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Anyone have any recommendations for a fishtail parka? Just looking for a shell without a liner. Also it needs to have a hood. Preferably something with some sort of technical fabric like nylon
I got the merino polo shirt. I think the quality is great and love the fit.
Anyone Anyone try on the insulated shirt jacket? How Does It fit? Trying to decide between M or L
Can someone recommend me a good Overcoat? I'm looking for something similar to what Uniqlo has but higher-quality. My price range is around 700 dollars
a little late to the party here but I was wondering if someone could help me track down a lbm 1911 casentino overcoat in taupe, or blue. Size 52 or maybe something similar in the same price range ~600$
How can I get that kind of look in a pair of engineer boots? I guess the smooth leather is dyed all the way through so is my only option wesco?
I'm about to order some engineer boots and I want the color to fade to a lighter color over time like dress leather does. Will black smooth fade to a lighter color or is the leather dyed all the way through?
Will this boot be offered in any other colors?
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