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Ok, I'll do that. I've pulled in low low 400s but I row with 45lb dumbells so I could probably benefit from doing that heh.
Rough draft of what I put together. Hitting everything in only three days is a bit tough. Made the decision instead of doing like flat bench 6 x 8 I'd split it between two different type of movements for variety. Sets x reps are work sets, so some sets prior to get up to that weight will be included in the over all volume but not accounted for. Addressing weaknesses of chest / tricep / delts and lower body weakness of lower back and glutes. Dunno if I'm forgetting...
Try those bosu ball hamstring curls? Those are actually pretty effective.
Gotcha, I hear you. I think we are on the same page.
Concept when you say alter rep schemes should I do it across the training week or across the cycle? So like - Monday 4 x 8, Wednesday 5x5, Friday 3 x 12 or Week 1+2 15 rep sets, Week 2+3 10 rep sets, Week 4+5 5 rep sets
Yea, I won't be taking a 1 rep max total until like November of next year if I'm still lifting. I just see no point unless I want to compete often, which I do not. Hmm interesting. I need to do some reading then to try and build this out. Are there any classic bodybuilding 3x a week full body templates? I'm gonna check my arnold bodybuilding book to see.
also that picture fuji posted is great for the recent images, way better than the usual GN with his shirt off in mud.
Yea, you came to mind when asking this question. I know it's successful in the raw powerlifting scene but I was wondering how does it do in the bodybuilding scene. I'm no longer a powerlifter, I just want to get big and lean and "aesthetic" (haha I say just, but that's what everyone wants).I suppose the same principals apply though. I might give it a shot, right now 5/3/1 is a total wash for me. I have to modify it so heavily in order to get the appropriate volume.I'm...
Another question, for hypertrophy training do full body days work? I have 3 days a week to lift and I feel like legs, chest, back isn't giving me enough frequency. Was thinking of just doing squat/bench/dead 3x a week just rotating varients. So monday would be like front squat / conventional dead / closed grip bench / row accessory, wednesday would be lowbar squat / sumo dead / bench press / delt accessory, friday would be highbar squat light / snatch grip deads / speed...
So what's the best fit thing device to estimate calories burnt? I'm having a hard time estimating it and might just get the device to take out any guess work.
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