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so fuccboi
That's like a bodybuilding day but with powerlifting reps / sets. UP that volume. 4 x 12.
My legs have such bad DOMS I feel physically sick.
Could be ugly in real life but I thought the colors looked fun, reminds me of putt putt golf balls.
My sister just completed a 100 mile marathon. I think it's like 30 hours of straight running? Meanwhile today I did 10 minutes on the rower and was like you know what leg day is pretty brutal and I could probably skip cardio on days like these.
At chipotle I use to get a burrito with double chicken and everything on it, a corn soft taco steak, chips, and chocolate milk. I had it all eaten within like 8 mins. Haha that plus heavy 5x5 made me grow like crazy.Belt got stolen and they are cheaper than the bigger ones. But I just decided now not to use a belt anymore. Haven't for 8 months so why start now.
Anyone got an inzer tapered belt for sale?
OccultaVexillum on your search for a basic heather grey sweatshirt did you find any of them that fit a bit large? I want a decent one, but was hoping to find one which was a bit blocky so I could fit a medium and not worry about the arms being too long since I'm 5'7". Reigning champ medium too small, though those are fairly slim.
I've been using Arm/Hammer natural shit for a LONG time. But it gets cakey. I also need to get some new hair shit too. Got some american crew shampoo and it dries the shit out of my hair.
loaded carries are pretty high impact, but I like them.
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