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Diet is gonna be handled by RP.Ah yes, that's the one thing I sorta second guessed in the program. I did ask for an old school bodybuilding program though and they did a shit ton of slow steady state cardio.
Nope, done with diet. Been a steady 175. I'm going to do this for 8-12 months, will start on a slight caloric surplus.
Haha! Need to grow them arms and front delts to look like I lift first!
Am I bodybuilding yet?
Ok gotcha. Thanks guys. Doing 8 months of not going under 8 reps. App bodybuilding, wont event be low baring.
In bodybuilding is mind muscle connection and fast eccentric slow concentric really important? Or is that just on lame machines?
Ah. Quads will never fit in those. Sugar cane 1947s forever, they even have a small waist for their size
They online?
I received no PM either.
I really would like to post pics because it's pretty bad the transformation. But at the same time he's my buddy and I've known him forever, don't want to post pics of him online without his consent. GN quit being injured :P
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