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I think I've said this before, but I really should have gotten more pairs of Our Legacy jeans at the sample sale for $25 each. But alas my bags were full and I ended up having to wear extra clothes on the flight because they wouldn't fit!
You speak the truth.
Yea! That's what was happening to me. Always felt like they need to be pulled up with a 9 3/4" rise..
I had two pairs of the high tapered. Sold em, but liked them very much. I need a lil stretch in my life now adays, so I also got a pair of 501 CT stretch because they are a very similar cut and a pair of 501 stretch sized down for a bit of a taper. Wow if they made the JB High Tapered with some of the japanese stretch denim that are popping up, that would be epic. At $135 a pair, that's a good value imo.
Went real dad yesterday, got a pair of Levi's 501 stretch. Contemporary jeans are crazy slim now adays, like a straight fit is now 9" rise and 7" leg opening. Top block on jeans look like they were cut in half on me.
Nope, they only had a few pairs. Gone now. Bomber was in stock too
email, I'm not even sure the $100+ I saved is worth the 4x a day emails they send me.
Yea, sorry forgot code
Eastdane doing a 30% off selected sale. Some good Geller stuff like the bomber and side zips.
I'd just like a thin minimal leather belt for jeans that's $40ish I got a few from leather good connections and they are so damn thick it doesn't look right. Any recommendations?
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