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do you all think jcrew> Ralphlauren > gap > other prep shit > tommy hilfiger I sure wish crew would do that same work wear crap but also have another section of real prep and slim down there pants!!! I used to want to turn to RL but everything just looks like crap at the stores or just same ol stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orlics So I got my Mister Freedom belt but the color looks nothing at all like that of the pic on the website... What's the deal? Is this valid grounds for a return? thats a real laughable belt. Looked kinda cool online.return it!
I really really don't like that green madra. I don't know why it makes me nausous and not in ew it's a fashion disaster but uh in an OCD way. I need to post pics of my reddish blueish yellow madra. I don't know what it's called don't see it on the web. But it's soooo slim. Me and an SA were talking about how slim cut it is than anything these produced.
alllllll pacino
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Robert you did say the same about S/S 2010 and it turned out to be one of your favorite seasons. Just sayin... wait a minute didnt he do that with the red chambrey thingi I do the same. vow not to buy stuff and oops my jcrew cc still has bills to be paid..
ugh mall brands what do you expect . not everything has to be that answer when dealing with stores at the "mall"
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert How incredibly... dull. Well, looks like I might be spending less on clothing next fall. they are just doin the same thing over and over and over and I dont know why everyones keeps sucking Franks **** The womens fall collection looks great.!! might have to switch over to wearing ladys stuff.Theres so many layers and different shapes and fits and the mens is just the same suit jacket,jeans with...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick J.Crew? the pants defiantly not jcrew.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 I hate the SCP J Crew. I would rather buy something from Abercrombie & Fitch than go inside that J Crew. You can smell abercerombie from the top stairs by jcrew.
When did the price go up? Werent they like $155 before. Last spring i got a pair and it was 155 right??
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