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Decided to start making regular runs to thrift stores locally. Saving for graduate school and I've also been feeling like my consumerism has gotten a bit out of hand lately. It feels a lot more economical to buy clothes that are already made and can be re-used. First run, I've been looking for a chunky blucher with a plantation sole for awhile and I found these for $12. GH Bass made in Italy, chunky enough and sole makes them fit good in my casual wardrobe.
Love that car SVB, I drive a vintage car from that era. Wonderful.
Still expensive to me.. Samples and one offs use to sell at appropriate prices....
Thanks, but I like the mock neck collar.
Any made in USA alternatives to standard carhartt sherpa vest? I saw one on context clothing that's sweet but shits like $500...
Any password?
Yea it looked like USPS was delivering today, weird.
Thrifted quoddy black mocs? New with box $80. I need a lighter shoe as my only boot is a black Alden tanker. But black probably too dark for warmer weather.
I went -2 in waist. So I'm a true 32" waist and went with a size 30. I got the 11oz selvedge stretch. I did a hot wash and tumble dry after getting them, they seem to be stretching back close to raw measurements.Here's measurements I took -
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