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That's wonderful. Wish I could swing that.
Are Visvim outwear something that gets replicated by fakes? Sorry for the dumb question, wasn't sure if this was something I should look out for.
I bought a J Crew Timex watch when the code still worked, over priced and still over priced with the code. But I like the simplicity of it and enjoyed my other one from them.
Thanks Synth. Buying them from Zenmarket right now. Cool stuff. This is really going to enable me to buy more stuff, yikes.
Can someone help me with Japan yahoo auctions? I'd like to purchase these. I know some people here buy from Japan Yahoo all the time and have it shipped to the states. What's the way to do it? Thanks in advance.
Ah, thank you for the information. Maybe you could assist in this too, other brands that have the southwester USA vibe like VIvism. I suppose some RRL pieces.
Is there like a poor mans Vivism? (Blue Blue Japan sort of is, but not poor enough)
Ok whew, appendicitis is on right side. While my weird pain thing is on left.
Didn't someone here have ab pain and it turned out to be some sort of kidney failure?
What about goblet squats? Bulgarian split squats? I'd regress away from the squat if you're having hip problems. Anatomically the hips should be able to squat down, that's what they were designed to do. There's just something going on with you. Regressing away from the squat and doing single legged stuff should tell you whats wrong. Like if you suck at bulgarian split squats then you have tight hip flexors.fwiw I haven't back squatted in a good 6+ months.
New Posts  All Forums: