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Hows the color on the grey selvedge jeans? I'd like a pair of grey jeans...I've worn this hat so much, reminds me something ervell or steven alan would sell. has black leather strap in the back and is comfortable.wool hat $20I tried them and they were extremely tapered for me, in the 6.25-6.5" range. I like my leg openings between 7.25", so returned. Otherwise they were nice for a pre faded jeans with rips. Could pass as more expensive fashion branded jeans with good shoes.
Limber 11?! I remember when it was 8, collusion!I saw a PT few months ago and he gave me a bunch of scap stuff to do. I decided to just to them like crazy and before in lifted ran through 10 minutes if scap stuff 4x a week. Crazy how much that has helped.
rest up and eat lots of nsaids. then do lots of planks keeping your back completely flat, think of tilting your pelvis to your chin while doing em.
Well, shit. I spent Saturday working on my car then went to the gym and deadlifted. Sometimes I question why I do what I do. But I like driving vintage cars and big lifts are what keep me coming back to the gym. I got really bored during my bodybuilding stint where I replaced deadlifts with other things.Really though, working on cars sucks. There's a reason everyone I meet to help me on my car is weird as all getup.
Anyone got a good stretching routine? I've got my warmup routine fine, but I want to start stretching around on the house. Don't really want to think about this, just a few movements I can burn through for 15mins 2-3x a day... would be cool to do the splits. at my strongest I was really close because I practiced after lifting.
I like deadlifts because of that reason... It has at least forced me to maintain healthy hips, back, and knees. Otherwise I'm gonna mess my shit up doing it. There's probably 2 guys in my gym that can deadlift properly out of the 30 regulars. Anyways, wide shoes.. help a club foot mang out.
I need to get more shoes that are in a wide size. New Balance wide 2E works and so does Alden Barrie last. But any fashion / lifestyle brands that come in wide sizes or just shoes that fit pretty darn wide? I really need to get some new shoes but choices are limited and these neon red/white/blue NBs clash with everything (but are mad comfortable and healed me up, can't complain)
NEW WITH TAGS. +$6 USPS PRIORITY MAIL shoulders - 17.5" chest - 21" length - 28"
Anyone got problems with Uniqlo returns taking awhile to process with banks?
Can anyone comment on how the selvedge stretch hold up with prolonged wear? They fall apart? For the most part uniqlo stuff has lasted a long time for me.
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