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I used a herman miller chair. If you care about health just stand and get a stool to lean on for mini breaks.
I always try to remain #1 bro with my friends even when I'm pretty domesticated with a serious relationship. Although they always get into relationships and become lame.
Thought I tore my adductor today. Was rolling on the gym floor for a good 15 minutes, could hardly breath it was so painful. Just a bad cramp I guess, felt fine after 15 minutes and I got back up and did a set of deadlifts with 285 doing a good bodybuilding tempo.
So you have a thigh gap?Yup, dem abductors.
Gonna hit this up, cherry garcia is what's up.
Man do I suck at front squats. Been doing them over back squats for a good 3 months and they are still so far behind my back squats.
Yup, I knew i.t I always said I bet you guys that your jackets are done, but are just sitting on a dusty corner because someone fucked up and is lazy.
Everyone has that who lifts and is big.
Just watched furious. The Rock legit makes Vinn Diesel looks like a weekend gym warrior who doesn't diet. And I LOVE Vinn Diesel, but damn Rock is a specimen.
Wtf he know about 'Merica!?
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