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This seems nice for a bachelors pad -http://www.amazon.com/SONOS-PLAY-Compact-Wireless-Streaming/dp/B00EWCUK1Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409146801&sr=8-1&keywords=SonosCan stream music from pretty much anywhere from your phone; pandora, spotify, music collection on another pc, on a networked hard drive, in the cloud.
True nutrition for me. not really into artificial sweetners Got some superfeet insoles, dat old man feet.
Ephedrine and caffeine, think that the cheapest and best pre workout.Funny you mentioned this, I tried this today.
Why dost thou not grow VMO? I wish I had the teardrop I use to have when I oly lifted. I've tried BB lunges, front squats, just makes my quads bigger.
Where them compression shorts with short inseam? I like the Nike combats but my gym shorts have like a 3" inseam so usually they be poking through.
Fuckin MTV. This dude just won shirt off scene then took his shirt off on stage and had like 20lbs of muscle.
Eason such a dick, even trolls his lover.
I think Knucks posted the name because it sounded like a fake name. Don't think he would purposely do that.
First day of three meals worked pretty good. Had a small protein shake with coffee in the week hours of the morning, worked out, had breakfast which was 8 eggs + 2 egg whites, 2 sausage, bowl of grape nuts and strawberry, lunch was 3 cans of tuna on a sandwich, had another shake with gatoriade, dinner was a bit of sushi.
Ah, I probably should have said main goal is hypertrophy. Strength is just whatever, like I'd like to do 315 x 10 with a good tempo more than squatting 450 right now. So 12-15 rep stuff helps a lot. Only reason why i really do tripples at the end of cycle is when I did 20 weeks of high rep training I fucking hated it, learned that if I did just some heavy work I was much happier mentally.
New Posts  All Forums: