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I'm about to put some rice in this burrito. I got that Zojirushi for $35. Being seasonal employee at a retailer has some benefits. I sort of want to stock up on nice kitchen stuff while I have this going on.
It comes out perfect 100% of the time. Sometimes I mess up rice because I forget to stir, didn't add enough water or didn't simmer enough.
It's just really easy to throw rice + water in it, then go prepare the rest of the dinner while it's cookin
My intraworkout shake is 150g of sugar alone.
Bush you need to seek out PRI stuff like 90/90 breathing. That will get your hips in neutral. Dark side strength posts good stuff on that, look at their YouTube.
35.they are stretchy in the waist
I frequent the only store in my city that sells stuff I might wear, Americana type stuff. I've bought like two things from them in the three years that I've been here, but I go about once a month just to shoot the shit.
I got a rice cooker. It's nice but it makes a fucking mess, the top steam thing bubbles everywhere.
I had one bicep vain at the end of last cut. Hoping for at least 3 visible veins total in body.
writing my bodybuilding cycle and cutting some stuff out of diet. time to get vain
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