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Yea, unfortunately I only have one night. Maybe I can talk with work and have them extend it so I can go to NYC and stay with friends.
Thanks for the info. What brands might I find at the Georgetown Barneys? I'll check out Marketto, maybe I'll wear my rafdiddas because that's about as close as I get to that look haha.
I workout with friends alot now. Just sorta goof off and lift. Get a pump. I find it fun. My new girlfriend is super on it as far as being active and eating good. I've been leaning out a good amount because of it.
Need some recommendations for shopping in Washington, DC. Would like a place to try on Geller or Ervell, or a Bloomingdales that has SF brands on sale? So far I have - Arcteryx Steven Alan Commonwealth Federal Alden
CP slips on? I want a pair but I dunno bout $200 slippies
Is taking the waist in on jeans easy work for a tailor? I gotta size up for my thighs and usually would just wear a belt but I the extra fabric gets bunched up when I do.
Ah yea, I think it was Malin + Goetz that was recommended before.. I really do like the Baxter one but want a break from the scent.
Damn that h and m comment had me checking their website. Been awhile. Its like you can buy Geller, ERVELL, mmm pieces for $50
that supima sweater looks nice.. wish the white was off white. might just get a ervell pocket sweater
What deodorant you guys using? I've been using Baxter for about a year now, really like it but wanted to mix it up. I think there was a similar light deodorant that was recommended, its a bit more expensive? Dunno $25 sorta the limit
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