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How do you feel when you do this? You gotta stay upright and push your ass through like the picture. I get pretty bad hip / back pain if I don't stretch my hips often.You can do it against a wall like so -
Yea, I would say I'm posterior dominant. Probably not so much now, I've been working on quads since July; been doing highbar squats, lots of step ups, and lots of lunges. I think I have a pretty decent highbar right now, it just feels a bit awkward because I'm so use to lowbar. I did 225 x 10 today beltless, so it's there, I just gotta get use to it. I've found the sweet spot of doing lowbar monday then highbar thursday after deadlifts, that works for me. Instead of on...
My goal is to highbar 315. I fuckin suck at highbar
I work out at a Golds Gym now, comes free with rent and I'm trying to safe so I figured why not. First workout today and already saw tons of funny shit.
Didn't some people get outterwear from Golden Bear at Unionmade, how are they?
jesus christ
This new episode has a lot of good information, Travis Mash is a great coach.
Yes, but most people have a shitty thoracic curve as it is. If you can do that and can get back to neutral right after and stay neutral, than sure go away at it. Anyways, a week of doing PRI breathing stuff and ab work everyday has cleared up my back pain.
Unless you're pulling over 600, I woldn't.
this week i squatted while breathing into a balloon at the bottom I start a globo gym next week, def not going to be able to do this weird shit.
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