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Tried to "budget" my food this month because past few months I've been in the $500-600 range. Already at $430 for the month and I've only ate out once... Pisses me off. Having some muscle on you is an expensive engine to feed. Welcome back Jarude, best of luck getting into the swing of things.
Torrentshell is legendary. I've had one for like 6+ years. I don't do any bullshit hiking and have worn it over suits. It keeps ya super dry and packs down to a small bag.
Gotcha. That's what I was thinking. I should checkout more Japanese sizing brands as XL and L are shirt and wide like myself. Maybe ill checkout muji?
What's the story with Beams Plus? I got a Hawaiian shirt and actually really like it and it's cut well for me as it's got a lot of chest room in the Large but is fairly short.
Damn. I like everything I bought from Mr. Porter. Our Legacy suede zip shirt fits me well even though I got a Large, the medium linen jacket of theirs fits me really well, and the beams + hawaiin shirt I got is dope for $25. Didn't feel like spending close to $300 on clothes, but oh well.
I'd get a big Arcteryx backpack or something.
501 CTs are my jam now.
Yea. Its a good idea to mark this shit as final sale, as its good for us because it means people wont mass buy. On mr porter sale I usually know what I want and how it will fit. But ill be a tad upset if I can't return the stuff I bought that wasn't marked final sale.
They were selling the linen floral bomber from Our Legacy, how much?
Dude. No. Why on earth would you do this if you had lower back problems. There's way to stretch your hip flexors without pulling your lower back in crazy extension.How old are you? I can't remember if you're 23 or around 28. When you start nearing 30 shit just gets injured for no reason and stuff takes forever to heal up. Sometimes it's just simply, you're getting old bruh. I think it's a bit funny when someone I'm working out with who's over 30 has like some crazy ten...
New Posts  All Forums: