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Uniqlo sells merino wool shit for like $15 and it comes without branding. Merino wool doesn't = quality too because theirs a pretty big difference from quality merino wool and cheap merino wool. Although Uniqlo is pretty outstanding for the price.
even if they are ugly Balenciaga trainers
Damn, can't argue with that. Scooters are also fun, fuck it.
Greg told me the short side of it is; lift weights at 70-80% for reps.
How are Steven Alan knits? wool/cashmere but made in China, decent price though..
edit: nvm
Yea, that dude. I knew he looked like that!
I imagine Regis looks like this -
Dude I keep seeing this in my gym too. People think they are Bane or something. I guess it's to measure oxygen intake, but it's like #1 you're not an athlete and #2 I bet you don't even know how to breath properly anyways.
New Posts  All Forums: