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Haha, awesome.
Gym has been super unfulfilling recently. My taper got fucked up from 70 hour work weeks, It was looking real good for a bit. But now I wonder what's the point of it all. I think for now I'm gonna not even stress about my #s, if I remain a three plate squatter, four plate deadlifter, and two plate bencher for the rest of my life whatever. Just gonna go three days a week and trust the process. Everyoneni lift with has been at it for 6+ years and theres like 1-3 45lb plate...
you should post it fuji!
Can't decide if I wana build a garage gym or park my car in the garage. I fucking hate going to my globo gym, so probably garage gym..Does the dude in the video even lift?
Thank you. I've been wearing baggy Sugar Cane 1947s for the better part of the year so anything slightly slim feels super tight. I think the fit is good and I'll try to break em in now. They are actually really rigid, way more than any other white jean I tried.
I buy my meat from whole foods because; I think it taste better, grassfed beef does has less fat, and whole foods butcher area is super clean compared to Publix/HarrisTeeter/Kroger/Walmart etc. Cleanliness is like the #1 reason. I go to whole foods buy my meat from there, eggs, and like a fancy snack, then I pop over to local grocery store and pick up my yummy cheap carbs.
Aight, I should probably read it before I bash it.
eat real food you butthole
Do you guys think these will stretch / loosen up in the hip and thigh area a bit? They are the white selvedge, they are pretty stiff out of the box and hopefully will stretch. I'm fairly big in the quads / hamstrings from weightlifitng. Dunno if to keep or return.Pictures under spoiler tag - [[SPOILER]]
finally get to lift today, fuckin 65 hour work weeks
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