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tesseract when should I start doing like 15-30 rep stuff? I mostly stay in the 8,10,12 range throughout my workouts.
I'll do some research on that, thanks.Ya fuck hip flexors. Mine are giant and no one cares, they are also a pain in the ass because they get super tight. I've been spending the past 20 minutes jamming a lacross ball into them so they can relax.
lil bit from Mike Israetel book -
I wonder if I should use the rest of this bronkaid on the cut. I felt like it worked last time. After-all I did go from like 200lbs with a 308lb squat to 168lbs with a 350 squat, I just forgot how often to take it and dosage and such.
powerlifting is a lot of hips strength, bodybuilding dont care about hips.
Dunno, my first two years of lifting was powerlifting. I feel like that told me how to properly lift. I see guys at the gym who can hardly deadlift 125lbs without looking like gumby and I'm thankfull I have that background in focusing on the big three. Now time to grow my medial delts and biceps.
Yea, good idea. They are pretty decent, like cheap APCs with the minimal pocket detailing and whatnot.
Damn. I got a 34 and the waist is already too big. Will prob get a 32 or 33 when done with cut
Nice gn. What size are those pbj uniqlos?
Yea, chinos so middle management. And goodluck finding something which doesn't have giant pocket flare.
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