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them 180 lean dreams.
Hate when that happens. That means I gotta deadlift tomorrow at like 7am, def not going to be able to touch anything above 380
long work week. Dragged my ass to the gym to force myself to deadlift but it was already closed, was sort of happy because I was on the fence If I should. I'm putting away some serious cash though for my house, spending some money though too.. updating TV and speakers but sony is taking such good care of me I can't resist the price.
knucks got jacked
I can't wait to go to stag in a few months.
Yea, def will. Just trying to save for a house right now and was like hmm do I really need this. But I can keep that system for awhile and move it into my new house.
Cool, I have been thinking about setting up my apartment with a full system. I get 75% off bc I know the marketing duder from there.
This seems nice for a bachelors pad -http://www.amazon.com/SONOS-PLAY-Compact-Wireless-Streaming/dp/B00EWCUK1Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409146801&sr=8-1&keywords=SonosCan stream music from pretty much anywhere from your phone; pandora, spotify, music collection on another pc, on a networked hard drive, in the cloud.
True nutrition for me. not really into artificial sweetners Got some superfeet insoles, dat old man feet.
Ephedrine and caffeine, think that the cheapest and best pre workout.Funny you mentioned this, I tried this today.
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