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Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock At the SCP store there's a whole bunch of the olive ones on the sale rack for $30. man a-rock I'm at the SCP all the time. we probably pass by eachother. There's some new stuff online again.nothing exciting.
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam its like an inch thick, what are you going to do with it? that's what she said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert washed once. machine cold water delicate cycle with Woolite Dark. Hang dried. No real shrinkage. hey robert i use woolite dark for a lot of my crap.ever notice that the stuff becomes almost too stiff and not as soft as before. I hate dryer sheets but think I better use some.
I just got the Denim Tote bag today and it is a lil too big for my liking. So if you want that make sure you read measurements I carry around an American Apparel tote dyed black and its the perfect size. APC's tote is a lot longer But its pretty cool seeing ya fav denim in a tote with a big Anchor on it. Anyone else picked this up??
I just picked up that yellowish-reddish-blueish madra and i love love love it.fits very slim and looks perfect with a nice pair of jeans.Ill take pics later but another must have like the black utility shirt
Quote: Originally Posted by netsua I'm looking for a nice slim fitted OCBD, I was thinking of picking up this guy: anyone have own one that can offer some insight? or suggest a better buy? I have those in the purple and blue and like them much.nice feel and thinner than the other heavier one they had. I'd recommend it for the price. I'm thinkin about picking up the white ones for a good...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Has anybody figured out a way to meet the hot J. Crew wimmenz models? shit robert since i was like in junior high Jcrew mags were my victoria's secrets Gorgeous model in the latest catalogue Dianna Lunt. She some editor for some mag or something.she has beautiful feet and perfect skin and hair perverts!!!
All the utility jackets are a faded color. The blue one is faded navy and the black is faded black. Simple as that.
I used to shop there all the time but most ofthere stuff turns to crap now and haven't boughten anything from them in over 3 years. And at scp looks dead in there alll the time with nothing sold out and tons of stuff in stock. Way overpriced too. Wonder what happened there fits used to be spot on and now everything fits weird
once you get out of high school. Prom wont mean shit.Save your money. or go as lloyd christmas.
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