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Hard to believe in 2016 that some people are oblivious to credit card APRs. But I guess that is the sad truth. When I worked for the GAP and Best Buy through college they loved me because I'd pull 3-6 credit card applications per shift. Probably should feel guilty about that but I could sit in the break room for like 4 of my 8 hour shiftand the managers wouldn't care because I'd pull those numbers when I was on the sales floor.
Nice, they look like the fit I want. Are they way cheaper in japan?
Same haha. Though stretch denim really never stacks right around the knee and what not.
Yea denbt makes me feel real uncomfortable. I zero out all my cards at the end of the month and I drive a 300k mile Volvo 240 that I work on myself because I hate taking loans for cars. The Paypal balance is stuff I return. I use it as fake money which bothers me, like yea I'll just order three pairs of these pants to get the size right. Then bam $700 balance.
Nice, I had a pair that I loved. Was pretty itchy for the first three months. But really soften up. I'd like to find a place with accurate sugar cane measurements so I could try them again..
Bahah so true, the salt is real though during the morning of missing ala sale.
Pretty sure people could wear sugar canes forever. Classic
Yea, i hear ya. I'm pretty good with money. I had a budget first year of college because I was dead broke. Been managing my money well ever since. I'm gone a wear Levis 501 and uniqlo Ts through grad school haha.
What Levis cut this be?
Need some advice being a bit more economical with my money as I'm starting grad school soon. Clothes is probably my fourth big expense. This sale season has been pretty crazy, hard to resist as my wardrobe is small and stuff has been nearing 80-90% off. Paypal credit has been a huge enabler as they do 6 month free financing on anything over $100, so i figure it's a free "let's try it out, if I don't like I'll return". But this has resulted in me keeping a running paypal...
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