not wrong. But I'm currently looking for other solutions than a disabling narcotics addiction.
Anyone got tips on decreasing the amount of sleep needed? I think it's mostly a genetic thing, but for the past three years I've been getting a solid 9-10 hours. As I get older and have more things I want to get done during the day, it's become a problem. I wish I could get a solid 7 and not feel like crap.
Can anyone link me to this cardigan? Seems like a good replacement for my +J one which I wear a lot.
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