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Quote: Originally Posted by TotesMcGotes link? http://thepursuitaesthetic.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Omg LOL. You know I was trying to be humorous. How is that an old man like me has more of a sense of humor than you young bucks. My God, you're all gonna be some pretty grumpy old men some day. me too dork.. anyone seen the preview for the fireman hoodie? It looks really cool and might pick it up when it comes out.Looks like the slub hoodie just hopefully it fits better than that
If i wasnt in a bad mood tonight that wouldve made me laugh all nights. edit:ahhh someone already deleted it@!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert You know pisses me off. You know what really gets my blood boiling. I mean, you know what really, really makes me want to punch these J. Crew models in the face? Look at the set. The grey paper background that looks like a cement basement wall. TOTAL rip off from the inner sleeve photo of the Stones from Sticky Fingers. Like, what the fuck. F you robert!!! It's just a mall brand what do you expect they...
Isn't jet like some big fat blog that thinks he's cool cause he buys expensive crap or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi Thanks guys. Already went for the tortoise frame. BTW, IMHO it's verging on ridiculous trying to avoid anything considered as "in" by the mass. As long as the item looks good and suits your style, just go for it. Life is too short to waste on waiting for the end of certain hype/tides. Glad to someone on here thinks like me! People try so hard to be unoriginal but nothing is original anymore.stuff in...
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles After a while I just stopped buying the RL polos in black . It only takes 4-5 washes (even with woolite) before they turn that nasty greenish hue. I don't wear a whole lot of black clothing anyway so it wasn't much of a loss. Same.I only use woolite darks for my stuff, I wear a lot of black and its so weird and ugly that it does that On the RL site they do have two options for black, Ralph Lauren black...
Just picked up this belt Its a lil short for me. Got a sm/m I'm a regular 32 but i think i like my belts just longer.Anyone think its cool?? Also got some two lightweight shirts, that pale blue gingham and some new striped grey lightweight not on the web yet.jeaaalouss??
http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...4784/24784.jsp I so want this!!!! Cept wish it was in black! When I was at the store this sweater http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...2676/22676.jsp was defiantly in black but they say its only in navy and cream.were my eyes deceiving me??
Ya know I used to hate the regular fit polos from RL but after having the custom fits for a while I love love love them! Anyone notice RL black turns that ugly greenish color. Ugh I hate that. One thing good about Lacoste shirts is that their blacks are dark,fit on the other hand. RL Regular fit sport shirts are long as hell but fit decent everywhere else. But if you pick the right size and cut from Crew fits pretty nicely I dont see much change from RL though.Not...
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