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Anyone got tips on decreasing the amount of sleep needed? I think it's mostly a genetic thing, but for the past three years I've been getting a solid 9-10 hours. As I get older and have more things I want to get done during the day, it's become a problem. I wish I could get a solid 7 and not feel like crap.
Can anyone link me to this cardigan? Seems like a good replacement for my +J one which I wear a lot.
I'm not tracking cals this time around. I am in my head, but not writing it down or anything. Mostly eye balling everything.
If they do like suede basic ones, that would be it for me. I get vans at 60% off, so I stick with them. But I'd definately turn to Uniqlo for a CP alternative.
I didn't track measurements but I feel like all these incline benches, shrugs, delt raises have fixed my Starting Strength chicken neck problems.
Whoa, what's this true fit on Uniqlos website? I put in my info, put in gitman as best fitting shirt, and it said uniqlo is too tight in chest and waist and sleeves too long. Spot on actually.
Dude there's normal girls at 130lbs who pull 420 plus on the reg. But grats on pr
Yea. I've spent a ton of time researching ways to keep my hips / back healthy, I think I'll always be able to maintain a decent squat and deadlift because of this. But the time obsessing over that stuff could be spent focusing on bicep and delt development.
Okay, will do thanks.
I think this talks about PRI in a pretty accessible way. If anyone interested, it's a lot of what chris duffin talks about http://www.menshealth.com/health/the-power-of-breathing?fullpage=true
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