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Ibex stuff really nice. I got a full merino wool baselayer during this winter and it promptly became 26*C outside. Oh well, excited to have it for next year.
Large should shrink up a little everywhere. I'm like between a small and medium right now and medium slowly shrinks.
I'd like to find a supima shawl, saw one in grailed and didn't known it was a standard PE item. Looks great for spring.
I have not, measurements look great though. I've tried blue japan high taper and have a pair of the Naked and Famous high taper, they both taper too much but these 3sixteen look to be the perfect taper.
Crazy to say but LL Bean has the best contemporary high rise taper with their classic cut right now. Size 30 has a 30" waist, 12" front rise, 12.25" thigh, and 7" leg opening.
Airism up online. AC in wagon perma-broke so gonna stock up. They look sized as baselayers. But if I size up one probably fit like a regular T.
That's insane. I've noticed my peers have very little concept of how their money is spent. I've helped some budget and I'm floored when I see that some of my peers are making $20-40k more a year than me but are hardly getting by with the basics. Seems like when you get over the $80k a year you start to have more money than sense.
Yea if Ervell would focus on his staples and make them continually better year after year while lowering the price that would be perfect.Thanks!It only feels tight on the back when I gotta reach for something far away, though the jacket has awesome arm gussets in the back that give you room to move. I just packed it up in storage since winter seems to be done, will keep.
Ahhh, nice I need to look into that. Ok 40 cent fee, I thought that was $4 fee hah.
Is there a better way to calculate what you might owe after purchase, shipping to Zenmarket, then shipping to you? I like using the service but I always end up having to do 3-4 deposits (getting hit with paypal fee each time) to get the amount right.
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