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Any place in San Francisco where I can try on schneider?
Pupal take two.
Thanks all. I'll probably gift this one and save up for a cardigan, at least I got a good deal on it. My one other SS piece actually fits. They are the pants, can't remember the model. This pic makes me realize that I need some black derbies :/
I will. It looks good under my rain jacket and it's comfy so it's a keeper. Thanks for your input guys
Well shit. Oh well, I guess someone's going to get an awesome sweater for Christmas this year because I can't return it.
I work out and consider myself at least decently swole so that's no problem. It just seems a bit billowy at the bottom, you think it looks good?I love the texture and it's a fantastic knit just not sure.
Too big? I knew I should have ordered a 5
Where can I get a homespun bedford? Having trouble finding one online.
How are the postman derbys? I'm thinking about picking up a pair, the only thing holding me back is how shiny they look.
Anyone in SF stocking a wool bedford?
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