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soft shoulder = less padding?
Yea, probably. Everything is a problem for manlet.
looks like he's wearing a jacket from a highschool cheer-leading squad.
Yup sad truth. You can either look sharp in a suit but look dainty in your cropped sweatpants at the gym. Or look like a wrapped sausage in a suit or a boss in the gym. The secret is freeing yourself from #menswear. Or be like me and look shitty in both.
^ speaking of arms. Back in highschool when I was looking at bodybuilding programs a lot of them had arms day same day as legs. So it was like Sunday - Legs / Arms, Tuesday - Shoulders / Tris, Thursday - Back / Bis, Saturday - Bench. I was thinking of doing something like this, I could cruise for awhile on the muscle I've built in my legs powerliftings. My biceps are a little over 15" flexed, I'd really like to see 16" at same bodyweight in like 8 months or so. On another...
Hendrix mark bell is the biggest shill and the industry. And the fact that your hanging your hat on his opinion is hilarious. I'm not even defending foam rolling, I don't do it anymore myself.
Gotcha. I think I'll continue wearing my $90 suit until next time I'm in NYC or San Fran, then get measured properly.
Gotcha, thank you for the information. I should probably just stick to OTR then, because I'm not picky at all when it comes to suits. As long as it fits in the shoulders, chest, and the pants dont fall off when I stand up. I'm ok, I don't do too much hand wringing over suits.I might try indochino though, its' like $269 for a shark skin wool suit. Seems worth it to try.
Are Indochino suits any decent? I have a god awful like polyester/rayon suit and just don't feel right interviewing in it. Indochino running a sale on wool sharksuits and I was thinking of getting one.
Yea, I'm a basic bitch. I like a light grey
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