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What's EG shirt sizing like, looking at the Layfayette shirt? I'm 5'7 175lbs but I'll get up to 195lbs. Usually a Large / big medium in gitman.
Dunno, I just wouldn't be naive about it. Plan for it accordingly in your program.
Yea but none of us are untrained fat asses. Most of us have gone through our newb gains or are close to exhausting them. But yes I guess that should go with a caveat.
Jesus Christ that .gif. Fuji the science is on the internet somewhere.
I guess depends if you can still get well sore from 3 x 5. I gotta do 4 x 5 then 2 x 6 on my higher volume days in order to still increase work capacity. Whatever works for you, I was told that on a cut the name of the game is to get sore and if you're not completely sore the next day (with the capacity to recover before the next muscle group day comes along) then you dun fucked up.
Mark its literally scientifically impossible to gain muscle while eating under maintenance. You loose some, even of its a small amount despite doing everything right. I've still been setting prs but prob because the 20lbs I lost is 20lbs less i gotta squat and my bench is still novice so it should always go up. Your capacity for volume should decrease and weight lifted should stay on the main lifts. 5x5 isn't much volume tho, my 4x10 1x12 is very hard
Is there a cheap 2.5-3" 13MM belt?
Sweet. My arm was in a sling for awhile when I hurt my A/C joint a few weeks ago, that's what I did. Just start low, smolov on SSB gets heavy real fast.
I meant to say after I posted that, I think my friend is getting fake drugs. Me and him started lifting around the same time, he hired some expensive coach in LA who would also administer his drugs. I didn't see him for a year and met up with him recently and It seemed like I put on more muscle over the year. Maybe he just has shit genetics.
Oh lol it's giant http://i.imgur.com/Fmw05wn.jpg
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