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I got a pair of those today and sadly don't fit. Waist is huge and my quads and calves feel so tight in them. The fabric is really nice though for $39. Wish they made a larger cut in them.
awesome lifting charly
Yea same. High volume makes you eat a shit ton of food.
I actually lost it at the gym today. Only took 2-3 weeks at this new place. Dude was benching 315 and failed, it slammed on his chest and pinned him for a good 30 seconds. I saw it out of the corner of my eye while benching I quickly racked my weight and ran over to the guy grabbed one side and like everyone in the gym was just standing there watching. Had to yell use your fucking eyes to get another guy to grab the other side. Then last week some skinny asian kid was...
Back was giving me shit for awhile. My cure for it was doing ab work everyday and stop using a belt. I'm setting new PRs without a belt after 16 weeks of no belt or so, great feeling.Hah, that's great.
I was impressed by fronnings overhead mobility, thats about it
What shirt / size? Might be interested.
Rich Froning not even in the top 10 after that amazing 37th finish on the run. He looked dead, too much Tren.
yea, receiving bar too low. Elbows probably not high enough? Thats my bro science diagnosis without a video. Power cleans will beat the shit out of your collar bones, but not your sternum.
Shrimpy upper body crew checking in. Everyone in my gym does delts, arms, and chest 5 days a week. Giving me some feels, who cares about double bodyweight squat and deadlift beltless. This BB split I've been doing for however long is been is helping me fill out, but not soon enough! I wrote my own program for the next 6 months. 6 week cycle. First 2 weeks are no belts/sleeves/wraps really high volume BB style. Next 2 weeks are with belts and sleeves high volume BB style....
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