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I've seen many middle-aged and elder gentlemen wear caps and hats like these in the winter, when it's quite cold outside, when normal people wear caps that cover the ears. Why do people do this? Just to look great (which it indeed does)? Is it not as important to cover the ears as it is to cover the head? Maybe it's just a myth that exposing your ears to too much cold can cause ear damage? We have probably all seen those photos of people wearing those caps and hats from...
I'm thinking about getting myself a nice hat. But on the other hand, I don't want to look stupid when the hat falls off in the wind, requiring me to chase it like an idiot. So my question is: How likely is this to happen? Maybe it's just a myth that this tends to happen more often for hats than for other kinds of headwear? Any comments on this, especially from regular and experienced hat wearers, would be appreciated.
How the hell can that guy wear a suit in the desert without breaking a sweat?! Is there any trick that I should know about?
Quote: Originally Posted by ThomasoAIK Its a big(by swedish standards) department store with mens clothing on floor 3. If you go to t-centralen you cant miss it. But go to NK first. Okay thanks man. Decided to go into Åhléns and found the men's section. They had some Dockers there. Also NK had Dockers in a store called NK Casual. Nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ziss Khakis are usually a summer collection item in Swedish stores, so it may be difficult to find now that they replaced it with the autumn collection. Have you had a look around department stores NK (Hamngatan) and Åhlens (Drottninggatan)? They are likely to carry some still. Okay, I will make sure to got to NK in Hamngatan next week. Thanks. However, are you sure about Åhléns? Judging from their website...
Okay fellas. I went to some of the stores you mentioned in Drottninggatan the other day. My need for shoes should be coverered since, as you said and you are right about, there are Ecco stores all around. However, I was unable to find any khakis. Practically noone had much variety of khakis. One of them had Dockers but not the color I was looking for. Where precisely would you go to to find some nice variety of Dockers-like khakis? My size is 31x30 or thereabouts.
I want cuffed and double-pleated dress pants. Maybe made of wool or something (nice for the upcoming winter). Or partially of wool. Or flannel or something. Or whatever. You get the idea. And in Stockholm. Can you suggest me any places to buy such things? I went to some "modern" stores and malls (some of the ones suggested in an older thread I started) in Drottningsgatan the other day but there is just no way to find dress pants like I'm looking for there. My size is...
Ok thanks my friends. Appreciated. Looks like I just had some misconception about jeans' pocket size. I think I'll just go to the stores and try some out, like you suggest Thanks.
Feel free to discuss this further.
Quote: Originally Posted by modo101 I manage to fit my phone, ipod and headphones in my left pocket. keys, lose change in right pocket and wallet in back right. My pockets dont bulge out, but it can be quite tricky when sitting down to get stuff out of pockets however its not impossible. Woah. Sound like big pockets to me. And they still don't bulge out? What jeans on earth are you wearing?
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