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I have a lodge cast iron with grill marks on it and love it. Steak/pork chop in it for 2 mins each side, sick it then into an oven preheated at 325* and cook for six mins. Great stuff!
I've got some levi 501s I want to taper a tad more and hem. You guys usually do a light wash / dry before getting anything hemmed / tapered? To get the shrink out? In the past I've had stuff hemmed then washed it 6 months later for it to end up to short..
okie dokie, thanks
So all drops on Mr. Porter done? Was looking at something that's stuck at 50%
I need to sharpen my knives too. Was looking at whetstones on ebay. It's pretty easy to DIY, but I don't like storing shit I only use every 2 years.
I'm wondering why we haven't seen anything about the new U line coming out.. they have a lot of their new regular line out, seems like most of it.
Yea, Im an american cooker through and through. Meatloaf, steak, stew, chicken
My asian food game weak. I'll put some chicken thighs in soy sauce, brown them in a skillet with sesame seeds, done. That's about all I do...
These have a rough fabric btw. Very different from the buttery soft Lemaire t-shirts. Haven't tried them on yet but will probably return.I tried the new outwear, ma 1 and flight jacket. The ma1 is minimal but the nylon sort of feels cheapish ($50 what ya expect). Flight jacket fabric didn't feel great. Few other things I got and liked..I hope that the lemaire U line keeps higher quality stuff (higher price OK with me). Because some Uniqlo items are still decent, but it's...
It's sort a bunch of random pieces too. All yea really need is a large large stock pot, 12" skillet, and maybe a sauce pot (though I'd never use one).
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