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Those baggies jeans look good. Remind me of my worn Sugar Canes 1947 with a giant 9" leg opening, but there's some special about them so I keep them around.
Wearing the dry stretch pants now around the house. They are decent and comfortable. But have started to pill. I would rec though.
My man. You know how to live in Fla.
That new Death Grips sounds like it will be a great gym banger.
Absolutely. I've had success with it months later too.
The bank can do a reverse charge on him. Give them a call.
Guess we all been cutting. I'm down 5-6ish pounds in 3 weeks.
Concept you feel like you're getting too big to layer chunky stuff like that? I can't layer think stuff or I look like a ninja turtle.
I mean she is not wrong, both mono blacks and mono whites look like something an orthopedic doctor would sell. You gotta imagine viewing them from a perspective without the fashion connotation. I like them, but I could see people thinking that.
I'm trying to get the raw in 35
New Posts  All Forums: