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That shit happens all the time and its really effective.
10lbs down and def feeling the effects of it in deadlift and f. Squat. Upper body still able to go up in weight because I'm sorta still learning some of the bodybuilding movements.
Up for sale is a pair of Alden x Context Clothing Roy Boots 7.5 E. I have worn them but taken very good care of the boots. Comes with Alden shoe trees, Alden shoe bags, original box and packaging.
when you gonna post fit pics of the trip straps
183 this morning, pathetic abs showing through. Don't look like I lift. Just in time for RHET contest.
Those baggies jeans look good. Remind me of my worn Sugar Canes 1947 with a giant 9" leg opening, but there's some special about them so I keep them around.
Wearing the dry stretch pants now around the house. They are decent and comfortable. But have started to pill. I would rec though.
My man. You know how to live in Fla.
That new Death Grips sounds like it will be a great gym banger.
Absolutely. I've had success with it months later too.
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