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I'm just getting into buying actual shirt with a sizing than buying small medium whatever. So i went to BrooksBrothers and the lady sized me at a 16 1/2 by 34 saying the 15 would be too tight around the neck.I normally wear a small or medium depending on brand cause I like my stuff slim . So alas it fit like I'm wearing daddys shirt.I could still go to a 14 or 15 and be fine with that and not be able to button up the collar?Since I dont wear a tie anyways. Or would that...
Scott is my hero and I wish i could be him and pull off this look everyday I think his character is an act cause he's just so damn funny and doesnt really take himself seriously.unlike people like Spencer Pratt and shit I watch the Kardashian's solely for him and what he wears and his one liners. He is the quintessential prep new york style and I love it!
Quote: Originally Posted by aphextwin07 the problem with wearing jcrew shirts for casual wear (ie untucked) is that the shirt hems on all of their shirts are usually a good 3-4 inches too long, as is the case with yours. i find myself returning a lot of their shirts for this reason, although I have found maybe one or two out of 15 or so that I have purchased over the past few years that have a proper hem. Its rather strange that 99% of their shirts must...
sure Bond111 the code is 324823482342322211 oops Its instore only..Im gonna stroll in and try to find something of course!I get them all the time and never use them hah.
I got a 25% card in the mail today good thru Oct 11....I'm a cardholder so who knows if its the kind that comes between the catalogue too?? but Ugh the selection right now blows and I dont need one more damn gingham shirt in my closet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nobunny Well, that's my natural skin color. I'm terribly sorry if that offends the SF mafia. If you actually got out of your house once in a while to take some fit pics yourself, you would probably experience that the sun makes you a whole lot tanner than staring into your monitor does. haha I love this guy! Nobunny doesnt take shit and actually posts some nice stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackwar12 Question about J Crew and their sizing. Is it just me, or do they have a "weird" sizing in the sense that the clothes they have are REALLY small on the shoulder. I think their "small" shirts/outerwear is about 15-15.5 inches across the shoulder, or something. Seems like for me to be able to wear their stuff I need to go up to "medium" in order to get a shoulder length of ~17-18 inches, at which point the clothes I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by chopp LV damier canvas graphite pocket organizer. i carry a DL, credit card, atm/debit card (for those times that i will need cash), & health card no cash, im one of those assholes who hand over a credit card for a 1 dollar purchase. then again i usually redeem ~$500/year in cashback rewards so that is my reasoning for doing so. Hey thats the same wallet I use and I love it..Have you notice any rub-off where...
I'm wearing my lightweight Gingham button up in black today and its noticeably tighter in the pits and back shoulders that the other colors. Why would something in a different color have a total different fit?. The purple/light blue/blue ones all fit me perfectly and this one is just plain uncomfortable. I dont think I can last at work on day feeling like the hulk.
how many buttons does the PS have. I have the indigo with 3 buttons and i have the black with 4..confusing???
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