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My nordstrom rack has a pair of these in 32 for $60ish dollars. It's a bit far way though.
Imma put that on my Kobu and read it in bed because I'm 80 years old. Thanks for the article link.
It could just be too tight for me I'll post some pictures someday. My shoulders, chest, and arms big like gorilla.
Ok, thanks for that.
I think so, that is true. It does feel great to put something on pretty structured and feel all buttoned up. What's the spalla?But even my our legacy linen unstructured blazers feel this way. Maybe they are too tight. I'll post a picture.
I find suit jackets just super uncomfortable by nature. I think they look best well tailored, at least on me. But it's impossible to lift arms overhead in a suit. It's sort of why I only wear suits to a funeral. For business or celebrating I just feel so stuffed up in them... which is also probably why I don't own a suit. I just rent them because I need one once every 3-4 years.
If you're using anything other than a rooted android device you're on my suspect list.
I could see that. That's probably why I'm probably drawn to clothes with tech fabrics as I can feel like I'm dressed like a big boy but also be comfy.
Anyone else work from home? Some days I have zero reasons to get our of sweatpants. I wonder if the act of getting up, getting dressed and going somewhere makes you more productive.
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