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Quote: Originally Posted by chopp LV damier canvas graphite pocket organizer. i carry a DL, credit card, atm/debit card (for those times that i will need cash), & health card no cash, im one of those assholes who hand over a credit card for a 1 dollar purchase. then again i usually redeem ~$500/year in cashback rewards so that is my reasoning for doing so. Hey thats the same wallet I use and I love it..Have you notice any rub-off where...
I'm wearing my lightweight Gingham button up in black today and its noticeably tighter in the pits and back shoulders that the other colors. Why would something in a different color have a total different fit?. The purple/light blue/blue ones all fit me perfectly and this one is just plain uncomfortable. I dont think I can last at work on day feeling like the hulk.
how many buttons does the PS have. I have the indigo with 3 buttons and i have the black with 4..confusing???
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert The point has been reiterated ad nauseam, but essentially if you want a contemporary extra-slim fit, don't shop at J. Crew. The typical J. Crew fit is decidedly old school preppy, updated with slight tailoring. If body hugging attire is what you want, you're not going to get that from J. Crew. I know I get shit from the "jet" set for my love of the crew, but to me it's this simple... in recent years J.Crew has been...
Just picked up a pair of PS size 30 in black They feel a lot different than indigo.Weird thing about it was they had the old button style that doesnt swivel/jingle and it had 4 buttons.and No selvedge line. My PS Indigo that I got last year had the swivel button and only 3 buttons. I asked the guy and he had no clue and basically said that all PS have 4 buttons.I was like umm no I'm wearing my PS right now and i have three.I should have just button down my pants in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by tcolberg Before I pull the trigger on some shirts today, I wanted to get the SF groupthink's position on the fit of a J.Crew small on me. Up until now, I've bought a few mediums from J.Crew but OTR they're a little blousy around the waist, e.g.: Versus the small I tried on the other day at the store: It seems to me that the small pulls a bit too much around the collarbones. Oh, and one last thing, does anyone have...
I never liked the red chambray till I saw that fit pic.Now I need it lol Whats the white shirt under it.i like the look neckline.
wait those pants are jcrew???? I havent seen anything that slim at the store before!. I want but not in that color.
At the SCP store tonight. Nothin exciting but they did have the paint splattered sweatershirt and it was disgustingly oogly. A kindergartener could have done a better job making it paint splattered a d just looked weird
i live by like 5 targets.all have the burnt popcorn smell and cept for one,it has a sushi bar.
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