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Ah, too tapered for me. Looks line a fat carrot.
Got a link? I only see tapered with a 9" rise.
Can explain explain to me why front rises have gotten so short? We use to laugh about Somet's front rise but now like 9" is standard. I understand popularity of tapered now that people are using slimmer cuts. But shorter front rise is still beyond me.
SoSo slim daryll high rise might be good. They have a black stretch fabric -
Leg opening might fall within that range on a 29.Related - I'm very excited about all the looms now putting 1% stretch in selvedge / heavier weight denim now. You can get 12oz stretch denim selvedge now which is really cool.
Have you tried Uniqlo slim sit selvedge instead of skinny? My size 32 has a 10" front rise, which is still an inch too short but I painstakingly checked measurements for like every selvedge stretch jean and non were around 11". Except for Levis 501 stretch, which are awesome btw but probably too straight fit for what your looking for.
I'd like to hike more this year but the idea of having to buy and store a bunch of gear is off putting.
Did South Willard not do any winter 2016 stock?
I like the way you operate my friend. Tax on the stupid, that's what it is.
Ah, yea. Really short and tight.
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