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I lowbar squat but train highbar just as much. I would say that neither of them make you more injury prone, seems like olympic lifters have knee and hip problems while powerlifters have back and hamstring problems.
I just listen to Chris Duffin when it comes to squatting. He's a smart one..
I don't get people that hangout in normal clothes around the house.. The moment I step inside my place I'm in PJs.
good, now don't re-fuck yourself
Man, I'd rather pay full price on Mr Porter shit than have to read this guys Twitter every day. Thank you for the info though
Yea, my legs hit critical mass around my first year of lifting. From there they actually been getting smaller / more defined. I guess that's because I'm butting on more size but slowly leaning out after all these cut/bulks.
Just imagining, Nice dinner with my girlfriend and parents. Pager goes off "MR PORTER DROPS", I excuse myself saying I'm needed somewhere. Who's this MR Porter buying? Lovesales worked for my but then my order got refunded because they over sold.. So I guess it does lag behind.
Yea, I think 80% is where the buck stops but the 60% stuff usually gets up there.
Yea dude, it's like two hundred dollar difference.
Hoping Mr Porter does another drop, got my eye on something thats so stupid I wont buy at 60%, but at 80% we talkin.
New Posts  All Forums: