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Keep or sell? [[SPOILER]]
I hate having something which doesn't fit for sale which no one wants for some reason, meanwhile I'd kill for one my size in that price range.
I suggest making it three sentences, he's not going to read through all that shit.
APK It's never failed me post breakup
holy shit hendrix said something smart
lol you got someone else jacket and the advice here is to keep it and be happy. Keep it and bank chargeback.
Spent like $200 for four pairs of the PBJ loose tapered. But now I have jeans in a dark / light wash in both sizes which will fit me when I'm cutting and when I'm trying to put on weight.
I now just machine wash / dry my raw denim right when I get it, to get the shrink out and make them a bit more comfortable. I find that funny in contrast to how I would baby the shit out of denim when I got it four years or so ago.
Yea, ill go to five guys if I wana destroy myself on a burger.
I'm still going to eat Pizza every Sunday. nobody can take that away from me. tuna fish game on high, skipping the butter on tuna mac though.
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