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don't get a dog, that's for sure. pets suck, you're going to live a bachelor life why get a pet. might as well get a baby
Yea, it's basic and timeless.
Pretty much all I wear. "nice fiting" is up for debate though, i like my stuff roomy.
^ nice work. My rep PR at that weight is 13, that would probably crush me right now though.Well yea, you went for high volume aesthetics and I went for strength. I do high volume and strength now UH OH
Does he even lift?
Not true, genetically there's three types of AC joints. The third has shoulder impingement when doing barbell OHP. That's why Eric Cressey is not a fan of them.lol I have noticed all I do is whine about genetics and leverages.
I'd like to see 130kg x 18, thats some work
I had wings at Hooters today. Next week I'm getting a oversize tub / whirlpool put in my extra bathroom. I can't wait, going to do amazing things for my recovery.
Ya know.. milk is pretty awesome. Just looking at it in a price per calories and macronutrients perspective.
Alexander aka Alexander work is going to be a fuller cut than new standards. It's still a slim cut however.
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