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I wish the Wii U didn't have an external power pack. Sony always has that shit build into the system. Yet Microsoft and Nintendo seem to think its better to have that sitting on the floor in a tangle of wires.
1 beer drunk checkin in
One light beer with dinner is becoming like a 3x a week thing. Don't really think I should stress to much about it, since I don't drink on weekends. But still, hear so much about alcohol destroying gains.
Yea, those all look great. RRL Fits me pretty whack, but it's worth a shot. I'm not an XL though :P Not that big, yet.
Anyone got recommendation for a washed out denim western shirt? Was looking at japan repro brands like SpellBound, but they are going to be way too small for me.
I need to check out the 501 CT. I just hate Levis contrast stitching and their on selvedge denim feels pretty bad, oh well.
Yea, I even have food stamps. Hopefully this will all end soon, I'm not employed right now.
That feel when borrowing tesseract's girlfriend pays more than current income.
I might have to fold these newer shirts I got. They are a bit beefier than my usual ones and the extra weight seems to be squaring out the shoulders and stretching neck. On an unrelated note, It would be awesome to find a poverty version of this. Can't swing the price at moment.
You dudes hang your T-shirts of fold em to avoid neck / shoulder stretch?
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