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Our legacy from last season. Linen overdyed bomber.
whut. That sleeveless reigning champ thing is dumb. Should only be allowed to wear if you're a bodybuilder.
I have that bomber and love it.
I gotta adjust cals, lower them and probably add another day of cardio.
Lol redc2 can't be serious
Haagen Dazs makes some good shit, I bet thats delicious.
Yup. I want this season CP grey suede slip ons but must resist.
He will probably be fine. The thing is he had a plan and stuck to it, and as a result will probably make good gains in the end. Better than most people who can't make up their mind and program hop or don't see out what they started.
olympic lifting is dumb why bother. it's hard as hell and isn't rewarding. plus majority of the people suck at it. i have well developed form of both movements, can hit triple extension no problem, but i never ever use it for hypertrophy or strength. but to answer your question you can learn it yourself. snatch is the most technical movement.
New Posts  All Forums: