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That Olive MDR is awesome, wouldn't mind having that.
Ikea isn't too bad. I usually get my TV stand and couch at home theatre stores, then cover the rest with Ikea. I avoid all MDF woods, Ikea you can get some nice stuff made out of pine or metal. Last week my 7 year old Poang chair finally broke, used it every day. Buying a new one is a definite, love that chair. Re: Moving a lot, that's me. I'm at the point where I want to buy though.. I was thinking a house, but now I'm thinking an apartment. I just like smaller spaces...
I couldn't. I can only get quality arm work in on a bodybuilding routine.
zips for the fact that they are easier to put on
Damn, read my mind. Uniqlo for merino and pants, take the saved money to spend on baller outerwear and shoes.
Anyone seen Acne Town jeans on sale?
got some magic move in the mail
Up for sale is a pair of Sugar Cane 2009 Selvedge Denim in size 34. It's a great classic straight cut with amazing denim. It does not use Sugar Cane fiber jeans, it's more like a texas selvedge which is very very soft. They have been chainstitched hemmed to 31" inseam, soaked once, and worn three times. Measurements - Waist - 35" Front Rise - 11.5" Thigh - 12.5" Knee - 9.5" Leg Opening - 8.75"
Go to wallmart at midnight and look at all the fat asses who can hardly walk. They walk by stepping out to the side, more like a waddle. That's because their glutes are hardly working, what you're saying can be discredited by EMG studies.
Sneaks, but to chime in on the sweatshirt. I'd go with the camo one.
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