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Yea, these workout well for me. I got them for like $40 from the Our Legacy sample sale. I should have snatched up like 4 of them in different washes.. darn.I also should have gotten that washed dnim jacket with the tiger on the back.. darn. But my suitcase hardly held what I bought.
Chinos always pull like crazy in the pockets for me
Not really, PTs have been going off the notion that the body is symmetrical for a long time. If you can find me something that references LAIC without Hruska Clinic's name on it..
Your pelvis tilted all day, everyone's is. You should really check out PRI shit.
Gah, those are nice too. I might just jump on a PTB.
bah, i wish i could afford Alden PTB in cordovan right now. just bought a pair of black tankers.. but want something for summer now haha
I went to NYC and London, searched for some jawns and felt like I tried on everything under the sun. I ended up with a pair of Our Legacy Zero Cuts, APC Petit standards (my ass hangs out of these but I think it's funny), and Blue Japan High Tapered (these are the best)The Uniqlo selvedge with stretch were really nice too, I just don't like jeans with spandex.
Who makes a good webbing belt with decent hardware that's not too expensive? Need a black one to replace one I have.. side note, i remember NDG having a cool webbing belt.
yea i guess some toes on chelseas are chunky.
Chelsea boots gonna look weird on a dude with big hips / legs since they are slim? I've got a pretty good drop right now, 40" chest 32" waist. But I definitely have a big ass / legs. lookin for an easy summer boot / shoe. Maybe ill just find a suede PTB.
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