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a little late to the party here but I was wondering if someone could help me track down a lbm 1911 casentino overcoat in taupe, or blue. Size 52 or maybe something similar in the same price range ~600$
How can I get that kind of look in a pair of engineer boots? I guess the smooth leather is dyed all the way through so is my only option wesco?
I'm about to order some engineer boots and I want the color to fade to a lighter color over time like dress leather does. Will black smooth fade to a lighter color or is the leather dyed all the way through?
Will this boot be offered in any other colors?
I screwed up a few years ago and sprayed some bleach into my beckmans, now the insole is all cracked and shitty feeling. Is there any hope in getting these fixed? They are due for a resole and was wondering if redwing could do anything or if i should just buy a new pair.
This or This Both BUTTero
These Buttero boots
What's a similar alternative price wise to the side zips that are a little less sleek, Buttero?
I really like this schott X UO jacket. What do you guys think? http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=36657054&category=M_OUTERWEAR
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