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^ Hah, good idea.Which bluetooth headphones for gym squats?(look how styleforum retard these headphones are) [[SPOILER]]
Was bored so I brought my belt to the gym and tried to go heavy in squats. Haven't used a belt or done anything less than 8 reps in a long time. Worked up to 300 and it still felt like a warmup, a little bit of a decrease in speed out of the hole. But holy shit night and day difference from my last time I did 300 x 3, it was really fast and was not a good morning squat. I'm also 20lbs lighter. I think I'll continue working in the 8 rep range for a while and not using my...
aww shit daddy gonna get some socks
IndianBoyz is legit, go on that animal stak bruh.Ah, true. This black dude I work with has some giant biceps and doesn't even work out.
I'm still DYEL but I think it's hilarious when people tell me, "yea but you have a good body type or genetics to be thick and muscular". I've totally done the same, but if only people could see me 2-3 years ago when I didn't lift. It probably sucks 1000x more for people who are in the gym 6 days a week and diet like crazy to be told that.
thanks for sharing
you need a belt and go full retard
hmm, dunno. I'll look around. Might as well just donate now.
lol like i lift anymore I agree with you on the earbuds thing, I get instant rage. I've thrown a few sets on them ground and stomped them into oblivion because of that.
Lol you watch Homeland. (so do I)
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