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Posts by Coldsnap Stuff really doesnt look too bad. I like that natural color chore coat.
The mainline one? My only complaint is the fabric is super light. Sort of feel like these type of shirt jackets should be a heavy cotton nylon
Yea, high rises are amazing. Naked and famous easy guys have a high rise, I was able to get mine for $70 on sale. Few other options in the $125 range.
Bah, these look good. Wonder what the thigh is like on the size 32. A modern 505 is too slim, but this is based on the older ones..
Awesome, thank you. Especially appreciate the specif item recommendations. I sold my suede TOJ harrington to put into college savings and I miss having a harrington, so I'll checkout Jump the Gun and Fred Perry. I bought a Jump the Gun oxford like 6 years ago, forgot all about that store since I am in the US.
What brands new/second hand would you guys suggest me to look at if I want to stay within this very limited budget on items? I tend to dress minimal and have an athletic cut. Asking before my whole wardrobe ends up Uniqlo for a bit.. Would like to have mostly comfortable stuff, so I'm draw to things with stretch like Uniqlo and W+H. Outerwear - $40-70 (Uniqlo, Steven Alan sale, Ervell used, Patagonia) Button Downs $20-30 (Steven Alan second hand) T-Shirt $10-$15...
That shirt is awesome. It looks like a graphic design work on that picture, doesn't even look like a photo.
Guys think we are going to have a cold April? Weather is stupid warm right now and all the flowers / trees seem to think it's spring.
That's exactly what I've been doing. Started with 501s and then realized they were still too low rise for my liking (if anyone wants some size 31 501 tapered to 7.25" holla). Tried some 550s which were nice and roomy, but realized LL beans are a better quality for cheaper.I should try some dickies too.
I post some random stuff. I'd be ousted if a intercept article was written about me. "He has showed a history of not really caring enough about a topic to contribute to, but still contributing."
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