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Had chipotle burritto and a taco then Wendy's burger and chicken sandwich. The bulk is real.
Bench is def increasing, just set a cgb pr that's close to my flat bench. I feel like the bigger chest and arms have shortened my stroke. VLSI I dint mind, I don't try to stay anonymous online. It keeps me better mannered thay way. Kunk its just a dead simple way to track progress, the 1rm. I've passed so many people in the first year at my globo gym because powerlifting taught me how to be dedicated and structured. I do agree with you though.
Rippetoe wrote an article today about how doms leads to bronchitis and does not mean you're getting stronger. Hrs the best troll
Yet we all are absolutely drowned in marketing day in and day out.
Congrats, if I stay in Marketing then a masters would eventually be in my plan. At this point in Marketing it is pretty satisfying, when I first started I would sorta get upset because I would do all the work then someone else would put their name on it. Now that I'm much higher in the ranks I get to lead everything and it's great to step back and look at the things I made.This is my rough job description for duties and responsibilities -• Lead global branding strategy...
Since there's always talk about jobs here. I wonder how dumb it is to change careers at 26. I have a bachelors in Marketing and have had a successful career right out of highschool, started with an internship where I was the assistant to the CEO at a marketing firm, then got a full time marketing pr communications specialist job once I moved up here, now I'm a marketing and pr director. I'm looking at my next career step and I just don't know if I want to work inside an...
Yea, it does. It's the same way Travis Mash taught me when I had a few 1 on 1s with him. I guess some of the best conventional deadlifters had massive quads.
Have you tried hitting that place 3x a day for a week straight? Sometimes that stuff can be extremely cranky. You never answered last time I asked if you went on a really high dose of NSAIDs for two weeks?
I switched because I decided I wanted to be a better rounded lifter, instead of just focusing on the 1-3RM for another straight year like I did my first year of lifting. Current plan is to just cycle a simple bodybuilding routine and power lifting routine throughout the year. I think the combination of the two compliment each other well and it seems like a great way to stay balanced and uninjured. I tried to add bodybuilding type work into my program before, Greg helped...
New Posts  All Forums: