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^ That dude is the styleforum dream. Lame ass hair, skinny with slight muscle tone, dumb ginger face, and total baby. That makes me wish I had some access to machines though, everything I do for lower body and even some upper body is spine loading. herniating a disc sounds miserable. Chad Wesley herniated like 2 or 3 8 months ago then came back and squatted 900+, thought that was very impressive. His training log gives good insight on how to work through something like that.
fuckin narrow stance highbar. Making me work with weight around 200lbs. And it feels miserable.
Phone camera broke a few months ago and I have to wait out until December to get a new phone. Sucks because I use it a ton to track my form.50-100 Pullups around the apartment, or at the gym? I need to start doing that.
What tights your recommend? I need something cheap. I have a disgusting strip of no hair from mid quad down to my ankle from deadlifts, and like right above my knee cab is callused from it. Not aesthetic and it's too hot to deadlift in pants.
this quark stuff is def not in americas
Light wear. Picture taken in direct sunlight so fades are more visible, still very dark. Great cut and quality. $8 shipping Waist - 36" Front Rise - 11.5" Back Rise - 16.5" Thigh - 13.5" Knee - 9.5" Leg Opening - 9" Inseam - 32"
Any have small collars?
I just started biking and walking everywhere. I just noticed so far this year, six months in, I've only put 1,800 miles on my car.
That's how I feel. If you live an active normal life than you really don't need to do cardio. If you are a complete shut in that watches full metal alchemist all day on the computer, then get outside instead of going to the gym to do cardio. That's just normal general health, of course if you're an athlete who needs to be conditioned or are on a cut then yea, you'll have to do cardio.
If I'm doing cardio for the sake of weight loss I just walk briskly for 45mins, anything else affects recovery.If I'm trying to increase conditioning I push a sled or BMX.
New Posts  All Forums: