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It's more of a consignment shop. I use to pull selvedge denim and streetwear from there all day long. But I've guess they have caught on and sometimes I see their prices and I'm like I'm not even sure I'd pay that for a new item. Stopped by today and saw a nice ISAORA made in USA jacket and a NDG jacket; passed on both because of price.Yea, I mostly pick up streetwear as it's for myself. Though I'll never pass on vintage LL bean and Patagonia.
Man my go to spot is getting too expensive. Good stuff but priced even over grailed.
I feel like Uniqlo is manufacturing their garments with sale prices in mind. I've been shopping Uniqlo for awhile and I don't think it's ever been this cheap per item? So my question now is who's doing reasonably price high quality basics now.. Uniqlo provided measurements use to be spot on. Last few things i have gotten have been way off.
I'd want a black one.
Damn be supimas even worse? I was gonna restock
335ish sounds good for me.
I think the recommendation for a DL waffle rerun is great. I don't tend to want items that much, but that's something which has stuck with me for the years. Wouldn't mind the opportunity to get a new one
I like that John boy wears visvim.
Ibex stuff really nice. I got a full merino wool baselayer during this winter and it promptly became 26*C outside. Oh well, excited to have it for next year.
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