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Grailed people have been cool with me many times. I tell the jerks to screw off. Had few people buy stuff while I was traveling for two months and they waited for me to ship the items when I got back.
Obscure uniqlo into needed: do they stock soft touch longsleeves for spring? They are in sale section with no stock and winter ain't ova.
Fake sales
Is Gucci Mane still legit???
Yea the high taper and 501 ct both have too aggressive of a taper. Looks even worse when the knee starts to bag out. That's why I'm just getting 501s tapered myself to like a 7.25" opening. And will probably remove the picket arcs too...
Edit:sold Brand new in box. Extremely high quality, made in italy. Low top calf leather sneaker in white. Tonal leather trim and lace-up closure. Dark chrome eyelets and a white rubber cup sole unit. Full calf leather lining and insole.
I have a lodge cast iron with grill marks on it and love it. Steak/pork chop in it for 2 mins each side, sick it then into an oven preheated at 325* and cook for six mins. Great stuff!
I've got some levi 501s I want to taper a tad more and hem. You guys usually do a light wash / dry before getting anything hemmed / tapered? To get the shrink out? In the past I've had stuff hemmed then washed it 6 months later for it to end up to short..
okie dokie, thanks
So all drops on Mr. Porter done? Was looking at something that's stuck at 50%
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