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Dude. No. Why on earth would you do this if you had lower back problems. There's way to stretch your hip flexors without pulling your lower back in crazy extension.How old are you? I can't remember if you're 23 or around 28. When you start nearing 30 shit just gets injured for no reason and stuff takes forever to heal up. Sometimes it's just simply, you're getting old bruh. I think it's a bit funny when someone I'm working out with who's over 30 has like some crazy ten...
Awesome. I've had bookmarked the Our Legacy page and just been randomly checking. Got a linen blazer and a suede zip shirt. If anyone got a medium in the suede zip shirt and needs to trade it for a large, I'll probably be a bit too small for the large now. Who knows, maybe it will be slim.
Those the plastic birkenstock for around the house? I've been using uniqlo house slippers but maybe I should check those out.
Any good minimal summer linen blazers? Something that fits short and wide and won't set me back a ton.
So the Tres Bien presale is 25%. What's their full sale? Guessing that's gonna happen next week.
Up for sale is a Dickies X Context 1950 Denim Trucker Jacket Large Selvedge Denim Made in USA. The jacket is lightly worn and comes with tags. This is a really awesome jacket, wish I didn't grow out of it. It fits a true size Large.
Can anyone comment on how the hidden zip jean jacket fits?I'm usually a 48 if it's oversized or a 50 if it's super slim.
Up for sale is a pair of Sugar Cane 1947s in size 34 x 30. They have been lightly worn and lock-stitched hemmed to 30" inseam. $90 Shipped. Waist - 34 Front Rise - 12" Thigh - 12.5" Knee - 9.75" Leg Opening - 9"
Someone hit me up if you got the Converse Vaporous Grey in size 8.5. I got a 9 but lookin to buy an 8.5.
Lol mix grip. Learn to grip casual.
New Posts  All Forums: