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My friend told me I need to do these A LOT. I can hardly do them though. Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to add them to my YOLO overhead press / scapula health day
Ugh. Having some minor repairs done on my apartment but when they ripped up the kitchen floor they realized that all 6 joists are rotten through on one side. Since then the floor has been open and my girlfriend and I have become legit sick in the past 24 hours from what seems like mold.
now that's how ya bodybuild
Maybe I'll try some strongman stuff. I got this month to write my own program, no more Gregs stuff. Think I'm going to change to Monday Wednesday Friday Sat, Saturday will just be bodybuilding and fucking around. Days off I'll do some cardio stuff too, I don't want to be a fatass again after I've lost this weight.
I sorta want to get into a recreational sport, but at the same time I like not having a Achilles tendon rupture or an ACL tear.
I use to knobble alone. Now everyone here comes to knobble.
Js4design going from 2 years of ss to that template where your breaking two of the sets down to 80% seems like a regression. if its a recovery problem if being too gassed to bench after squat switch to a daily undulating periodization instead of linear.
So if I'm loosing a lb a week and now want to start to maintain. I just add 500 calories per day to what I've usually been eating? That would put me over maintenance on lifting days and slightly under on off days, which I guess sounds right.
kk. I think front squats are my answer to everything right now. Need to run them hard for 6 months.
What part of your upper back did front squats grow?
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