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I think one size smaller would be too small. Rides up because its thick will fold over itself after awhile, looks good.
peopel buying band shirts in longsleeve or short sleeve? band collars always look like missionary shirts to me.
I've had a package bounce between four post offices here for a good three weeks. Decided to be that guy and go to the post office to see what's up and the worker there put on the most spectacular display of deviating any extra work he had to do. He was like a grand master in slacking off. I just left without my package but generally impressed by the guy.
Just get some mono new balance 990 v3 they are going to be way more comfortable that any of those.
I don't think uniqlo gonna release anything good from here on out. They are talking about matching with Zara production for 13 day turn around from design to implementation. So expect some fast fashion, tons of different items and BS
Can I just cut the hem to length of a ribbed tank? My cheap fruit of the looms have a raw hem and this uniqlo one is way too long but I'm too lazy to take a tank to a tailor. I wanna say wifebeater so bad but is that worse that an Indian headdress?
Like that OL shirt. Sold mine as I grew out of it, but I still wear the cracked linen crewneck T a ton.
Those the selvedge black ones? I got a pair and was really impressed by quality. That model in particular is slimmer than all 501 CTs I've tried fwiw. Was way too slim for me.
Yea, I need to. Ive just been wearing it even though it looks stupid as hell hah.AA your go to for basics? I was just browsing around last night at Everlane, Grana, and Uniqlo. Uniqlo already jumped the shark and sounds like they will continue in that direction (with the announcement of aiming to take out Zara), everlane has like 3 colors, Grana looks ok.
Up for sale is a Sugar Cane selvedge denim western shirt with suede details. Extremely high quality with really awesome details. The buttons are my favorite part. The inside has selvedge details. It's never been washed and the denim is showing great details. $175 shipped Shoulder - 17" Chest - 20.5" Length - 28"
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