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Tried Taco Bell's protein menu burrito. Meh
That sucks bro. Hope surgery goes well and rest up. You got health insurance?
u gave me body issues lol jk Time to bulk again. Going to be a monster.
I felt the best when I was 200lbs yet everyone said I looked like a miserable fatass.
That just seems to be how Nike does things. Like think how late bike was to Skating / oly lifting.
kozy shack pudding is yummy That's cool but he will loose it all when he gets busted for PEDs.
I usually blame recovery, that im not sleeping or eating enough if I miss a weight. Mostly because my programming has always been on point.
I've had a set of wood Ikea hangers for like 10 years now. Surprise they are still intact.
Had a strange thing when doing stones though. I have ulnar nerve entrapment problems, during stones while gripping the stone my pinky wouldn't stay down and wrapped around, it wanted to stick straight up in the air like I broke it. lol
New Posts  All Forums: