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Agreed. Like our parents were decent drivers. Our generation though is so damn distracted. I see people swerving into bike lanes all the time because they are on their phones or fucking with their stereos. What I like about this area though is they have trails that wind through the whole city, but eventually there's parts that are on main roads.
How to not get killed while biking to work? I love to bike but the amount of distracted drivers out there have completely made me stop. I just bmx on the grass now.
I'm going to see Donnie Thompson today. Had a really important interview this week, dream job, and my stomach was in knots. But I can't wait to see what Donnie Thompson has to say.
How does the OG pants fabric compare to the futureworks fabric?
Like New. $56 shipped. Thanks! Waist - 17" Front Rise - 11.75" thigh - 13.5" leg opening - 8"
Yup, cooking in advance the only way to survive if you got a busy schedule. Lots of stuff freeze well or at least just stow it away in a fridge.
Hmm watcha mean? Heels dont look like they are coming off the ground. I will do that sometimes though
It's only legit ART if they hold down trigger points and put that area through range of motion. So deep tissue is just a harder back rub while ART they work out the kinks through putting the area through a range of motion. Gratson is done with little tools to break up tissue damage and restore range of motion in the area and speed up recovery. Deep tissue feels good but is pretty useless as far as changes in tissue quality, but if feels damn good and people get a lot out...
Haha I just saw that. Snagged a black apolis chore jacket for $170, last one.
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