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Yes, haha retail is draining. Though this certain place sees low low low traffic.
Anyone ever thought of working as a sales associate at a local store that stocks stuff you dig? I'm going to grad school later this year and need a bit of side cash. I could make a lot more doing side contract work in my field, but at the same time working 80 hours a week in the same field seems sorta boring.
Worth a try with their ma1 jackrt w/ free shipping. Thanks be the one?
Anyone got recs for a chunky shawl collard cardigan for under $100? Uniqlo didn't do one this season and they are usually my go to.
Ah, now I remember the Japanese photos. Gotta look back now of 6 pages about a sweatshirt to find it You want this years cut as its the best, the two listings on uniqlo site is just their site being shitty, I don't think they are still selling old cuts. But either way this is the version you want. Before ordering a few pairs check the measurements as they are provided, I've had in my possession a size 29, 30, and 31 verified that the provided measurements were reasonably...
You'd think we would see something about the lemaire uniqlo u summer line by now?
Panel hats: unilo has a good hat this season, blue wool with flannel inside and leather strap for $19. I wear it lots.
I'm hoping Levi's expands their 501 stretch line this year with some better fabric.
Ah, too tapered for me. Looks line a fat carrot.
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