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All the utility jackets are a faded color. The blue one is faded navy and the black is faded black. Simple as that.
I used to shop there all the time but most ofthere stuff turns to crap now and haven't boughten anything from them in over 3 years. And at scp looks dead in there alll the time with nothing sold out and tons of stuff in stock. Way overpriced too. Wonder what happened there fits used to be spot on and now everything fits weird
once you get out of high school. Prom wont mean shit.Save your money. or go as lloyd christmas.
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky Why not buy whatever pants you like or can afford and take them to a tailor to get slimmed down? That's what I do, and you can get them as slim as you want. Easy. myke not easy! I've taken my place to a lot of tailors and they never seem to get it right and doesnt match the quality of underpaid immigrants producing my shit I'm on the search of nice slacks in this price range too and I dont think...
South Coast is my home store. I wonder if I ever walked by y'all sometime. They have gotten a better selection there cept it's so f'n cramped there. I can never look at the shirts without someone using that table in front as a folding thing.
I like the Utility Jacket more than the cadet. I think its those big pockets that make it look different. Looks like an excellent fit though.
hahaah thats the red chambrey oh boy. everyone still have boners?!?! im bored with jcrew sad to say. and I was obsessed for the last 2 years,selling all my shirts at the thriftstore. i need to go get a tan now too!
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert & btw, the newer made in china converse seem to run about 1/2 size larger than marked compared to the older made in usa. I tried on the 11s and was like wtf. Sure enough, compared the 10.5s I bought to my old 11s--they're identical in size. Robert. Converse should be sized down a half size. I'm a nine and always have bought 8.5 and fit perfectly and like the guy said. Try zappos for converse. They have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert x, we luv u, but yr not gonna win this one. Sorry. Hah I know that. But if I can't just a seed in onefellow sf member one day they will grow and not buy American
I just see all the hipsters go from wearing the plaid shirts and stuff from the thrift stores and then they are no switching to redwings and more plaid shirts and boat shoes its just a hipster thing. and just see it all the time how people transition.
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