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I'm stronger than fuji two years ago :P
I squat 390 but can't get my leg into a 35 uniqlo pant. I suck though
That looks pretty cool, I hope the denim is nice though.
Arch, no arch, smith machine, bosu ball; it doesn't matter for me, I still suck shit at benching.
Ah ok, I tumble dry. That might be my problem because they wear out from getting super dry feeling and coarse; then they end up ripping.
How long has RRL been on sale on the RalphLauren main site? A little bit ago RRL was hard for me to get, like Context sort of sold them online and everytime I traveled to Austin I'd buy a bunch of RRL stuff at Stag because I was excited to see it in person. But now I feel like RRL is more accessible than ever?
I get like 6 months out of a Uniqlo flannel. Wish they lasted longer because I do like the price / patterns. But alas I still have old Gitman flannel but all my Uniqlo ones are gone.
Cool, thanks for the info. I'll try those Epaulet, they look nice.
There's a Chrysler Sebring I see around town that has a scoop hood, so personalized :P
Spending money on aftermarket stuff for your car is so stupid. I just cannot understand it and I'm a car guy. Keep that shit clean and keep it mechanically sound. That's more impressive to me than dumb mods that cost hundreds of dollars just to hardly increase performance.
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