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Dude as a weightlifter you should never do updog or whatever that cat stretch is... Ever
I get those too. And a big red mark across my back from squats.
My knees are at an all time high for being achy. Probably because I've been working 65 hours a week where 35 of the hours are on my knees walking the whole time. Good thing though I'm done with that second job where I'm on my feet, I'm hoping that's the main reason why they are achy. I mean squatting 2x a week doesn't help but I can manage that.
Alright, cool. I apply some of this stuff and see what happens.
Hmm not really. Maybe? Both Travis Mash and Greg told me I need to do this awhile ago. Going off this picture from Greg Robbins. In my starting position my knee angle is much larger than hip angle, so I should probably drop my ass down more at the start. I don't know what muscles are weak which makes it much harder in that position for me though.. I'll probably do those double pause dealifts greg had me doing which helps with positioning.alas here's an old video, my pull...
Videod my deadlift today.. ugh looked a lot worse than I thought it did. Can't seem to keep my torso upright from the bottom with my long femurs and legs..
Whut is this shit, was on the front page of my big gyms website. Just checked it to see if they were open tomorrow. https://www.lifetimefitness.com/en/content/details/mystory/from-power-lifting-to-smart-lifting-.html
MarkI we all got shit that will take us out of the gym for a bit eventually. It's the ones that bounce back fast which stick around and keep making them gainz. Keep at it buddy
I weighed 181 this morning, had a bunch of korean bbq last night though I've always lagged on upper body. I had some really bad shoulder issues when I first started lifting, scapula was way shrugged up which really limits my force production and chest muscle activation. Fixing that shit takes time, like my lower back lordosis is completely gone and my shoulders are about 80% there. Past few months it has really clicked though, I was doing 45 db bench for 10 reps and now...
Nearly done with my bulk with 4 more lbs to gain.. was hoping to rep 315 beltless squat at the end and 80lb dumbell bench press, not sure if that will happen. 4lbs is about a month of eating, so I'll do that then maintain for another month and do a taper then. See what I can hit for triples in january.
New Posts  All Forums: