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dips are full body starting strength compound lift, you can get 17" biceps by doing them too.. hip drive
I don't really do them that much pitched forward, if I want to get my chest more I do. But I wanted to blast the delts a bit more.
My shoulders are so sore right now from dips.
If anyone doesn't like their reigning champ shit in size large that they got one sale, hit me up.
I want a merino wool hoodie but I want to get it on sale Any hoodies which are sorta short? Ii'm 5'7" but wide because of weightlifting. The Ibex ones were really short which I loved, but i'm not feeling the wool/polyester blend one I got.
I like how they fit. I wear a large and I'm 5'7" so there's a bit of a problem with length of shirt and sleeves but that can be fixed.
Fashion.. I forgot to pull them up for the set.
Getting better at paused front squats. Last set, I definitely rushed the pause and flat out didn't pause on a rep or two.
Eason bet me $100 to charity I can't total 1,000lbs by the end of last year. I probably can't.
Pshhhhhhb I need a paycheck first. Money don't grow on trees for me.
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