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maybe ill film my dumb highbar squat today. No doubt big arch in bench helps leverage more weight, but I wouldn't advise for the general public or people lifting just to get jocked. Most people can't get into that much back extension then get their hips back to neutral after.
it's the same as lower back extension under load
Oh another goal for next year is continuing to trust in the process. Like last year I was so new to lifting and gun-hoe about everything, every little lifting knowledge I picked up I would apply immediately. I had a constant need to increase my numbers THAT DAY. I learned a lot this year from Greg about the differences in the way people respond to training and where I stand in that spectrum. It's made me a lot more chill and I realized I have the tools in...
When does Nordstrom online usually do drops? and is it site wide? Looking to get some but not even sure if it will get discounted. Thanks in advance.
Get more jocked. Continue learning about PRI principles and applying them to training and recovery.
Nice bruh. Today is my last day at my Marketing job, did three years there and can't complain. Time to collect some unemployment while searching for what's next. I sort of want to go back and get my MS in Marketing, but first I want to see what's available for me without it and hopefully get into a place that offers tuition reimbursement. Video game industry for marketing is pretty cutthroat but I have some decent leads on jobs.most importantly my bench has gone up a good...
I'm going to some back rehab / strengthening seminar that Donnie Thompson is doing in a few weeks
Are these sweats the same as last year, with the crotch gusset and back right pocket? Ty http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-sweat-pants-138653.html#65|/men/bottoms/sweat-pants/sweat-pants/|
nice brb going to take me 3 years of lifting to bench 225.
Yea same. Planning on buying a house next year, lots of places here don't have garages but I hope I can find one. Not even interested in turning it into a gym, just want a place to park my car and build shit.
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