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hmm, dunno. I'll look around. Might as well just donate now.
lol like i lift anymore I agree with you on the earbuds thing, I get instant rage. I've thrown a few sets on them ground and stomped them into oblivion because of that.
Lol you watch Homeland. (so do I)
So much jerb talk. I'm looking for a new one.
Yea, shuffles are decent for workouts. I got that sansa clip which ideally is the same thang.
Headphone cords bug anyone else in the gym? They are always getting caught on my arms or legs, thinking about getting a bluetooth set and just keeping my phone in my backpack to stream my playlists.
felt like my highbar squat was pretty good today
my ex girlfriend got fake titts and is doing a bikini figure competition, 2/10
Ilyin is a boss.
RIP my wallet, been working from home for the past two years which is awesome because I don't need a full office wardrobe. Now I'm transitioning back to office life and I need a ton of clothes. No clue where to start.. Really want to try and make outlier pants work because I like to take stretch breaks and the additional ROM is nice.
New Posts  All Forums: