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Well my upper body is def growing; biceps, traps, especially delts, lats, and triceps and so is quads and VMO. But I've gone from working with 370+ in deadlift to 280 and 310+ in squat to 225.
That's dope
Yup, exactly. Wanted to say that but I just told Crat to keep chest more out. Hah didn't want to sound like a broken record. It's also something I need to work on in the squat.
Looks good. I think you could do more weight with your hips higher, but would be better served staying at that height in the long run.
Crat - It looks better than last video and that video looked better than the last one. Keep up the good work, keep that chest up a bit more too imo.video don't work.
I wait for that shit to hit rock bottom. No one buy my larges
I Opened up a Roth and put the maximum in, then opened up a individual account which goal is to be a nice down payment on a house in 4 years (even though I don't want to buy a house, and like renting, but I figured that is a decent goal). Was sorta easy after the general guidance today. My retirement date is 2050, got a lot of livin to do. I took a look at what I woulda lost at 2009 and sorta shat a brick.
Great progress. 175 is your fighting weight.
Once a week is good. Elliot husle doesn't even lift, don't listen to that guy. Most importantly post form videos here, or get a coach.
Okay, I'll check that out. I have roth IRA now. Already capped it out for 2014. dem retirement gains
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