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Quote: Originally Posted by bdr3 Funny that so many "worst purchases" consist of a J.Crew item. I was thinking the same thing. I went overboard with my J.Crew purchases this year and think back on why did I really name a million different tartan or gingham shirts that I wont like next year and dont even fit me that great anyways. The sales were just too good sometimes. Best : APC New Standards Size 30, They fit and feel great could...
Not much to get excited about now. But the grey sweater looks nice, everything else looks like the same stuff. But I still cant wait my whole '08 wardrobe was Jcrew Secret Wash shirts, for better or for worse. (I thought I was rocking in my green gingham shirt, not now hah)
why does this guy keep making new threads about everything about this Tom Ford suit. There's been five or something. one asking if anyones ever tried tom ford suits, then that he's going to tom ford. then him showing the suit. and now again or something. its. crazy!!
There's nothing in both of the stores I go to. One was completely bare like they were going out of business. And the other had stuff from way back and didn't even have half the stuff on the website. It was kinda disappointing because all of the women there had handfuls of clothes and they were getting them for way cheap
Does anyone think the Satorialist has finally run his course. It seem's every photo of his shows people trying really hard to pull of something new and none of them really work at all, and just look pretentious and stupid. Dont get me wrong I do go to his site everyday but its a lot of ass kissing from the readers to him and It's almost disgusting.
Has anyone gotten their shirts tailor by them? I have broad shoulders so there smalls are just too tight on top but fit pefectly everywhere else, So i gotta buy a Medium but the arm sleeves are just way too big. I don't know a good tailor in OC. Last time I did go to one I basically had a Jcrew Blouse hah. So any experience with Jcrew Tailoring and could you go back to them after you bought something and pay for the tailoring or they just send you somewhere else.
New Posts  All Forums: