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Well it's defiantly no worth 100 dollars but i just like the patches and nicks in it btw I washed my utilit jacket for the 2nd time and it shrunk to a perfect size. It's lookin great. Too bad they stopped making it and replaced it with the cadet jacket. Which is fugly
is that good or bad???? I actually had a ben sherman sweatshirt like that that totally reminds me of it.cept it had some funky crap logo on the front..
hotdishandbars has pics of the paint splattered sweatshirt.I really liked it when i first saw it. but then was dissapointed when i saw it online.Now i desperatly need it!!!!!!!!! I have not seen it in stores ever.and its all sold out.ugh.its beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr You guise just like J Crew because Michelle Obama wore it. lol lol lol I should have thought of that one!
Someone mentioned that when you get the RL Polo custom colored.they arent that high of quality I agree with that I got a big pony one in all black and you can see where the white thread showed and then used a black marker to darker up the logo My regular custom fit big pony looks top notch I wonder why.
Are those thompkins pants work appropriate? Have to wear chinos/trousers wondering if i can pass those off? Also I heard a manager say to someone they are getting a new shipment in this week actually yesterday. Wonderin if its new stuff or just a re supply
Maybe it's a sign from god. If you buy it they won't come.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus Anyone explain to me why the Flannel Buffalo shirt won't add into my shopping bag? cause its ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Any way we can table this thread until closer to the time that f/w 10 actually begins to roll out? I'm still getting into the s/s stuff. nope!!!! we need a Jcrew Official thread pinned though. isnt it weird that there's not other brand that has soo much controversy over and it really just is basic shit that doesnt shock and awe.just has a loyal following We should really have a catalog girls of...
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