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Beat up from the week of training, had two squat days, but going to do a strongman class today why not..
I don't get much out of GHRs. I've got the craziest leverages for them. First time I did them I could do 8, now I can knock out 30 easily. I do like them though.
Not a bad choice. I'd drive VWs. I'm interviewing for a second job Sunday. Pretty much doubling my income, if it goes well I can stash a ton of money away and have my own place in a year. Then my own garage to do some wrenching.
Geez. I'm glad I don't like expensive cars, all my dream cars are 6-9k
My neighbor drives a really nice 911, don't know much about new ones but it's fancy.
damn son you shoppin. Buy a vintage porsche.
leggings were real popular at the crossfit gym i was out. I'd like a pair because I rub my shins and thighs when i dead, but they are expensive.
What's up with gym fashion. You all make fun of me for rippetoe shorts, but this Golds Gym I've seen the weirdest shit. Some dude was deadlifting 135lbs in shin high desert combat boots unlaced. Everyone is wearing T shirts with the sides cut down to their naval. I've been out of the globo game for too long, this is like culture shock. Some friendly guy came up to me and insisted I must be a football player or lacrosse player because I'm built like a strong athlete. Which...
Uniqlo makes some damn good stuff for just chillin around the house. I just wish that shit would last longer, you get a year out of them if you're lucky. I know it's cheap stuff, but I like my stuff to last longer just because I hate buying clothes often.
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