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Hah true, lots of opportunities there. Mines like 2x a week maybe.
Anyone else have a personal policy where they dont turn down free food? Whether I'm bulking or cutting, doesn't matter free cals is free cals.
I want to get a massage but I think it's dumb that you sorta have to tip.
35 miles jesus
Ah ok, I went with the double ply one. Think that's a good in between.
Wow, they really do make triple ply knee sleeves. What to you guess you get out of them? 25-40lbs? and dumb question but will using tripple ply knee sleeves make my VMO smaller.
Link me some heavy ass knee sleeves, I'll use those. Not like I'm going to do a meet anytime soon.
Oh yea, that was a miss type. I call them Silent but Deadly. like the fart
Id like to get my master in marketing eventually.
Yea, nothing in the lost and found. Maybe a worker found it put it by his desk, ill ask around everytime I'm in there.
New Posts  All Forums: