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Yea, it pilled like crazy but was one of my favorite chunky sweaters. Wish I could find something equal to it, I liked the collar as it was pretty short when standing up by itself and chunky enough to stay up. I also liked the brown color.
how come there's no artisinal car air freshners? I got a prius for when my vintage car isn't working and I'm too lazy to wrench. I thought my friends prius smelt like an old man, turns out thats just how they smell... I'm just going to smell MMM Jazz Club as that's really the only scent I like.
Uniqlo has accurate measurements posted on their product page ya goober
Anymore minimal belts in the $60 range? Heh
Not in that grey color. Red or olive
I'm on vacation in Florida and all I've really done is played Goldeneye 64 and Turok with buds. Great games.
damn, nonstart already at stage 1.
I think I've said this before, but I really should have gotten more pairs of Our Legacy jeans at the sample sale for $25 each. But alas my bags were full and I ended up having to wear extra clothes on the flight because they wouldn't fit!
You speak the truth.
Yea! That's what was happening to me. Always felt like they need to be pulled up with a 9 3/4" rise..
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