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Sounds like DOMS to me
first i gotta get to the point of lifting heavy
lift heavy and tren hard
Yea, I hear ya. 10 x 3 with heavy %s would drain the shit out of me.
I have no clue about TUT, I've seen it been disputed a lot. I have slowed down all my reps though to make them what people would consider tutting, because I noticed powerlifting taught me to maximize my leveradges and catch a big bounce on everything. If I slowed it down a lot it forced the muscles to contract and pump more at those end ranges of motion, instead of the joints powering through it. Don't know if that makes sense of if it's just broscience.
Yea, that makes sense to me.Absolutely, it's been proven with science and bro-science time and time again. There's tons of variables that need to be addressed first, but if done right higher rep with lighter weight will lead to more hypertrophy. You still need to lift heavy though, I'm talking like 225+ lbs for few sets of 15, 12, 10, 15 etc.
Ah yes, solid information. Since I decided to only compete once a year in November because it's easier on the body that way and a good milestone to determine progress, I can look at my programming from a 12 month perspective instead of 4 week mini cycles. I then start looking at stuff put out by NSCA on athletes during off season, so that would be January to mid September for me. It made lots of sense to focus for those months on gaining muscle while staying lean and...
jarude - http://www.mobilitywod.com/ready-to-run-exclusive-content/?utm_source=Mobility%7CWod&utm_campaign=285e5a8eb9-Ready_to_Run_Exclusive_Video_16_6_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e9105748a3-285e5a8eb9-75593421 quit breathing with your scalenes
front squats on deadlift day, always
Yea well my foot hurts
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