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Ah, maybe for people who were athletic throughout highschool and continues to lift weights through college. Then 1,000lb total is obtainable within 6 months of focusing on strength. But for the general public who just decides to lift, or maybe who has tried and failed at lifting for years, that total is going to be some work.
That's not really true, and I'm not basing it off my own patheticness. There's tons of people in my gym that can't pull or squat over 300lbs or bench 300lbs. And I've had some discussions with big name trainers with hundreds of average gym goers as clients who say 350lbs squat is an outlier. Sure in the Youtube celebrity age, 350lb squat is nothing but for the average person it's great.
You're out having fun with friends on the weekend. While her new relationship has already gotten to the "lets stay home and marathon some boring shows on Netflix". Sounds like you're winning to me. I got some food poisoning or some shit Saturday night. Been a gawd awful mess since, laying in bed with a super high fever and shitting\vomitting every hour. I'm like so depleted of water and muscle tone that I hardly look like I lift. Hopefully kick this in a few days and get...
Nice, SA stuff has grown on me a bit. Especially when they run 40% off sale.
lol busted
They look awful, but maybe in a dark night club all that shit looks different.
Nice GN. I can't wait until I'm done with this cut, about half way in and already seeing the benefits of it.
Yea, it's really comfortable. Thanks, I'll keep it. I got like 10 more lbs to loose on this cut so it should drape a bit better in my midsection. It was $300 off marketplace, definitely one of the more expensive jackets I've bought. Never had a leather jacket before.
Keep or sell? [[SPOILER]]
I hate having something which doesn't fit for sale which no one wants for some reason, meanwhile I'd kill for one my size in that price range.
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