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I want them , no stock online, must be grasshopper fast to kop.
Yes their shipping sucks. It's free tho so whatever. I want to try the Uniqlo U shirts as my arms are always filling up the supima shirts too much for my size.
Ah, uniqlo u dropped. Knew I felt a disturbance in the fashion force
Gotcha, well I'm a special type of wimp so I'll return.
Is Acrylic bad for your health? Think I saw something like that where it's bad for skin / health. Got some 58% acrylic extra warm heatech, they are super comfy..
Any place that has Reigning Champ on sale? Want to re up on loungwear but I aint paying $60 for a raglan t shirt
Yea, looking for something more modern / minimal
Want a chunky shawl collard cardigan this winter. Something like my old Uniqlo +J one, Robert gellert is too loose knit. Any other ones I can look at?
I see lots of similarities between new york yuppies trying to stand out and silicone valley desk jockeys.
I wear the Japan Blue High Tapered cut now adays (Pure Blue Japan, Blue Blue Japan, whatever the hell they're called). I have two pairs. For $135 hemmed, I don't think I can really beat em. I grow out of denim or want to change cuts too often now adays to drop $225-250 on denim.bad fit pic if anyone cares. these are new, expecting them to stretch out a lot as most denim tend to. [[SPOILER]]
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