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HNGGG, i go to her gym sometimes.
Yea. Slight taper in the leg opening, very slight
My jeans are so baggy on me now. Down to like a 32.5" waist, wearing size 34 1947s. Oh well. I've been bulking for a few weeks now though. Should hopefully fill them out in the waist again.
GN share me paella crock pot recipe Fuji you lean mang
GN inspired me to seek out Paella for the first time. Was not disappointed. Now I'm eating the birthday cake I bought for myself, for no reason.
Yea, I'd die standing if I ever saw anyone grind out a hard rep in my gym. Bunch of ladies.
Best True Nutrition Whey? Finally ran out of the 75lbs of ON I got for free from Amazon, felt like it lasted a year.
That looks damn good.
Epcot is so awesome.
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