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Our Legacy Bomber 100% linen. Want a light bomber for the spring and haven't seen any s/s 2015 ones I like, was wondering if anyone has seen this in person. I think it's s/s 2014. Seems nice.
Thats good news. Far and above their best collab.
Hah, Suddenlee using a USPS Priority box to ship stuff with Fedex. No fucks given. That free Uniqlo hem though. Last Uniqlo order I got a handwritten note that just said "I LOVE YOU!!!!!"
I don't know why but that actor who plays the denim snob makes me laugh so hard every time he's on the show. He's great.
Cool, I thought I was the acronym guy first. Hah
Who's this fashion intern wearing common projects In this Oscar commercial. Seen it like 3x
From what I saw the stretch pair will have a smaller seat and thigh but has less of a taper than the pbj. You like the pbj pair? I got the lightest wash, sized up to 35 and will probably send back to get a 34 since I'm starting a cut.
Everyone i know that takes tren has super small nipples. I don't know anything about gear though, so could be something else they all take or just a result of low low body fat %.
having gyno would absolutely suck, i just want to take tren to get tren nips tbh
They have a decent amount of stretch. Not as much as the Slim fit stretch jeans which are king for range of motion, I was telling my friend if they had a gusset Outlier would sell them for $300.
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