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Nah, material is nice. Just fat quads here.
They are a 34. Here's the measurments now after wearing around the house for a few. I could imagine the same size will probably measure different, depends on which pair you get -waist - 36"F.Rise - 11.5"B.Rise - 16"Thigh - 12.5"Knee - 9"LO - 8.25"
No Waist is actually 2" too big. Which is normal for me.
Going to need a good 1.5" of stretching to make these comfortable. Thigh is 12", I need something like 13". They do seem like they might stretch, but I'm not expecting that much. Damn slim jeans! I like them though. Anyone know similar style white jeans what have a bigger top block? Wearing Sugar Canes 1947s a lot makes me like really comfy pants..
at 5'7", I'm surprised they let me vote.
so many manlets
This is an insane package - http://www.gamestop.com/wii/games/metroid-prime-trilogy/74982. All 3 metroid prime games which are amazing.Super Mario Galaxy is probably the best 3D mario since 64. Get that!Okami Wii is an awesome zelda like RPG, it's very old school though 60+ hour Zelda RPG with great art.Resident Evil 4.Uhm.. there's probably a lot more. I play a bunch of Wii games on my PC through an emulator, they all look so good since I can turn up the graphics a ton.
Bro share that discount.
PRing on my own program. Feels good. This isn't even heavy PR week, next week is. Then a get a deload!
Eason ->
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