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Dude there's normal girls at 130lbs who pull 420 plus on the reg. But grats on pr
Yea. I've spent a ton of time researching ways to keep my hips / back healthy, I think I'll always be able to maintain a decent squat and deadlift because of this. But the time obsessing over that stuff could be spent focusing on bicep and delt development.
Okay, will do thanks.
I think this talks about PRI in a pretty accessible way. If anyone interested, it's a lot of what chris duffin talks about http://www.menshealth.com/health/the-power-of-breathing?fullpage=true
tesseract when should I start doing like 15-30 rep stuff? I mostly stay in the 8,10,12 range throughout my workouts.
I'll do some research on that, thanks.Ya fuck hip flexors. Mine are giant and no one cares, they are also a pain in the ass because they get super tight. I've been spending the past 20 minutes jamming a lacross ball into them so they can relax.
lil bit from Mike Israetel book -
I wonder if I should use the rest of this bronkaid on the cut. I felt like it worked last time. After-all I did go from like 200lbs with a 308lb squat to 168lbs with a 350 squat, I just forgot how often to take it and dosage and such.
powerlifting is a lot of hips strength, bodybuilding dont care about hips.
Dunno, my first two years of lifting was powerlifting. I feel like that told me how to properly lift. I see guys at the gym who can hardly deadlift 125lbs without looking like gumby and I'm thankfull I have that background in focusing on the big three. Now time to grow my medial delts and biceps.
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