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Didn't someone here have ab pain and it turned out to be some sort of kidney failure?
What about goblet squats? Bulgarian split squats? I'd regress away from the squat if you're having hip problems. Anatomically the hips should be able to squat down, that's what they were designed to do. There's just something going on with you. Regressing away from the squat and doing single legged stuff should tell you whats wrong. Like if you suck at bulgarian split squats then you have tight hip flexors.fwiw I haven't back squatted in a good 6+ months.
What's the best meal timing for working out later in the evening? Like finishing working out around 9:30PM. I usually like having a big meal post working out but doesn't seem like it would make sense to consume few hundred grams of carbs then go to sleep an hour or so later.
I've tried DUP and actually got weaker. I'm a god awful athlete and pretty pitiful, like I need to focus all my energy into one thing to get any sort of results.
I trained with my friend for 4+ months who had him as a coach. It's simple, don't need to over complicate it even if you're working on three aspects of training. Week was a mix of strength days, hypertrophy days, and endurance days. When training like that you have to up the carbs, something like add 400carbs to what you were already eating.
So what does a novice bodybuilding program look like? I'm at that odd stage in weightlifting now, been lifting for 3 years, to where linear gains has all but been used up and going to the gym and "lift more than yesterday" is getting me no where. I guess maybe I need to go from 4 days in gym to 5 or start playing around with volume and intensity..He's local here and is a damn good athlete and training, also gives out free advice all the time, great guy. All his...
I was playing some indie sci fi stealth game last week and the first elevator I tried the Deus Ex code and it worked. Great game. I really enjoy the series.
damn no frills given me body issues.
I think the weighted side hit the ground first, so I didn't get nailed that hard. I dunno, it didnt hurt but it was literally right after a PR set and I already had adrenaline going. I feel like it didn't hit me that hard, everyone thought I was dead. I think I got SUPER lucky. This is actually something I worry about a lot, I've seen it happen about 3x now (even at my powerlifting gym, it happens I guess), but every time it hit drywall or a mirror.
Did a squat set then immediately got nailed by the barbell in the rack next to me because the dude fully unloaded one side. It catapulted over the rack and hit me square in the temple. Fuckin globo gyms. My own fault for being a squat warrior, I should have been on the preacher curl machine as no one can hurt me over there.
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