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Talk of nice squat shoes makes me want a pair.. so expensive tho!With the bar a bit higher the weight gets out too far in front of me because of my short torso. I will re-visit that though once I rework how I'm bracing my spine and hips. I really think I'm getting bent forward because my abdominal pressure is weak and I'm thinking chest puffed out = I'm tight. Maybe once I get it right I can move the bar up a bit and be a bit more upright too. I've realized this because I...
Yea, I'm like 30% femur and my torso is the size of a modest watermelon.I squat monday then Deadlift + highbar squat thursday. Front squats is a really good accessory to deadlift from what I hear, greg had me doing paused front squats on deadlift days and I really liked it.
Currently changing my squat form. Realized the way it currently is I'm going to be stuck at 370 forever if I don't change it. I noticed that my ribs are flared up and lower back is in too much extension, it's just a stupid carry over from learning how to squat from Starting Strength. Learning to actually breath out a tad once the weight is racked so I can get my abs fired up and put my pelvis back in neutral. So I'm supported by my abs and glutes at the top of my squad and...
I've had these four for like 3 years.
Denim is out there and it's cheaper than ever since you can buy directly from japan with free shipping. I pay no more than $130 a pair and I have a few nice pairs.
currently posting in a hammock outside of my house, since my steak flooded my apartment with smoke. derp
Took my PRI class tonight, was definitely interesting. It makes sense that a lot of elite powerlifters / strongman are getting good results from it. Lacross balls and stuff do great to alleviate problems but if your pelvis and shoulders suck then they are just going to get fucked up again down the road.
I use to get neck / shoulder pain from squat days. My squat day is something like 90 reps. My strongman fried suggested getting a mouthguard because having something to bite down on puts the neck in a better position. I think it actually helped..
Concept link meh to a % based volume program on bench.
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