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I like how they fit. I wear a large and I'm 5'7" so there's a bit of a problem with length of shirt and sleeves but that can be fixed.
Fashion.. I forgot to pull them up for the set.
Getting better at paused front squats. Last set, I definitely rushed the pause and flat out didn't pause on a rep or two.
Eason bet me $100 to charity I can't total 1,000lbs by the end of last year. I probably can't.
Pshhhhhhb I need a paycheck first. Money don't grow on trees for me.
Yea, I'm starting my peak in 3 weeks. Doubt I'll hit 400/400/200 though. More like 375/400/200.
Dude me too, after seeing the shitshow that a globo gym is during this time of year. I was thinking earlier this week about just taking half a year off from the gym. But that would be ridiculous. I'm talking to a strength and conditioning gym and hopefully work something out with them between now and then.
Yea you can size up and still have a good fit.
Yea, probably best. I'm going to go early tomorrow morning instead. FIgure all those newbs wont be training after a friday night.
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