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^ Saks physical store or online? I'll checkout target for sure. I'm on a pretty tight budget since no income. edit - Cool. Looks like saks it is. I'll get two suits which is even better, one for at end of bulk and one for at end of cut.
Any advice for suits? I need one for interviews. Just looking for standard wool and dont want to pay out the arse because i'll never wear it and when I do it wont fit because my weight fluctuates a lot. Will have to hit up a big name store or either buy online.
Yea, and glutes quads and hamstrings. I just feel like a dork belting up for anything below 315, so I leave it at home.I need to film my front squats and post them up here. I don't know why they feel so hard.
Them moldy storage unit jackets.
I'll belt up if I'm telling over 315. Although I'm doing 8-12 rep sets now s I haven't used my belt in forever. Thinking of selling that and my oly shoes.
Concept lookin good, healthy lookin shoulders too.
There was a quick time round here where you could get a aeron chair foe $100 because of all the failed startups
Yea, I usually stand for 3 hours then sit for 30 mins in the herman miller. Mix it up a bit.
HNGGGGG and it got stretch.
He has a black denim trucker jacket this season?
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